Vintage 'O' gauge layout for sale

Vintage 'O' gauge layout for sale


A new home is being sought for a vintage 4.2m x 3.4m 'O' gauge layout, built in 1946.

Currently located within a loft in a home in Berkshire, The Model Railway Club has been tasked with finding a new owner for this cherished 75 year-old 'O' gauge layout, which is powered through the outside third rail and is mostly in very good condition - one section will require remedial works. The ballasted trackwork has been built in modules on removable sections with fishplates across the joins. Each straight section measures 1m x 0.60m and is held in place with nuts and bolts.


Points are controlled from levers and the linkage has been designed to be detached between joins, to enable it to be dismantled and reassembled. Signals are also manually controlled, using fine string.

The layout is currently attached to a wooden frame, which is effectively part of the house, so the layout comprises the main boards, levers and buildings, as seen in the photographs. Motive Power (third rail locomotives/EMUs) and rolling stock are being sold separately, although some of this could be included with the deal. 


Located in the Newbury area, current restrictions mean it cannot be viewed in situ, but it is possible the layout could be dismantled and moved to London for collection.

A video of the layout is available here.


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