Weathered finish for new 4mm 'TEA'

Weathered finish for new 4mm 'TEA'


Cavalex Models has taken delivery of the first weathered decorated samples of its forthcoming 'OO' gauge TEA bogie tank wagons for assessment.

These initial samples have been finished to show the weathering technique that the factory is due to apply to the production models. The samples received represent the plain grey examples, with pristine and weathered Total versions expected shortly.


Built in the late 1980s, these 102tonne bogie tank wagons have appeared on traffic radiating from Fawley, Immingham, Milford Haven and Robeston refineries and remain in use today. 

Once approval for all models has been given, production will begin.


Cavalex Models is offering the TEAs in single and triple packs of wagons in plain grey and Total branded grey liveries, with pristine and weathered finish options. In addition, a twin-pack of KBA barrier bogie tank wagons will also be available in weathered form.


Pre-order prices are set at £40 for single TEA models, £80 for the KBA twin-pack and £120 for TEA triple-packs. A delivery date has yet to be confirmed.

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