W&M Railbus amongst Heljan 'OO' models set to return

W&M Railbus amongst Heljan 'OO' models set to return


Heljan has announced a new selection of 'OO' gauge re-introductions including some long-absent models.

These new releases include the Waggon and Maschinenbau (W&M) diesel railbus, BR Class 07 diesel shunter, BR Class 14 0-6-0DH (previously a Hattons exclusive model) and BR Class 17 Bo-Bo diesels.


Heljan has also taken the opportunity to introduce some small improvements to the W&M diesel railbus which will now feature LED lighting and improved decoration, while the Class 17 Bo-Bo will also feature in a 'what if' livery, for the first time.


Spearheading these new re-introductions will be seven versions of the W&M railbus, including two in BR's Research Dpeartment colour schemes (see table below), eight new Class 07s, including an Army olive green version, seven Class 14s, including a train pack comprising Class 14 D9553 and four 'Dogfish' ballast hopper wagons, and six Class 17 Bo-Bo diesels, including a fictional version in BR Railfreight red-stripe livery (see table below for full details).


Prices are set at £179 for pristine DCC ready models, while weathered models are priced at £189 each. A special train pack containing Class 14 0-6-0DH D9553 in BR two-tone green, plus four 'Dogfish' ballast hoppers is priced at £329.


Visit www.heljan.co.uk for more information.


Identity Livery Cat No.
W&M Railbus E79963 BR green with speed whiskers 8707
W&M Railbus E79961 BR green with small yellow panel 8708
W&M Railbus E79964 BR green with speed whiskers (w) 8709
W&M Railbus E79960 BR green with small yellow panels (w) 8711
W&M Railbus 'Lab. 20' BR Railway Technical Centre red/blue 8712
W&M Railbus No. 64 Keighley and Worth Valley red 8713
W&M Railbus DB999507 BR Research 'Track Recording Lab' yellow/brown 8714
Class 07 07001  Peakstone yellow (V2 re-issue) 2912
Class 07 2987  BR blue (V2) 2917
Class 07 07011 BR blue (weathered) (V2) 2918
Class 07 07013 BR blue (white cab roof) (V2) 2919
Class 07 D2994 BR green (w) (V1) 2935
Class 07 07012 BR blue (V1) 2936
Class 07 D2998 BR green (V1) 2937
Class 07 423 Army olive green (V1) 2938
Class 14 D9505 BR two-tone green 1412
Class 14 D9545 BR two-tone green (w) 1413
Class 14 21 Buckminster Quarries green 1414
Class 14 D9523 BR maroon (as preserved) 1415
Class 14 (D9530) NCB South Wales pale blue 1416
Class 14 144-8 (D9524) BP light green 1417
Class 14 D9553 BR two-tone green + 4 BR black 'Dogfish' (TP) 1420
Class 17 D8569 BR blue with small yellow panels 1724
Class 17 D8607 BR two-tone green with small yellow panels 1725
Class 17 D8599 BR two-tone green with small yellow panels (w) 1726
Class 17 D8539 BR two-tone green with full yellow ends 1727
Class 17 17007 BR Railfreight 'red-stripe' 1728
Class 17 8538 BR blue with full yellow ends (w) 1729


(w) weathered edition

(TP) Train Pack

(V1) Version 1 - as built, vacuum braked

(V2) Version 2 - high level air pipes and compressor cabinets