THREE OF Hasegawa’s finest 1/48 Japanese World War Two aircraft kits have been boxed together to form a bumper ‘Pearl Harbor Attack’ package. Item 52148 offers the Type 21 Zero, Type 99 Model 11 carrier dive-bomber and the torpedototing Type 97 Model 3. They all have extensive moulded detail in the cockpits, including raised features on the instrument panel and consoles, and there’s plenty of sidewall structural nuances where applicable. Those who’ve studied ‘the day of infamy’ will be familiar with many of the colour schemes worn by the attacking aircraft, and here, the Zero is represented by two Imperial Japanese Navy grey liveries (Akagi second wave, Kaga first wave). The Val’s two options are also in IJN grey, while the Kate’s choices offer IJN green over silver, and a mottled version. All decals are to the usual Hasegawa standard and appear on one very large sheet. For further details, visit: www.amerang.co.uk