VIDEO: Accurascale Ruston 88DS sound recording

We met with Accurascale at the Colne Valley Railway to find out more about the sound recording process for its new 'O' gauge Ruston 88DS. Watch the video for FREE here and sign up or sign in to see more images from the day.

SERIES 8: Digital Sound - installing ESU LokSound chips

The fourth part of our new Digital Sound video series is here focusing on ESU LokSound decoders. In this part we had sound to a Bachmann 'OO9' Mainline Hunslet, a Dapol Class 68 and a Bachmann BR '5MT' 4-6-0. Discover how we completed the installations here.

SERIES 8 Part 3: Digital Sound - installing ZIMO chips

Part 3 of our new digital sound video series is available now exclusively for Premium Subscribers. In this video we show how the ZIMO decoder family can be installed in a Bachmann Class 40 and a Hornby '9F' 2-10-0 with simple tools and readily available speakers.

SERIES 8: Digital Sound - installing Hornby TXS chips

In part two of our Digital Sound video series we start our trilogy of sound installation features by working with the new Hornby Bluetooth Triplex Sound chips. In this video we show how to add an 8-pin chip to a Hornby Class 60, a 21-pin chip to the LMS 'Turbomotive' and a Next18 chip to a TT:120 scale 'A4' 4-6-2 taking you through every step of the journey. Watch today with a FREE member account exclusively on Key Model World.

NEW SERIES 8: Digital Sound Introduction | Part One

Launching today at 8pm today - March 8 2024 - is our brand-new video series offering an introduction to the world of Digital Sound for model railways. In this new four part series, we will explore what digital sound has to offer and how to install and use decoders from Hornby, ZIMO and ESU.

VIDEO: Railway Icons HSDT prototype decorated sample

The decorated sample of the Railway Icons collection model of HSDT prototype power car 41001 has been revealed through the collaboration between Rails of Sheffield, Locomotion Models and Bachmann Europe together with a factory sound option of the model.

EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Cavalex Models Class 56 production samples

With Cavalex Models' debut powered model - the BR Class 56 - due to arrive with retailers at the end of January, we meet with the manufacturer to reveal the final tweaks on its production samples. Watch our video here as we discuss the new model with Cavalex Models Alex Perkins.

SERIES 7, EP4: Making Tracks - The Grand Challenge

In the fourth and final part of our Making Tracks 3 video series, we delve into the story of the Grand Challenge at the Great Electric Train Show when Pete Waterman and the Railnuts created a record breaking 152ft long 'OO' gauge model railway.

SERIES 7, EP3: Making Tracks 3 - On Show

Part 3 of our Making Tracks 3 video series is here. Join us as we follow the installation process at Chester Cathedral and it operation across the summer. Watch the trailer for FREE and sign up for a Premium subscriber account to gain full access to the 50 minutes feature video.

FIRST LOOK: EFE Rail SR Booster Co-Co electrics for OO gauge

The all-new EFE Rail model of the SR Booster Co-Co electrics has arrived with retailers. We met with product development manager Graham Muspratt to find out more about these fascinating early electrics.