More LifeColor paint sets in stock now!

The range of LifeColor paint sets available from the Key Model World Shop has expanded with the addition of Battle of Britain and German Second World War acrylic sets.

Hornby Class 31 with Triplex Sound for OO gauge. Feature Premium

TXS 8-pin Installation Hornby Class 31 Upgrades

The Hornby Class 31 is a simple locomotive to add Triplex Sound into and in this guide we move on to upgrade the speaker. MIKE WILD explains how.

Airfix Model World scale model display

The Airfix Model World team will be displaying its latest builds at Model World LIVE - as featured in Airfix Model World and on Key Model World. Get up close to your favourite builds from the magazine at the show.

Hornby HST with Bluetooth Triplex Sound Feature Premium

VIDEO: TXS 21-pin Installation Hornby HST Power Cars

The latest generation Hornby Class 43 High Speed Train power cars set out to make sound installation simple. MIKE WILD adds a pair of TXS 21-pin chips to EMT liveried 43049 and 43060 and demonstrates the finished models on video.

Model World LIVE line up expands

The layout and display list for the first Model World LIVE event at the NEC in Birmingham on April 27/28 2024 is shaping up with five new layouts being revealed alongside the first scale modelling displays

REVEALED: Exclusive limited edition DCR Class 60

The Key Publishing Collection available through the Key Model World Shop has expanded with a limited edition of Class 60 60029 Ben Nevis in DCR grey produced by Cavalex Models for ‘OO’ gauge.

Feature Freemium

Installing Hornby Triplex sound in ‘TT:120’ scale

Hornby’s new collection of ‘TT:120’ scale locomotives makes use of the smallest and most compact DCC interface - Next18. MIKE WILD explains what it is and how it works.

Hornby BR 2MT 2-6-0 for OO gauge Review Premium

The Hornby BR '2MT' 2-6-0 for 'OO' gauge

Hornby’s all-new model of the BR ‘2MT’ 2-6-0 has been a long time coming for ‘OO’ gauge, but it has now arrived with retailers. Mike Wild takes a closer look at BR lined black 78047.

Review Premium

Lionheart Trains’ Lynton & Barnstaple 7mm scale debut

The Lynton & Barnstaple Railway Manning Wardle 2-6-2Ts and carriages have been recreated in 7mm narrow gauge by Lionheart Trains. MIKE WILD inspects the first British outline ready-to-run ‘O-16.5’ gauge models.

Feature Premium

Making a scene: Snow covering tips

Recent weather and the arrival of two new steam locomotives with snowploughs in the accessory pack prompted MIKE WILD to give Shortley Bridge’s viaduct scene a quick winter makeover.