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Collectors Club Class 90

Bachmann Collectors Club members can now acquire this striking ‘OO’ gauge Class 90 Bo-Bo electric. MARK CHIVERS finds out whether it ‘sparks’ his admiration.

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OO Works Aspinall Class 27 0-6-0

New to the OO Works range of handmade ready-to-run ‘OO’ gauge locomotives is the London Midland & Scottish Railway (ex-Lancashire & Yorkshire Railway) Aspinall Class 27 0-6-0.

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HM7000 Bluetooth Legacy Dongle

When first released last year, Hornby’s new HM7000 system provided an innovative new way to control your model railway by embracing the capabilities of present-day smart devices.

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Accurascale Mk 2b coaches roll in

Can Accurascale maintain its record with these important new coaches? MARK CHIVERS checks out these latest BR Mk 2s in ‘OO’.

Bachmann launches new Narrow Gauge range

Bachmann has revealed details of a new narrow gauge range - NG7.

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Flangeway ‘O’ gauge ZZA snowplough

These distinctive vehicles are now available in ‘O’. MARK CHIVERS checks them over to see if they cut any ice for 7mm scale modellers.

Final preparations for Statfold Model Railway Exhibition 2024

Final preparations are under way for the annual Statfold Model Railway Exhibition which is due to take place on April 13/14 2024 at Statfold Country Park near Tamworth with the addition of a surprise exhibit from Key Model World/Hornby Magazine.

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Graham Farish LMS ‘Twins’

The London, Midland & Scottish Railway’s pioneering diesel-electric ‘twins’ 10000/10001 are the latest arrivals from Bachmann’s ‘N’ gauge Graham Farish range. MARK CHIVERS assesses these new additions to the roster.

'TT:120' KFA CAD breaks cover

Hornby's ‘TT:120’ wagon range is set to expand with several new wagons planned for the future, including a selection of all-new KFA container flat wagons.

'TT:120' Class 37 progresses

Hornby’s forthcoming ‘TT:120’ Class 37 Co-Co diesel has progressed to the design stage of the development process.