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Magnetic Dish

How often have you mislaid or lost tiny metal screws whilst dismantling a locomotive body? Well, this small magnetic parts dish from Amtec could be the answer.

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West Hill Wagon Works 3D modern lockers

Small details can really enhance a cameo scene or diorama and these 4mm scale 3D-printed modern lockers from West Hill Wagon Works are a case in point.

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Modern palisade fencing

Ratio’s ‘N’ gauge range of plastic models and accessories is bolstered with the addition of two new packs of modern palisade fencing for the scale.

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3D-printed Class 37 engine

Recently added to the West Hill Wagon Works range of 3D-printed diesel depot accessories is this superbly detailed ‘OO’ gauge Class 37 power unit.

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Rapido SR eight-plank opens

RAPIDO TRAINS UK (RTUK) has been busy developing an impressive array of rolling stock including these recently-released ‘OO’ gauge Southern Railway (SR) eight-plank open wagons.

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Rapido delivers LMS five-plank open

Rapido Trains UK’s all-new ‘OO’ gauge LMS 12ton five-plank open wagon touched down in the Hornby Magazine office in September.

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Locomotion’s Chaldrons Coal Hopper Wagons

RECENTLY added to Locomotion Models’ exclusive range modelling items  from the National Collection are these diminutive ‘OO’ gauge Stockton & Darlington Railway (S&DR) chaldron coal hopper waggons, commissioned from Accurascale.

‘OO’ WD 2-10-0 for KR Models

KR Models’ next ‘OO’ gauge project will be the War Department (WD) ‘Austerity’ 2-10-0.

Heljan plans 'O' gauge Class 24

Heljan has revealed plans to produce an all-new ‘O’ gauge BR Class 24 Bob-Bo diesel.

Dapol reveals Class 323 EMU plans

Dapol has announced plans to produce a newly-tooled BR Class 323 25kV AC three-car Electric Multiple Unit (EMU) for ‘OO’ gauge.