Building the Ffestiniog Railway

The arrival of Bachmann's 'OO9' narrow gauge model of the stunning Ffestiniog Railway Double Fairlie 0-4-4-0Ts prompted the Hornby Magazine team to create a brand new continuous run layout for narrow gauge. Join them here as they go through the process on video and in word and pictures for this two part build series.

Building the Ffestiniog Railway in 'OO9'


Scenic modelling is one of the most enjoyable and creative parts of a model railway. MIKE WILD gets to grips with the landscape for the new ‘OO9’ narrow gauge layout in our second and final feature including the first chance to watch our brand new feature video.


The arrival of Bachmann’s new ‘OO9’ Double Fairlie 0-4-4-0T put MIKE WILD’S modelling mind into overdrive resulting in a new project entering the works with a Ffestiniog theme.

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Bachmann reveals new Mainline Hunslet versions for 'OO9'

Bachmann has revealed its first tender version of the 'OO9' Mainline Hunslet as a special Christmas announcement. Watch the launch video here and read the full story.

Bachmann narrow gauge Penrhyn Mainline Hunslet 0-4-0ST Review Premium

Bachmann adds Mainline Hunslet for 'OO9' narrow gauge

Revealed in Bachmann’s Winter announcements in November and already available in the shops, MIKE WILD checks out the latest arrival for ‘OO9’ – the Penrhyn Mainline Hunslet 0-4-0ST.

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Quarryman’s coaches from Peco

The Ffestiniog Railway’s Type 3 Quarryman’s coaches are the basis of a trio of new rolling stock releases from Peco for ‘OO9’ narrow gauge. MIKE WILD inspects the new arrivals.

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Big sound for a Peco ‘Small England’

How do you fit Digital Command Control, stay-alive and sound into a tiny ‘OO9’ gauge locomotive? JOHN GAY reveals how.

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Peco’s Small England for 'OO9' gauge

Peco’s hugely anticipated Small England ‘OO9’ gauge locomotive arrives -but does this little engine live up to big expectations? RICHARD WATSON takes a closer look at this exciting new narrow gauge model.

Bachmann Double Fairlie 0-4-4-0T Review Premium


The secret is out and the first of Bachmann’s new ‘OO9’ Double Fairlie locomotives will be in the shops this winter. MIKE WILD takes a closer look at this exciting new narrow gauge steam engine with a full review including video of the model in action.

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Reality Check: The Double Fairlie

One of the most remarkable and recognisable locomotive designs of the Victorian era is the narrow gauge Double Fairlie, a type that became inexorably linked with the development of the Ffestiniog Railway in North Wales, but which also became world famous due to its incredible pulling power, as EVAN GREEN-HUGHES describes.

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Staff Projects: Narrow Escape

Earlier this year RICHARD WATSON embarked on an extension to Hornby Magazine’s ‘OO9’ narrow gauge layout. Three months later the project is complete, for now...

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Staff Projects: A Stone's throw away...

Hornby Magazine’s ‘OO9’ narrow gauge layout expansion is off to a flying start. RICHARD WATSON shows us how he tackled the first of the manmade structures on the layout.