Class 25

Bachmann reveals all-new 'OO' gauge Class 25 samples

Bachmann has revealed the first samples of its new 'OO' gauge Class 25 Bo-Bo diesel, which form part of the manufacturer's new British Railway Announcements going live on May 1 2024.

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Heljan ‘OO’ gauge Class 25 re-run

Heljan’s popular ‘OO’ gauge Class 25 Bo-Bo diesel is back, incorporating several amendments to the original model’s specification.

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Heljan's 'O' gauge Class 25/3 Bo-Bo diesel

The BR Sulzer Type 2s are popular locomotives in every scale. MIKE WILD reviews Heljan's detailed models of the Class 25/3 for 'O' gauge.

FIRST LOOK: All-new Bachmann Class 25s

Bachmann has received first Engineering Prototype (EP) samples of its newly-tooled 'OO' gauge BR Class 25/1 and 25/2 Bo-Bo diesels for assessment by the development team.

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The new Heljan Class 25/3 presented an opportunity to add extra functionality to the model as part of a sound installation. MIKE WILD installs a ZIMO chip into the new ‘OO’ gauge model with sound from Digitrains.

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Heljan Class 25/3 for 'O' gauge

For the second month running Heljan has delivered a brand new ready-to-run locomotive for ‘O’ gauge. MIKE WILD gets to grips with its latest release – the BR Sulzer Class 25/3.

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Derby’s Class 25/3

Perhaps one of the most recognisable diesel locomotives of the 1960s was the popular and versatile Class 25, a design that reached its best with its final version, the 25/3, which first appeared in 1965, as EVAN GREEN-HUGHES describes.

Heljan confirms second batch of ‘OO’ Class 25s

Heljan has confirmed a second batch of its popular ‘OO’ gauge Class 25 Bo-Bo diesels (HM167) for later this year.

VIDEO: Heljan Class 25/3 for 'OO' gauge

In the latest issue of Hornby Magazine (HM167) we review Heljan's all-new 'OO' gauge model of the Class 25/3. Watch our sample in action here fitted with a ZIMO sound decoder.

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The ‘facelifted’ Class 25 is the subject of Heljan’s latest ‘OO’ gauge ready-to-run model and fills an important gap in the market for a contemporary model. MIKE WILD takes a closer look at this new addition.