Class 37

The English Electric Class 37s - nicknamed Tractor, Syphon, Growler and Slugs - were introduced in 1960 and in total 309 were built over five years. They gone on to become one of the most popular British diesel-electrics with myriad differences and sub-classes including original Class 37/0, Class 37/3 with regeared bogies, Class 37/4 with Electric Train Heating, refurbished Class 37/5s, DRS Class 37/6s, heavy-weight refurbished Class 37/7s and the re-engined Class 37/9s. Ready-to-run models have been produced for 'OO', 'N' and 'O' gauge and you can read our full collection of Class 37 based news, features and reviews here.

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Heljan’s cutaway ‘O’ gauge ‘tractors’

The ever-popular Type 3s are now available in split headcode form with cutaway buffer beams for 'O' gauge. BEN CHURCH sees if its performance matches its looks.

Heavyweight Coal Sector Class 37 limited edition

The Key Publishing limited edition collection is expanding with a ‘OO’ gauge model of Class 37702 Taff Merthyr in Railfreight coal sector livery and equipped with its unique rectangular buffers.

UNVEILED: Our ultimate special guest

Teaming up with our show sponsors Accurascale and Reid Freight Services, we are thrilled to announce the arrival of a truly unique guest at Model World LIVE - full-size Class 37 37108, fully repainted by owner Rick Davenport exclusively for the show.

'TT:120' Class 37 progresses

Hornby’s forthcoming ‘TT:120’ Class 37 Co-Co diesel has progressed to the design stage of the development process.

SRPS reveals exclusive Accurascale Class 37/4

The Scottish Railway Preservation Society (SRPS) has announced that it has commissioned an exclusive ‘OO’ gauge model of Class 37/4 37403 Isle of Mull from Accurascale.

Accurascale Class 37/0 Co-Co diesels. Review Premium

Accurascale's Pilot Scheme Class 37/0s Arrive

Accurascale has expanded its new ‘OO’ Class 37 range with a collection of new original condition scheme examples to complete the first wave of releases on the English Electric Type 3.

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3D-printed Class 37 engine

Recently added to the West Hill Wagon Works range of 3D-printed diesel depot accessories is this superbly detailed ‘OO’ gauge Class 37 power unit.

Accurascale shows new Class 37 livery samples

Accurascale has revealed decoration samples for its second production run of 'OO' gauge Class 37s. Check out the latest images here.

Accurascale Class 37/0 for OO gauge. Review Premium

Accurascale Scottish 'Car Headlight' Class 37/0s

Accurascale’s latest batch of all-new ‘OO’ gauge Class 37 Co-Co diesels (HM192) have arrived, with the latest releases modelling the early Scottish ‘car headlamp’ style Class 37/0 variants.

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How to weather an Accurascale DRS Class 37/4

The arrival of the all-new Accurascale Class 37/4s for ‘OO’ gauge prompted MIKE WILD to give DRS-operated 37425 an equally detailed weathered finish. He explains all in this step by step guide.