Class 55 Deltic

The legendary English Electric Class 55 'Deltics' were the most powerful single-unit diesel locomotives when they were introduced in 1961. 22 were completed to haul express trains on the East Coast Main Line between London King's Cross and Scotland. The last of the Class 55s was withdrawn in 1982, but their legacy lives on in preservation and scale models. Ready-to-run models are available in 'OO' from Accurascale as well as Bachmann and Hornby while in 'N' gauge the Graham Farish brand offers a model of the Class 55. In 'O' gauge Heljan has produced ready-to-run 'Deltics'. Read our full collection of Class 55 'Deltic' news, reviews and features here.

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Accurascale’s 'OO' gauge ‘Deltic' debut

The legendary Class 55 ‘Deltic’ is Accurascale’s first ready-to-run powered model for ‘OO’ gauge – and what a model it is. MIKE WILD brings you the full story on what could be the definitive ‘Deltic’.

FIRST LOOK: Accurascale's 'OO' Class 55 'Deltics'

EXCLUSIVE VIDEO! Join Mike Wild and Richard Watson in the Hornby Magazine workshop for a first look at the Accurascale Class 55 'Deltics' for 'OO' gauge in this special preview feature. Watch the full video here and read the latest on this exciting new locomotives.

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Farewell to the 'Deltics'

London, a Saturday night 40 years ago. Hordes of fans mob the platforms at King’s Cross station cheering the star of the day while thousands of cameras record the remarkable scene. The occasion is not, however, the appearance of a Hollywood film star, but the final run of one of the most popular diesels – the ‘Deltics’. EVAN GREEN-HUGHES looks back to January 1982.

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The English Electric 'Deltic'

One of the most evocative products of the Modernisation era was the 3,300hp ‘Deltic’, a class which was to revolutionise rail travel and in the process acquire an almost legendary status, as EVAN GREEN-HUGHES relates.

Colour for KOYLI

Locomotion Models (LM) has received decorated samples of its forthcoming 'OO' gauge Accurascale Class 55 Co-Co D9002/55002 King's Own Yorkshire Light Infantry (Koyli) in BR two tone green for evaluation.

Decorated 'Deltics' Debut

Accurascale has received decorated samples of its forthcoming 'OO' gauge Class 55 'Deltic' Co-Co diesels for evaluation by the company's development team. View them in green, blue and purple here.

Accurascale debuts 'Deltic' sound

Accurascale has received the first draft of its DCC sound project for its 'OO' gauge Class 55 'Deltic'. Watch and hear its functions here.

Accurascale shows ‘Deltic’ first shot

The first engineering sample of Accurascale’s first ready-to-run ‘OO’ gauge locomotive - the Class 55 ‘Deltic’ - has been received for inspection. The sample is the first prototype of the model and is subject to revisions.