Class 56

The BR Class 56s were introduced in 1976 for heavy freight traffic and were built by Electroputere in Romania as well as Doncaster and Crewe works. In total 135 were built and some remain in service today. Read our full collection of Class 56 modelling news, features and reviews here covering models from Hornby and Cavalex Models for 'OO' gauge, Heljan for 'O' gauge and Dapol for 'N' gauge.

Cavalex Models OO gauge Class 56 model review. Review Premium

FIRST REVIEW: Cavalex Models Class 56 for OO gauge

Cavalex Models’ debut powered model arrived at the end of January. MIKE WILD takes an exclusive look at the first production versions of this highly-anticipated ‘OO’ gauge locomotive.

EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Cavalex Models Class 56 production samples

With Cavalex Models' debut powered model - the BR Class 56 - due to arrive with retailers at the end of January, we meet with the manufacturer to reveal the final tweaks on its production samples. Watch our video here as we discuss the new model with Cavalex Models Alex Perkins.

VIDEO: Cavalex Models Class 56 and wagon projects update

Cavalex Models visited the Key Model World Workshop to showcase the latest version of the sound file for its all-new 'OO' gauge Class 56 together with decorated samples of its PHA and JHA bogie wagons. Join us for exclusive video and sign up to read our full feature.

Dapol upgrades ‘N’ gauge ‘Grid’

Dapol has confirmed that it is to upgrade its ‘N' gauge Class 56 Co-Co diesel with new body tooling.

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Enhancing a Hornby Class 56 with weathering

The Hornby Class 56 made its debut in early 2009 and weathering gives this heavy freight workhorse the realistic appearance it really needs. MIKE WILD shows how in this Key Model World exclusive step by step guide.

Hornby Triplex Sound installation guide Feature Premium

How to install Hornby Triplex sound in the Class 56

A new breed of Bluetooth sound chip is here with the arrival of Hornby’s Triplex Sound decoders. MIKE WILD installs the 8-pin variant in a Hornby Class 56 and explains the set up process step by step.

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Cavalex adds GBRf railtour 56s

Cavalex Models has confirmed plans to add a further pair of all-new ‘OO’ gauge Class 56 diesels to its release plans, representing the ‘Grids’ that worked UK Railtours’ recent Class 56 Farewell railtour. Read the full story and watch our Cavalex Class 56 project update video here.

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Hornby updates its ‘Grid’

The Class 56 has had a small refresh for its latest outing in the Hornby range. MIKE WILD checks out the new arrival in the shape of BR blue 56047.

VIDEO: Lineside on the East Coast Main Line

Join Mike Wild as he follows a selection of main line movements on the East Coast Main Line around Peterborough across the summer, exclusively on KeyModelWorld.

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The Class 56 is one of only a few British diesel locomotive classes to be designed specifically for heavy freight work and has nowadays largely disappeared from the network - although those that remain could have an interesting future. EVAN GREEN-HUGHES explains all.