Decal reviews

Decal reviews


If you're looking to build aircraft operated by more exotic air arms, the Indonesian Air Force insignia from Bright Spark Decals could be just the ticket.

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Decal Review: On Target 1/72 USCG HH-65 Dolphin & MH-68A Stingray

Air Graphic’s second batch of search and rescue helicopter schemes concentrates on two types operated by the US Coast Guard – the MH-68A Stingray (based on the Augusta A-109) and HH-65 Dolphin (Eurocopter/Airbus Helicopters AS365) – and offers 24 schemes.

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Decal Review: Syhart 1/48 Mirage 2000-5F ‘70 ans EC3/11’ and ‘100 ans SPA88’

Fans of Mirage 2000s and anniversary schemes are in for a real treat thanks to this sheet from Syhart, which provides decals for two specially marked aircraft.

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Decal Review: Decales Global TWA 727-100 Twin Globe

Suitable for any 1/144 kit of the type, Decales Global’s markings supply the livery for Trans World Airlines (TWA) Boeing 727-100s with small logos behind the fore entry door.

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Decal Review: Decalpool Ford Chip Ganassi Team GT #67 Le Mans GTLM ’19

Modellers with Revell’s 1/24 Ford GT Le Mans racing car can apply an alternative livery with these Decalpool markings – that of the #67 car raced at the Circuit de la Sarthe in 2019.

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Decal Review: MILSPEC A-4E Skyhawk VA-152 'Wild Aces'

While later A-4s from VA-152 (nicknamed variously as Friendlies, Mavericks and Fighting Aces) are served poorly by kit manufacturers – just Fujimi’s 1/72 A-4B has markings for this squadron – there’s a thriving aftermarket scene, such as this example from MILSPEC for an A-4E assigned to the USS Shangri-La during the unit’s last operational cruise from March-December 1970.

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Decal Review: Star Decals M4A1 Shermans coming ashore

Released to coincide with the 75th anniversary of the D-Day landings, this sheet is focused on the 75mm main gun-equipped M4A1 Sherman, including snorkel-fitted and Duplex Drive ‘Donald Duck’ variants.

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Decal Review: H-Models Mitsubishi Zero over Saipan

H-Models’ 1/48 Mitsubishi A6M5 Zero Model 52 decals are perhaps named somewhat misleadingly, as the set provides for a quartet of airframes captured on the ground at Saipan.

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Decal Review: SBS Model Curtiss Hawk 75 in Finnish Service

Options for Curtiss P-36 Hawk liveries in 1/48 aren’t plentiful, so its great to see aftermarket supplier SBS step forward with these Finnish-operated Hawk 75A schemes.

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Decal Review: Euro Decals 1/32 Bf 109Gs of the Aeronautica Nazionale Repubblica

Messerschmitt Bf 109Gs of the Aeronautica Nazionale Repubblicana...

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Decal Review: Star Decals M47 Patton Middle East War & Peace

This evocatively titled Star Decals set provides for a varied array of M47 Patton tank liveries, suitable for kits by Italeri, Revell, Tamiya and Takom, among others.

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Decal Review: Decales Global 1/144 Airlift International F27

Airliner aficionados looking for an unusual scheme for their 1/144 Doyusha, Eastern Express, F-RSIN or Welsh Models Fokker F27 Friendships may wish to consider this Decales Global product for defunct carrier Airlift International.



If you want to put a different spin on an Allied armoured fighting vehicle, Kagero's Beutepanzer profile/decal book offers fascinating alternatives.



If you plan to build a US Army M3A1 half-track but want alternative markings, check out Star Decals' sheet 35-C-1233, which offers four fresh liveries.

P-40 AND Fw 190 BOOK/DECAL COMBOS Review Premium


Kagero's Camouflage & Decals books offer superb artwork and waterslide national insignia in 1/72nd and 1/48 scales. The two useful products here highlight the Curtiss P-40 and Focke-Wulf Fw 190A.



With the re-release of Special Hobby's 1/72 Short Sunderland Mk.V, this book and decal combo from Linden Hill can provide a very different perspective on your build project.

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Decal Review: Eduard supplies myriad markings for 1/48 F-4Bs

Modellers wanting to replace lost items from Tamiya’s new F-4B or just looking for stencils to enhance their F-4Bs by Hasegawa, Academy or Esci/Ertl will find Eduard’s two-sheet set very useful.

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Decal Review: Kits-World's Icelandic Beauties - 1/32 B-17Gs

Kits-World has produced several aftermarket decal sheets suitable for large-scale B-17 Flying Fortresses including Hong Kong Models’ 1/32 offering – its RAF-themed sets include this pair of meteorological reconnaissance airframes.

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Decal Review: French and Brazilian P-36s by LPS Hobby

Perfect for early-model P-36 kits in 1/72 – such as those by AML, AZ, Aoshima, Monogram and Heller – these LPS Hobby markings cater for an early-war French airframe and a Brazilian aircraft later in World War Two.

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Decal Review: H-Models caters for Czechoslovakian Willys Jeeps in 1/35

Modellers seeking a slightly different appearance for their 1/35 Willys Jeeps may wish to consider H-Models’ limited-edition Czechoslovakian decals, which provide for four vehicles - read a full review of these markings here.

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Decal Review: Azur-FRROM provides for its own 1/72 Potez 25 kits

Intended for its own Potez 25 kits, Azur-FRROM’s decals provide for a wealth of airframes - including those used by famed 20th century aviators, as AMW's review reveals...

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Decal Review: Air-Graphic's Bumper Operation Telic Selection in 1/72

This bumper offering from Air-Graphics includes two A5-sized decal sheets and supplies sufficient markings for more than 50 RAF airframes either involved or placed on standby for Operation Telic during 2003. Check out the full selection and the sheets themselves in this full-length review.

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Decal Review: Euro Decals' Flashy 1/48 Super Sabres

Suitable for ESCI, Revell/Monogram and Trumpeter kits, Euro Decals’s quarter-scale markings provide a trio of attractive markings schemes for 1/48 North American F-100D Super Sabres.

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Decal Review: Two Bobs' 1/48 A-10C Indiana Tankbusters

Modellers seeking different schemes for their Hobby Boss, Monogram and Italeri kits (although not straight from the box – they all need ‘tweaks’) or the forthcoming Academy offering will find much to savour on this set from Two Bobs.

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Decal Review: BOA's 1/144 Air France Caravelles

Designed to fit the Airfix or AModel Caravelle III kits, this comprehensive two-sheet set from BOA enables modellers to build any of the 46 airframes operated by Air France.

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Decal Review: Kits-World presents 1/72 RAF 24in Letter Codes

Kits-World has produced this set of late-1930s-style airframe letters for RAF aircraft in 1/72, replicating the Stores Ref. 33B/157 specification of 24in squadron/airframe letters in Sea Grey (later renamed Sky Grey).

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Decal Review: On Target's ode to HMS Eagle's Aircraft

The Audacious-class aircraft carrier HMS Eagle is the subject of On Target’s decals – in the form of the piston and jet-powered machinery carried by the craft.

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Decal Review: Eduard's 1/48 Smoke Rings Camouflage

Designed specifically for quarter-scale Macchi MC.202 Folgore and MC.205 Veltro kits – the former of which the firm has included in its range – are Eduard’s ‘smoke ring’ decals, replicating the unusual camouflage favoured by Italy.

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Decal Review: MILSPEC 1/72 562nd Tactical Fighter Training Sqn F-4G Phantoms

While the operational F-4G ‘Wild Weasel’ airframes get most attention, this superb decal sheet from MILSPEC provides markings for a training unit machine, assigned to the 562nd Tactical Fighter Training Squadron, 37th Tactical Fighter Wing at George Air Force Base, California, in 1990.

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Decal Review: Star Decals' Normandy Thunderbolt Shermans

Here’s another great compilation of schemes from Star Decals, with this sheet focusing on the vehicles used by the US Army’s 70th Tank Battalion ‘Thunderbolts’ at Utah Beach on June 6, 1944.