Deluxe Materials

Deluxe Materials' 2022 Range Revealed!

Whether you're a railway, scale, radio-control or miniaturist modeller, you may be interested in Deluxe Materials’ 2022 catalogue, which celebrates half a century of trading and has just been released.

HM165 Deluxe Materials Carbon Fibre Review Premium

Deluxe Materials carbon fibre

Deluxe Materials’ extensive range of adhesives and modelling materials includes these useful packs of carbon fibre mat and carbon fibre tissue.

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Deluxe Materials Grime 2 Shine 

Grime 2 Shine is a new foaming formula cleaner from Deluxe Materials that has been designed to clear dirt and oily grime from models.

Deluxe Materials expands product range

A series of new adhesive, cleaning and modelling products have been added to the versatile Deluxe Materials range including Roket UV glue, Laser-Cut Kit Glue, Grime 2 Shine and a new compact form for the popular Roket superglue.

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New glues from Deluxe Materials

Deluxe Materials has enhanced its collection of adhesives for 2020 with the addition of Laser-Cut Kit and Roket UV glues. These two new products suit model railway hobbyists perfectly.