Digital Sound

Digital sound introduces realistic locomotive sound files to model locomotives and is available to suit all major scales and gauges as well as steam and diesel locomotives. In these features we show you how to install Digital Command Control (DCC) sound decoders from ZIMO, ESU and Doehler & Haass with sound files from Digitrains, Locoman Sounds, Legomanbiffo, YouChoos and more. New guides are added every month together sound demonstration videos for each locomotive so you can hear the results for yourself on our test track.

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Installing Locoman’s BR ‘5MT’ sound

The powerful sounds of the BR ‘5MT’ 4-6-0 are now available from Locoman Sounds on the ESU decoder family. MIKE WILD upgrades an older Bachmann 8-pin model to show how it can be done.

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Quarry Hunslet Digital Sound

Fitting DCC sound in Bachmann’s tiny ‘OO9’ gauge model is difficult – but as John Gay explains, is possible, bringing it to life beautifully.

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Ruston 88DS goes green

More livery variations of Hornby’s petite ‘OO’ gauge Ruston & Hornsby 88DS shunters (HM201) are now available, with the British Railways green example arriving for review.

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Heljan’s all-new Brush Type 4 for ‘OO’ gauge

The long-lived and versatile Class 47s are a popular choice for ready-to-run models with a wide range of colour schemes. Heljan has delivered its brand-new offering for ‘OO’ gauge - MIKE WILD finds out how it measures up.

SERIES 8: Digital Sound - installing ESU LokSound chips

The fourth part of our new Digital Sound video series is here focusing on ESU LokSound decoders. In this part we had sound to a Bachmann 'OO9' Mainline Hunslet, a Dapol Class 68 and a Bachmann BR '5MT' 4-6-0. Discover how we completed the installations here.

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Locoman Sounds for the Hornby BR ‘2MT’ 2-6-0

The recently released Hornby BR ‘2MT’ 2-6-0 is an attractive locomotive, but challenging for sound installation. MIKE WILD explains how he fitted a powerful speaker into the tender with an ESU chip from Locoman Sounds.

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Speaker upgrade for the Accurascale ‘Manor’

Accurascale’s GWR ‘Manor’ 4-6-0 is a superb model, but it left room for improvement in the speaker setup. MIKE WILD shows how he fitted Locoman Sounds’ latest profile for these two-cylinder locomotives together with a speaker upgrade.

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DCC Power Bus Terminator

A further addition to the Hobby Trax range of electronic components is this pack of Digital Command Control (DCC) ‘Spike Buster’ terminators.

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Bluetooth TXS for Hornby ‘9F’

Hornby’s recently retooled ‘OO’ gauge BR Standard ‘9F’ 2-10-0 (HM185) gains a new outing finished as 92002 in BR black with early crests – and the addition of the manufacturer’s new Bluetooth Triplex Sound (TXS).

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What is Hornby's HM7000?

Hornby launched a new way to control model railways in 2023. MARK CHIVERS explains how the HM7000 system works - and why you should consider it.