Model Railway Features

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Modelling Operation Smash Hit

40 years ago, a spectacular test was conducted to prove the safety of moving nuclear flasks by rail. ALAN TAYLOR explains how he recreated the locomotive and coaches used in 4mm scale to mark the anniversary.

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‘King’ for Another Day

Everyday Swindon steam in the 1960s wasn’t as glossy and highly polished as the locomotives seen on heritage railways and enthusiast specials might suggest. TIM SHACKLETON fettles a ‘King’ into typical last-days condition.

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Class 50s go West

The distinctive Class 50s were perhaps at their best after being reallocated to the Western Region in the 1970s, as EVAN GREEN-HUGHES describes.

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Ground Effects

Railways often used redundant van or coach bodies for storage or messrooms. DAN EVASON shows how to create a typical scene in ‘OO’ gauge.

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STAFF PROJECTS - New Layout, New Location

Following a house move, BEN CHURCH starts afresh with a new ‘OO’ gauge layout to cater for his and his grandfather’s interests.

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REALITY CHECK: Class 25 Variety

The numerous Class 25s have a rather confusing history, as within the 327 examples built there have been numerous sub-classes and individual variations, as EVAN GREEN-HUGHES explains.

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Railway Signalling

Signalling is vital for the safe operation of the railway – and if correctly modelled it can help emphasise the period, region and realism of a model railway, as EVAN GREEN-HUGHES describes.

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Grand Café

Detailing models can be a satisfying pastime and following a visit to Model World LIVE recently, DAN EVASON opts to create a realistic café interior in OO gauge.

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‘King’ for a day

TIM SHACKLETON pitches a classic locomotive from the early noughties against its present-day equivalent, using simple detailing techniques to bring the older model more into line with current expectations.

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Broad-Brush Approach

Giving models a realistic appearance doesn’t have to take long. TIM SHACKLETON shows how a ‘big picture’ approach using large brushes can create a lifelike look in minutes.

DC Rail Class 60 freight operations. Feature Premium

Cabbing a Class 60 with DC Rail

DC Rail is a popular freight operator with lineside and model enthusiasts. JAMES ABBOTT from Modern Railways magazine takes a run through the Chilterns in the cab of a Class 60 to discover how these heavy aggregate trains are operated.

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Installing Locoman’s BR ‘5MT’ sound

The powerful sounds of the BR ‘5MT’ 4-6-0 are now available from Locoman Sounds on the ESU decoder family. MIKE WILD upgrades an older Bachmann 8-pin model to show how it can be done.

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Modelling Gresley 'V2' 60800 Green Arrow

Locomotive-specific detailing can still be added to improve the newest ready-to-run models even further. RICHARD HALL shows how you can upgrade Bachmann’s already excellent model of ‘V2’ Green Arrow in its preserved condition.

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Last knockings of the Class 101s

Although it is now 20 years since the last Class 101 DMUs were withdrawn, these units outlived many of their counterparts by a handsome margin. EVAN GREEN-HUGHES looks back at these successful trains and relates the story of their extended final years.

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Bespoke Barn Build

What do you do when there are no suitable buildings available as kits or ‘ready to plant’? DAN EVASON shows that making your own structure can be simple and provide a unique aspect to a layout.

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Diesel Days at Westbury

A railway crossroads, Westbury has long been an important rail hub and remains a major centre for a varied selection of passenger and aggregate traffic, as EVAN GREEN-HUGHES describes.

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Stretching across 118 spectacular miles, the Highland Main Line is a vital artery linking the Far North for more than 150 years, as EVAN GREEN-HUGHES explains.

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Quarry Hunslet Digital Sound

Fitting DCC sound in Bachmann’s tiny ‘OO9’ gauge model is difficult – but as John Gay explains, is possible, bringing it to life beautifully.

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Staff Projects - Track gang

It’s all about track on the rebuild of Topley Dale with a combination of lifting old rails, relaying and new track installation, as MIKE WILD explains.

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Class 104 conversion – Part 2

Having already rebuilt the underframes as part of his Class 104 conversion, TIM SHACKLETON turns his attention to the bodywork. 3D-printed components come to his aid, as he explains.

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Modelling a West Coast Railtour

Railtours are a superb way of bringing variety to a layout. In the first of two step-by-step guides, RICHARD HALL shows how to recreate the railtour carriages  – which can be very different.

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Painting a GNR Signalbox

One of 2024’s additions to the PJM Models collection of laser-cut kits available from the Key Model World Shop is this Great Northern Railway signalbox. MIKE WILD explains how he painted the structure.

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Woodland on a Budget

Model trees are readily available, but DAN EVASON reckons you can make them yourself for pennies – as he demonstrates in this latest ‘OO’ gauge scene.

SERIES 8: Digital Sound - installing ESU LokSound chips

The fourth part of our new Digital Sound video series is here focusing on ESU LokSound decoders. In this part we had sound to a Bachmann 'OO9' Mainline Hunslet, a Dapol Class 68 and a Bachmann BR '5MT' 4-6-0. Discover how we completed the installations here.

Locoman Sounds BR 2MT sound installation guide Feature Premium

Locoman Sounds for the Hornby BR ‘2MT’ 2-6-0

The recently released Hornby BR ‘2MT’ 2-6-0 is an attractive locomotive, but challenging for sound installation. MIKE WILD explains how he fitted a powerful speaker into the tender with an ESU chip from Locoman Sounds.

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Shap has always been a challenge to footplate crews and a magnet for enthusiasts. EVAN GREEN-HUGHES explores this famous location’s history and appeal.

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Customising limited edition Class 40 40145

The Key Publishing limited edition model of 40145 in large logo blue prompted DAVID DOLMAN to take an already good model and make it even better.

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Class 104 Conversion

In a classic piece of hands-on modelling, TIM SHACKLETON takes a brutal-looking selection of saws, files and knives to an elderly Hornby model. In the first part, he tackles the chassis.

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GWR Steam Railmotor

Railways have always faced the problem of how to work their most lightly used routes cheaply. One solution that found much favour in Victorian times was the steam railmotor, as EVAN GREEN-HUGHES explains.

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Creating a Waterfall

For a very different feature on a layout, DAN EVASON shows how to create a stunning waterfall scene in this detailed step by step modelling guide.