VIDEO: DCC Concepts Product Update

Richard Brighton from DCC Concepts joins the Great Electric Train Show Virtual Exhibition to offer an update on the new range of Zen Black DCC decoders, new soldering products and more in this product update video.

VIDEO: WWS Static Grass Demonstration

War World Scenic's Martyn Rees demonstrates static grass application techniques in this video using WWS applicators, grasses and glues. Watch here to find out how to bring super detailed grasses to your layout.

North Cornwall Brewery Feature Premium

VIDEO: The North Cornwall Brewery

Watch our video of Malcolm Briggs' new 'OO' gauge exhibition layout, the North Cornwall Brewery, exclusively on KeyModelWorld first ahead of its feature in the January 2020 issue of Hornby Magazine. Log in now to watch it at the Great Electric Train Show Virtual Exhibition.

VIDEO: Isinglass Model's articulation

Isinglass Model's Andy Edgson is working on modifications to the articulation system for his 'OO' gauge carriage range. As a follow up to our feature in HM161 about construction of Isinglass Model's 'Quad-Art' coaches he explains the latest developments for his kits.

W1 4-6-4 Feature Premium

VIDEO: Hornby's 'W1' 4-6-4s in action

Hornby's 'W1' 4-6-4s have reached the decorated sample stage and we had the opportunity to showcase all FIVE - including a first look at the rebuilt version - running on Topley Dale. Join Mike and Richard in the Hornby Magazine workshop here to find out the full story on this impressive 2020 range product from Hornby.

APT Feature Premium

Hornby's APT in focus

Hornby has received the first engineering samples for its eagerly awaited all-new 'OO' gauge model of the APT tilting train. Mike Wild takes a closer look at the first samples in this special online feature with exclusive images from the Hornby Magazine studio.

VIDEO: Hornby Product Update with Simon Kohler

Hornby's Simon Kohler brings us up to date with the latest news from Hornby in this video interview. Plus don't miss our exclusive features on the 'W1', Class 91 and APT this weekend at the Great Electric Train Show Virtual Exhibition.

Heaton Lodge Junction Feature Premium

VIDEO: Heaton Lodge Junction - Full Circle

Exclusive images of Simon George's epic 'O' gauge layout Heaton Lodge Junction join our 30 minute video from the latest YouTube Hornby Magazine Show offering subscribers the first chance to see pictures from our latest photoshoot for the Hornby Magazine Yearbook.

Topley Dale Quarry Feature Premium

VIDEO: Building and weathering quarry buildings

Walthers' New River Mining Company plastic kit forms the basis of Topley Dale's new quarry scene. In this guide Mike Wild shows what goes into building this impressively sized kit as well as demonstrating powder weathering techniques on video.

VIDEO: Dapol Product Update

Dapol's Neil Morrle joins the Great Electric Train Show Virtual Exhibition to update us on the latest developments and forthcoming models from the manufacturer. Watch the video here.