Great Electric Train Show Layouts

Old Elms Park, 'O'

Mark Pollard's Old Elms Park has been expanded to model the depot yard outside of his atmospheric roundhouse. This 'O' gauge layout is a superb example of limited space modelling with the original roundhouse interior covering just 4ft x 4ft. Read the full feature in HM141.

Kinwardine Wharf, 'OO9'

Kinwardine Wharf is Charles Insley's busy narrow gauge dockside railway. It is set on the Welsh borders in the 1920s and 1930s and features steam operation for all its train services. Look out for a full feature on this layout in Hornby Magazine.

Hyde Lane Depot, 'O'

Hyde Lane Depot is Nick Hughes 'O' gauge depot layout which takes inspiration from Healey Mills. It is set in the 1970s when BR was transitioning from green to blue colour schemes.

Twelve Trees Jct, 'OO'

Hornby Magazine's Twelve Trees Junction models BR's Southern Region in the transition from steam to diesel and electric traction during the 1960s.