HM177 - Hornby Magazine March 2022

Accurascale HYA wagons Review Premium


Coal, biomass and aggregates hoppers from the HYA and IIA wagons fleets are arriving from Accurascale offering a new choice of modern freight wagon. MIKE WILD explores their value with brand-new video and exclusive online only images.

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Humphrey Road Sidings 'OO' gauge shunting layout

What if nationalisation had never happened? That's what NORMAN AND MEG RAVEN set out to explore in their 1950s Southern Railway goods scene in ‘OO’ gauge with a distinctly chilly feel. Read the full feature with an exclusive KeyModelWorld online video tour.

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Modern electronics are opening up new possibilities for miniature displays. MIKE LOMAX explains how he installed a working LED matrix screen into a ‘OO’ scale double-decker bus.

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BOOK REVIEW: How a Steam Locomotive Works

If you have ever wondered how a steam locomotive works, then this book should provide the necessary insight.

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BOOK REVIEW: Rail Freight: Scotland

While there has been much change to the rail freight scene in Scotland, there is still plenty to be positive about and this latest picture album from Key Books helps reflect this.

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BOOK REVIEW: Class 442s: The Wessex Electrics

New from Key Books is this title dedicated to British Rail’s Class 442 Electric Multiple Units (EMUs).

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BOOK REVIEW: The Class 37s by Key Publishing

This recent picture volume from Key Books focuses on British Rail’s popular English Electric Type 3s in later years.

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BR Blue: The North in Focus

British Rail's operations in northern Britain through the late 1970s and early 1980s are the focus of this recent book from Amberley Publishing, with plenty of BR blue diesel and electric traction on view.

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Parkend North: Part One

With a brief to create a layout set in the dying days of steam in the Forest of Dean in ‘OO’ gauge, DAN EVASON explores how a workable track plan was created – and how the permanent way was laid in the first of a two part series on this layouts construction.

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Dapol releases Vanwides and VEAs for 'O' gauge

Dapol's long-awaited ‘O’ gauge BR 12ton Vanwide ventilated box van is finally here, adding a new wagon to the manufacturer’s portfolio.