HM181, July 2022

The July 2022 issue of Hornby Magazine (HM181) is available now. You can read the full issue in page-turning PDF format or as individual features re-edited to suit the digital world. Indulge in the latest layout features and exclusive online videos, browse new releases in the News and Reviews, discover the secrets of railway modelling through our step by step guides and much more.

HM181, July 2022

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Are we getting a fair deal?

If you believe some of the comments online, railway modelling is too expensive and with poor quality models. TREVOR JONES looks at the REAL picture, based on his purchases in 2021.

Great Electric Train Show line up grows

The layout list for the 2022 Great Electric Train Show is growing with announcement of five more of the 30 strong line up for the October 8/9 event in Milton Keynes.

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BR’s Eastern Region Train Formations

BR’s Eastern Region covered a large swathe of England, operating an eclectic mix of main line, secondary and branch line services. MARK CHIVERS recalls some typical train formations from the 1950s and 1960s.

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Eastern Inspiration highlights gallery

The BR Eastern Region has been the subject of many layouts large and small. Hornby Magazine highlights a handful of the best in this gallery of inspirational scenes.

Hornby Thompson Pacifics for OO gauge Feature Premium

BR Eastern Region Locomotive Survey

Ready-to-run is awash with a range of ‘OO’ gauge BR Eastern Region motive power with steam, diesel and electric traction. MIKE WILD surveys the choices.

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Join Mark Chivers as he takes us through this month's Hornby Magazine Book club with his top suggestions to pick up and flick through.

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Of all the regions created when the railways were nationalised, the Eastern was perhaps the most forward-looking, yet many aspects of its advances are today not widely appreciated, as EVAN GREEN-HUGHES explains.

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The sell out of Accurascale’s ‘O’ gauge HUO 24.5ton coal hoppers has prompted the manufacturer to offer a new batch of eight different numbered vehicles including the only HUO to carry BR bauxite livery.

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New HUOs for ‘OO’

ACCURASCALE’S debut coal wagon is back with a new batch of four different triple packs as well as a single BR bauxite version exclusive to the manufacturer’s website.

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Little Quarry 'OO' gauge micro-layout

The stunning south Shropshire countryside is the setting for DAN EVASON’S ‘OO’ gauge micro-layout, recalling the longvanished railways which served quarries in the area.

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Prestwin mix & match

Want to break away from the limitations of ready-to-run rolling stock and create something original? TIM SHACKLETON uses simple cross-kitting to create bespoke models of a distinctive prototype.

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Ellis Clark’s ‘O’ gauge Thompsons

The partnership of Ellis Clark Trains and Darstaed Finescale has delivered a brand-new collection of Thompson corridor carriages for ‘O’ gauge. MIKE WILD takes a closer look.

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Intercity Colours for the Class 91

Hornby’s all-new ‘OO’ gauge Class 91 AC electric is now available in original InterCity colours. MIKE WILD checks out the latest version following the model’s debut in HM180.

Waterman prepares for Making Tracks 2

A brand-new ‘OO’ gauge layout is under construction by Pete Waterman and the Railnuts group for a two-month-long exhibition at Chester Cathedral this summer. Doors open on July 23...

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Dibnah Diorama

Fred Dibnah was a legendary steeplejack and passionate about steam power. DAN EVASON pays tribute to him with a 4mm scale diorama based on a chimney scene.

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Gordon’s Lane - Wessex Main Line in 'OO'

There is surprising variety on the railways in Wessex. GREG MARSHALL shows just how much in this present day ‘OO’ gauge exhibition layout, which is just 1ft wide.

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The Class 56 is one of only a few British diesel locomotive classes to be designed specifically for heavy freight work and has nowadays largely disappeared from the network - although those that remain could have an interesting future. EVAN GREEN-HUGHES explains all.

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EFE motorised 1938 Tube stock

With a second variant of EFE Rail’s recently released 1:76 scale motorised 1938 London Underground tube stock on the cards, MARK CHIVERS takes a closer look at the company’s sell-out first set.

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With a route mileage of just under 250 and serving 272 stations, the London Underground network carries around five million passengers a day, yet attracts little attention from enthusiasts and modellers. EVAN GREEN-HUGHES delves into the fascinating history of this unique system, much of which is normally well hidden from public view.

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Cley-on-sea 'OO' gauge late 1960s Eastern Region layout

Norfolk in the 1960s is the setting for RUSSELL PIGOTT’S home-based layout, with lengthy runs and a wide variety of operation in ‘OO’ scale.

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Legacy track expansion

DCC CONCEPTS has expanded its ‘OO’ gauge Legacy track range with all-new flat bottom rail flexible wooden sleeper track with code 75 and code 100 rail, together with a new batch of it ‘OO’ gauge code 75 bullhead rail wooden sleeper track.

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Ellis Clark delivers 'O' gauge Presflos

The 20ton Presflo cement wagon is Ellis Clark Trains’ first fully home-grown product for ‘O’ gauge. MIKE WILD inspects this enticing new arrival.

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Hornby expands its Maunsell collection

The Maunsell corridor coach family has been a popular part of the Hornby range and now it has expanded with the addition of an all-new model of the Dining Saloon for ‘OO’. MIKE WILD takes a closer look.

VIDEO: The Severn Valley's Jubilee celebration

On June 2-4 the Severn Valley Railway officially launched Bulleid 'West Country' 4-6-2 34027 Taw Valley in its new lined purple livery with its Elizabeth II name. Hornby Magazine went behind the scenes to discover how the railway works, what went into the locomotives repaint and more. Join us for this exclusive hour long video today.

Severn Valley Railway's Jubilee Celebration trailer

With unprecedented behind the scenes access, join Hornby Magazine's Richard Watson this week as he follows the Severn Valley Railway's Jubilee celebration. Watch the trailer here.

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Platinum purple bulleid

The repaint of ‘West Country’ 34027 into a special Platinum Jubilee purple livery has generated huge interest. RICHARD HALL shows how you can recreate the look on a super-detailed Hornby Bulleid ‘Pacific’.

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Hornby Magazine July 2022

Welcome to the latest issue of Hornby Magazine - HM181, July 2022. Highlights of this issue include a full guide to repainting a Hornby 'West Country' as the Severn Valley Railway's Elizabeth II, Russell Pigott's superb Cley-on-Sea 'OO' gauge home layout, the latest model reviews, step by step modelling guides and more. Read the full magazine in PDF format here and check out our latest video content in the Video Features section.

Topley Dale Model Railway - A Grand Farewell


Topley Dale has been the Hornby Magazine layout and the test track for all new releases for over ten years, but the time has come to move on to bigger and better things. Join Mike Wild and Richard Watson for this final video from the layout where they chat about the railway's journey and go over some of the highlights. 


All-new 1:76 scale Leyland National

Rapido Trains UK has revealed plans to produce an all-new 1:76 scale (‘OO’) Leyland National single decker bus, as the prototype design celebrates its 50th anniversary.

3D 'OO' Shire Horse and Farrier

Osborn's Models has added an 'OO' gauge Shire horse and farrier (Cat No. OSBF107) to its expanding range of 3D-printed model railway figures and accessories.