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Hornby Magazine Videos

Bachmann Narrow Gauge Baguley-Drewry 4wDM for OO9 gauge. Review Premium

Bachmann Baguley-Drewry 70HP diesel

Bachmann’s long-awaited ‘OO9’ gauge Baguley-Drewry diesel locomotives are here five years after they were first announced, but have they been worth the wait? BEN CHURCH takes a closer look.

SERIES 8: Digital Sound - installing ESU LokSound chips

The fourth part of our new Digital Sound video series is here focusing on ESU LokSound decoders. In this part we had sound to a Bachmann 'OO9' Mainline Hunslet, a Dapol Class 68 and a Bachmann BR '5MT' 4-6-0. Discover how we completed the installations here.

Locoman Sounds BR 2MT sound installation guide Feature Premium

Locoman Sounds for the Hornby BR ‘2MT’ 2-6-0

The recently released Hornby BR ‘2MT’ 2-6-0 is an attractive locomotive, but challenging for sound installation. MIKE WILD explains how he fitted a powerful speaker into the tender with an ESU chip from Locoman Sounds.

Melin Llechi 16mm narrow gauge layout Feature Premium

Melin Llechi

The slate industry of North Wales is the theme of this evocative 16mm:1ft scale narrow gauge layout. THOMAS ASHCROFT-DOMONEY outlines its origins and operation.Photography, Jonathan Newton

SERIES 8 Part 3: Digital Sound - installing ZIMO chips

Part 3 of our new digital sound video series is available now exclusively for Premium Subscribers. In this video we show how the ZIMO decoder family can be installed in a Bachmann Class 40 and a Hornby '9F' 2-10-0 with simple tools and readily available speakers.

Accurascale Class 66 first review Review Premium

Accurascale’s Class 66 Revival

The Class 66 is a locomotive virtually no modern layout can be without. Accurascale has taken on and re-worked the Hattons Originals product for ‘OO’ gauge – MIKE WILD takes an exclusive look at the first production samples.

Hornby 4-VEP for OO gauge. Review Premium

Revised Hornby 4-VEP arrives

With a preserved example recently raising the profile of these important EMUs, BEN CHURCH assesses Hornby’s latest version of the 4-VEP in ‘OO’.

Kernow Model Rail Centre GWR Steam Railmotor. Review Premium

Kernow GWR Steam Railmotor

A decade after its announcement, BEN CHURCH reviews this distinctive GWR train and asks whether the wait has been worthwhile.

Feature Premium

Dalziel North

The atmosphere around a Scottish freight terminal in the early 2000s inspired RODDY NEWBIGGING and friends to create this detailed pastiche of the early privatised railway in North Lanarkshire.Photography, Jonathan Newton

Upgrading Newton Grove

With some structures having been damaged in the long journey from ‘Oz’, JONATHAN NEWTON reveals how he is building a new engine shed and road bridge for his ‘O’ gauge layout.

Review Premium

Hornby's Ruston 88DS 4wDM shunter lands

This delightful-looking ‘OO’ gauge model is now available. MARK CHIVERS finds out whether its performance matches its appearance.

PROJECT UPDATE: Making Tracks for Model World LIVE

Making Tracks: The Final Frontier is progressing towards its debut at Model World LIVE on April 27/28 2024 when this giant 208ft long layout will be presented with its new extensions for the first time. Watch the latest video update here.

Review Premium

EFE Rail’s Southern Electric ‘Boosters’

The 1940s Southern Railway ‘Booster’ electric locomotives are the subject of an all-new tooling from EFE Rail for ‘OO’ gauge. MIKE WILD inspects this new arrival.

Feature Premium

Redbridge Wharf

Winchester Railway Modellers took on the challenge to build Redbridge Wharf - a layout based on the expansive sleeper works at Redbridge, Southampton, nestled alongside a busy main line railway. RICH SULZMANN tells the story.

Cavalex Models OO gauge Class 56 model review. Review Premium

FIRST REVIEW: Cavalex Models Class 56 for OO gauge

Cavalex Models’ debut powered model arrived at the end of January. MIKE WILD takes an exclusive look at the first production versions of this highly-anticipated ‘OO’ gauge locomotive.

Locoman Sounds GWR Manor sound demonstration video. Feature Premium

Speaker upgrade for the Accurascale ‘Manor’

Accurascale’s GWR ‘Manor’ 4-6-0 is a superb model, but it left room for improvement in the speaker setup. MIKE WILD shows how he fitted Locoman Sounds’ latest profile for these two-cylinder locomotives together with a speaker upgrade.

Staff Projects: Reviving Topley Dale

It’s approaching two years since Topley Dale was dismantled and put into storage, but now the layout is being rebuilt in a much bigger, extended form. MIKE WILD explains the first steps and the vision for the future.

VIDEO: Making Tracks: The Final Frontier - Project Update

Pete Waterman and the Railnuts are working through construction of new extensions to the Making Tracks layout to create Making Tracks: The Final Frontier for Model World LIVE on April 27/28 2024 at the NEC in Birmingham. The new extensions will take the layout to 208ft x 14ft and feature over 240ft of scenery. Watch the latest update video here.

EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Cavalex Models Class 56 production samples

With Cavalex Models' debut powered model - the BR Class 56 - due to arrive with retailers at the end of January, we meet with the manufacturer to reveal the final tweaks on its production samples. Watch our video here as we discuss the new model with Cavalex Models Alex Perkins.

Feature Premium

Allerby - recreating the 1980s in 'O' gauge

The latest exhibition layout from STEVE THOMPSON and family models a freight scene in ‘O’ gauge, demonstrating the tremendous presence this scale offers and you can see it at Model World LIVE on April 27/28 2024.

SERIES 7, EP4: Making Tracks - The Grand Challenge

In the fourth and final part of our Making Tracks 3 video series, we delve into the story of the Grand Challenge at the Great Electric Train Show when Pete Waterman and the Railnuts created a record breaking 152ft long 'OO' gauge model railway.

Hornby Class 31 with Triplex Sound for OO gauge. Feature Premium

TXS 8-pin Installation Hornby Class 31 Upgrades

The Hornby Class 31 is a simple locomotive to add Triplex Sound into and in this guide we move on to upgrade the speaker. MIKE WILD explains how.

SERIES 7, EP3: Making Tracks 3 - On Show

Part 3 of our Making Tracks 3 video series is here. Join us as we follow the installation process at Chester Cathedral and it operation across the summer. Watch the trailer for FREE and sign up for a Premium subscriber account to gain full access to the 50 minutes feature video.

Hornby HST with Bluetooth Triplex Sound Feature Premium

VIDEO: TXS 21-pin Installation Hornby HST Power Cars

The latest generation Hornby Class 43 High Speed Train power cars set out to make sound installation simple. MIKE WILD adds a pair of TXS 21-pin chips to EMT liveried 43049 and 43060 and demonstrates the finished models on video.

Graham Farish Class 158 DMU. Review Premium

Graham Farish's all-new Class 158

These stylish DMUs are the subject of an all-new ‘N’ gauge model. MARK CHIVERS assesses its execution and running qualities.

Rapido Trains Titfield Thunderbolt train pack Review Premium

Titfield Thunderbolt Deluxe train pack

70 years since the film first debuted, Rapido Trains UK’s eagerly-awaited Titfield Thunderbolt train packs representing the iconic 1953 Ealing comedy have arrived.

Hornby BR 2MT 2-6-0 for OO gauge Review Premium

The Hornby BR '2MT' 2-6-0 for 'OO' gauge

Hornby’s all-new model of the BR ‘2MT’ 2-6-0 has been a long time coming for ‘OO’ gauge, but it has now arrived with retailers. Mike Wild takes a closer look at BR lined black 78047.

Feature Premium

Gonerby - a freight depot in the diesel era

The atmosphere of a 1980s freight terminal and depot was what KEVIN CRANE wanted to recapture, done to brilliant effect in ‘OO’ gauge. Read the full feature and watch our exclusive layout tour video here.

NEW SERIES: Making Tracks 3 - On Location

In this brand-new Key Model World video series we go behind the scenes to reveal the construction process of Making Tracks 3 from Pete Waterman and the Railnuts leading to the 152ft long Grand Challenge layout at the 2023 Great Electric Train Show. Join us for Part One as we go on location at Milton Keynes Central station.

Meet the Manufacturer: Revolution Trains Feature Premium


It is now a decade since Revolution Trains entered the market. Mark Chivers talks to founders Ben Ando and Mike Hale about how it started - and what's coming next across 'OO' and 'N' gauge. Read the full feature here and watch our exclusive interview video - only on Key Model World.