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Hornby Magazine Videos

VIDEO: Bachmann autumn preview

EXCLUSIVE FIRST ACCESS FOR SUBSCRIBERS: Bachmann recently announced its new line up of products for the autumn including an all-new super-detailed model of the Class 47, the promised arrival of the Gresley 'V2s' and more. Bachmann's Communication Manager Richard Proudman joined Mike Wild in the Hornby Magazine Workshop to showcase the latest product samples and more.

Making Tracks last hurrah for Chester Cathedral

In this subscriber special video we bring you a video feature from the final day of Pete Waterman's Chester Cathedral layout Making Tracks. Including some of Mike Wild and Mark Chivers very own BR Blue stock.

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This magnificent and feature packed ‘OO’ gauge layout is the work of STEPHEN RICHARDS over the last four decades. We take a full tour of this complex loft layout.

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Back to ‘Schools’

Digital sound installations don’t have to be complex or mind boggling, as MIKE WILD shows by turning his attention to a Hornby ‘Schools’ 4-4-0 with a new sound profile from Locoman Sounds.

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IRM delivers Met-Vic A Class

Accurascale’s sister company Irish Railway Models has released its first ready-to-run powered model – the Metropolitan Vickers A Class Co -Co diesel electric. MIKE WILD takes a detailed look at this new addition for the Irish scene which sets the benchmark for what to expect from Accurascale’s first British outline diesels.

VIDEO: Heljan L&B LYN debuts!

Narrow gauge modellers are being treated to a brand-new locomotive with the arrival of Heljan’s model of the Lynton and Barnstaple Railway’s one and only Baldwin 2-4-2T.

VIDEO: Heljan reboots the AEC railcar

A brand-new model of the final batch of GWR AEC railcars has been produced for ‘OO’ gauge for the first time since the Lima version of the 1980s. Join Mike Wild and Richard Watson in the workshop as they look over this new release.

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VIDEO: Heljan Mk2 coaches first look

Heljan has given us an exclucive first look at the new Mk 2 coaches. Join Mike Wild and Richard Watson as they discuss the models and test an all-new coupling system.

VIDEO: Accurascale MGR Hoppers for 'OO' gauge

Join Mike Wild and Richard Watson as they bring you a video on the Accurascale Merry-Go-Round (MGR) coal hoppers.

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DCC Concepts rolling roads are a respected part of its collection of model railway accessories, but now the specialist has introduced a new premium collection featuring gold plated rollers together with a new option for ‘O’ gauge.

VIDEO: Avanti West Coast Pendolino

Join Mike Wild and Richard Watson in the Hornby magazine workshop as they take a look at Hornby's ‘OO’ gauge Avanti West Coast Class 390 Pendolino.

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Hawksworth ‘Hall’ sound

The arrival of a new batch of GWR ‘Modified Hall’ 4-6-0s from Bachmann for ‘OO’ gauge prompted MIKE WILD to take a fresh look at the model’s potential for sound. In this step by step guide, we install a ZIMO decoder and powerful speaker for a realistic and immersive driving experience.

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Tristram Neal

TRISTRAM NEAL was inspired to build his own 0-4-0PT for ‘OO’ gauge using modern 3D printing and milling techniques to develop it from scratch. In this guide Tristram reveals why he chose the design and how he developed it into the finished locomotive.

Tristram Neal
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Avanti West Coast Pendolino


Hornby's ‘OO’ gauge Class 390 Pendolino makes a welcome return following an extended break from the range.

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Heljan reboots the AEC railcar


A brand-new model of the final batch of GWR AEC railcars has been produced for ‘OO’ gauge for the first time since the Lima version of the 1980s. MIKE WILD inspects Heljan’s new release.


VIDEO: Bachmann Class 57 sound demonstration

The Class 57 is an important part of the modern railway scene and one stands out from the crowd – 57307 Lady Penelope in its Cable Thieves-branded DRS livery. MIKE WILD and RICHARD WATSON discuss this Bachmann Collectors Club limited edition after it's sound installation.

VIDEO: Making Tracks at Chester Cathedral

EXCLUSIVE FIRST ACCESS FOR SUBSCRIBERS: Join the Hornby Magazine team for our latest feature length one-hour special video showcasing Pete Waterman's stunning new 'OO' gauge layout at Chester Cathedral as we take control of the trains alongside the volunteers and learn all about this stunning 64ft x 12ft layout. Plus don't miss our full feature in HM171 - on sale from August 5.

VIDEO: Bachmann’s all-new Sulzer Type 2

The Derby Sulzer Type 2 Bo-Bo diesels are proving to be popular subjects with another brand-new entrant to the market from Bachmann. Join MIKE WILD and Richard Watson for a closer look in this video.

VIDEO: Teak finish for Hattons Gresleys


The latest arrivals for ‘O’ gauge are the teak liveried version of Hattons’ Gresley corridor coaches. MIKE WILD and RICHARD WATSON take a closer look.


VIDEO: TMC 24.5ton mineral wagons


In the latest issue of Hornby Magazine (HM170) we review TMC's latest exclusive ready-to-run 'OO' gauge model - the BR 24.5ton mineral wagon. In this video feature Mark and Mike meet in the workshop to discuss this new arrival.


VIDEO: Hornby Magazine Show - Garden Railway Special

The latest edition of the Hornby Magazine Show is available for all to watch now. This month we have a Garden Railway Special to launch Garden Railway Week on KeyModelWorld. Plus subscribers can check our exclusive behind the scenes images in our Premium version of the Hornby Magazine Show.

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The lure of main line diesels in ‘O’ gauge drew CHRIS SPRING to build a combined indoor and outdoor layout. Here he reveals the story behind its construction and explains how it works. Photography, Mike Wild.

Great Wakering Garden Railway Feature Premium

Great Wakering Garden Railway: The first 40 years

It's more than 40 years since Hornby Magazine’s photographer Trevor Jones made the first steps towards construction of his inspirational ‘OO’ gauge garden railway. Trevor brings the story of this ever-developing scale 23/4mile long model railway up to date. Photography, Trevor Jones.

HM170 Tal-y-bont Feature Premium


North Wales narrow gauge railways and the Bachmann ready-to-run Baldwin 4-6-0T were all the inspiration STEVE JONES needed to build his first ‘OO9’ layout. Tal-y-bont is the result.

Hornby Magazine Show | July 2021

SUBSCRIBER EDITION: The latest edition Hornby Magazine Show is out now and subscribers can watch it here first and view extra behind the scenes images here unique to KeyModelWorld. This month is a garden railway special with Mike, Mark and Richard touring the country to find the best in garden railways. Join us for your exclusive first look at the Hornby Magazine Show for July featuring layouts in 'OO', 'O' and 5in gauge outdoors.

VIDEO: Locomotion Wainwright 'D' 4-4-0

The latest arrival for the National Collection in Miniature series from Locomotion Models is the stunning Wainwright 'D' 4-4-0. Join Mike and Richard in the Workshop as they discuss this new arrival and don't miss our full review either in HM170 or here at KeyModelWorld.

HM170 Little Burford Feature Premium

Little Burford

Inspired by the Severn Valley Railway’s picturesque country station, MIKE HICKLING commissioned DAN EVASON to build this slice of the 1930s rural Midlands in ‘O’ gauge, to tremendous effect, as Dan relates.

HM170 Wainwright 'D' 4-4-0 Review Premium

Delightful ‘D’

The National Collection in Miniature is expanding with the arrival of one of the most sought-after items in the Railway Museum – Wainwright ‘D’ class 4-4-0 737. MIKE WILD falls for the charms of the latest Locomotion Models ‘OO’ gauge locomotive in this review which features video and extra images.

HM170 Accurascale KUAs Review Premium

Nuclear KUAs

The 16-wheel KUA nuclear flask wagon may be a fleet of two, but Accurascale saw its potential for a stand out ‘OO’ gauge ready-to-run wagon. MARK CHIVERS reviews this new arrival.

HM170: Hattons Gresley teaks Review Premium

Teak finish for Hattons Gresleys

The latest arrivals for ‘O’ gauge are the teak liveried version of Hattons’ Gresley corridor coaches. MIKE WILD inspects their finish.