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Hornby reveals mid-year announcements

Hornby is to release a Grand Central liveried High Speed Train (HST) in the RailRoad Plus range as well as a new version of LNER ‘W1’ 4-6-4 10000 with a factory-fitted steam generator and digital sound. The models were revealed in a series of new mid-year ‘OO’ gauge model announcements in June.

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Hornby TT:120 catalogue 2024

Welcome to Hornby TT:120, a 40-page catalogue in page turning format dedicated to a Table Top model railway format that uses an internationally recognised scale of 1:120 - a perfect scale for those of all ages who may be limited for space.

LNER ‘J50’ heads Hornby's 2024 ‘TT:120’ plans

Big plans for Hornby’s smaller scale are on the cards, including an all-new 'TT:120' LNER 'J50' 0-6-0T, as the company unveils its 2024 range.

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Hornby project updates – January 2024

Following the launch of the Hornby 2024 catalogue, MIKE WILD rounds up the latest progress on previously announced models for ‘OO’ gauge from 2022 and 2023.

Hornby Locomotion No. 1 for OO gauge News Freemium

REVEALED: Hornby 2024 'OO' gauge range launches

Hornby's all-new 70th catalogue has been revealed today with the headline act being an all-new model of Locomotion No. 1 for 'OO' gauge. Read our full news coverage of the Hornby 2024 range release here.

KEYMODELWORLD TV SHOW JANUARY 2023: Hornby 2023 catalogue launch

The Hornby 2023 catalogue is here! Join Mike and Richard in the workshop as they discover what is in store for the year ahead including new tooling, new liveries and exciting new products.

Hornby 2023 - ten things you need to know

Hornby has revealed its full 2023 catalogue with new products across locomotives, carriages, wagons, control systems and more. Join us to discover our top ten announcements from the new range and follow the link at the bottom to read our full collection of news features.

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Streamlined LNER ‘B17/5’ heads Hornby 2023 steam plans

Hornby’s 2023 releases are set to include newly-tooled ‘OO’ gauge London and North Eastern Railway (LNER) streamlined ‘B17/5’ 4-6-0s, a collection of all-new LNER ‘A1’/‘A3’ Flying Scotsman 4-6-2s in the Hornby Dublo range and a new Liverpool & Manchester Railway (L&MR) addition, in the form of 0-4-2 No. 58 Tiger.

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Dublo die-cast ‘Deltic’ heads Hornby 2023 diesel plans

Hornby is to bolster its diesel and electric range with an all-new ‘OO’ gauge model of English Electric DP1 Deltic for the Hornby Dublo range, resplendent in its eye-catching blue and cream colour scheme.

Hornby HM7000 Bluetooth control News Freemium

Hornby launches Bluetooth Digital Control

Since launching its Zero 1 Digital Control System in the late 1970s, Hornby has innovated with technology and this year the company is set to launch its all-new HM7000 Bluetooth Digital Control System.

Hornby new releases

Hornby reveals its brand-new catalogue in January each year showcasing an extensive collection of new model railway locomotives, carriages, wagons, buildings, accessories and kits for ‘OO’ gauge railway modellers.

Highlights of the annual catalogue are new all-new tool steam, diesel and electric locomotives plus new colour schemes on its existing range of previous released products.

Hornby expands its collection of rolling stock each year with all-new carriages and new liveries and colour schemes for existing models. Goods wagons are treated the same. Modellers can also expect a new collection of buildings and accessories each year and Hornby continues to increase the range of products that it offers.

Rumours and anticipation surround the Hornby catalogue’s arrival each year with railway modellers guessing as to what the UK’s biggest name in model railways will make next.

The Hornby 2024 catalogue is its 70th edition.

Hornby’s annual catalogue is focused on ‘OO’ gauge railway modelling – the primary gauge for ready-to-run model railway equipment for British outline models. This uses 16.5mm gauge track with models made to a scale of 4mm:1ft. Hornby offers a range of train sets as a starting point for newcomers to the hobby. In October 2022 Hornby revealed its new collection of 'TT:120' scale model railway products for the British market covering steam and diesel locomotives as well as carriages, wagons, track, building and accessories.

Hornby model railway brands are Hornby Dublo, RailRoad, Triplex Sound (TXS), Hornby TT:120, PlayTrains, Skaledale and Skale Scenics.

Current models

Highlights of the current steam locomotive line from Hornby for 'OO' gauge include models of famous designs such as Sir Nigel Gresley’s London and North Eastern Railway (LNER) ‘A4’ 4-6-2 4468 Mallard, LNER ‘A3’ 4-6-2 60103 Flying Scotsman, new build Peppercorn ‘A1’ 4-6-2 60163 Tornado which was completed in 2008 together with the likes of the Southern Railway (SR) Bulleid ‘Merchant Navy’ and ‘West Country’/‘Battle of Britain’ 4-6-2s, London, Midland and Scottish Railway (LMS) Stanier ‘Princess Royal’, ‘Princess Coronation’ and ‘Duchess’ 4-6-2s, Great Western Railway (GWR) ‘King’, ‘Castle’, ‘Star’, ‘Hall’ and ‘Grange’ 4-6-0s. It also makes the Holden ‘B12’ 4-6-0, Worsdell ‘J15’ 0-6-0, LMS rebuilt ‘Royal Scot’ and rebuilt ‘Patriot’ and more. Hornby’s 2021 range included announcement of a brand-new model of the Gresley ‘P2’ 2-8-2 in original and streamlined condition with the first due to arrive in the shops during 2023 to join December 2021’s release of the unique Gresley ‘W1’ 4-6-4 10000 – also known as the ‘Hush Hush’.

For steam era freight modellers the current range includes the GWR ‘28XX’ and ‘2884’ 2-8-0s, the LMS Stanier ‘8F’ 2-8-0, the LNER Raven ‘Q6’ 0-8-0, BR Crosti ‘9F’ 2-10-0 while the 2021 catalogue included announcement of all-new BR Standard ‘9F’ 2-10-0s from Hornby which are due to be released in 2022. Smaller steam locomotives include the Drummond ‘M7’ 0-4-4T, Peckett ‘W4’ 0-4-0ST and ‘B2’ 0-6-0ST, Stroudley ‘Terrier’ 0-6-0T and Wainwright ‘H’ 0-4-4T.

For diesel era modellers highlights of Hornby’s range include its Class 31 A1A-A1A Type 2 diesel locomotives together with its ever-popular model of the English Electric Class 50 Co-Co Type 4. Modern diesels available from Hornby include the heavy freight Class 56 Co-Co, Class 60 Co-Co and Class 66 Co-Co diesel-electrics while its RailRoad range includes examples of the Class 59 Co-Co heavy freight locomotives. The range also features the Class 67 high-speed diesel electric together with shunting locomotives like the Sentinel 4wDH and 0-4-0s, Ruston 48DS and Class 08 0-6-0DE.

Overhead electric modellers have an increasing choice of highly detailed motive power including the Class 87, 90 and 92 AC electric models which will be joined by the 2020 announced all-new Class 370 Advanced Passenger Train (APT) and East Coast Main Line Class 91 in early 2022.

Hornby’s rolling stock collection includes carriages of GWR, SR, LMS and LNER origin for the steam era as well as a growing range of BR era Mk 1 stock and expanding collections of the BR Mk 2 air-conditioned coaches, Mk 3 HST coaches and a new range of East Coast Main Line Mk 4 carriages released in 2022.

In progress for release in 2023 are the LMS Stanier 'Turbomotive' 4-6-2, LMS Stanier 'Black Five' 4-6-0, BR '2MT' 2-6-0, Gresley 'P2' 2-8-2, Class 755 Flirt multiple unit, LNER 'Coronation' carriages, the Gresley streamlined 'B17/5' 4-6-0, a Hornby Dublo prototype 'Deltic', TTA 45ton tanker, 'Salmon' engineers flats, GWR 'Macaw' bolster wagons plus a new brand of DCC decoders offering Bluetooth control of locomotives and sound - Triplex Sound (TXS).

2024 range launch

The Hornby 2024 catalogue launch will be revealed on January 9 2024. Full details of the new product line up from Hornby for ‘OO’ gauge will be published on www.keymodelworld.com/hornby-new-releases and in the February 2024 issue of Hornby Magazine – on sale from January 11.