Isinglass Models

VIDEO: Isinglass Model's 'Quad-Art' carriages

In the latest issue of Hornby Magazine we show how to build Isinglass Models LNER all-third 'Quad-Art' articulated carriages for 'OO'. Join Mike Wild in this video to watch them running on our test track.

VIDEO: Isinglass Model's articulation

Isinglass Model's Andy Edgson is working on modifications to the articulation system for his 'OO' gauge carriage range. As a follow up to our feature in HM161 about construction of Isinglass Model's 'Quad-Art' coaches he explains the latest developments for his kits.

Isinglass Models 'Quad-Arts' Feature Premium

Building LNER ‘Quad-Arts’

The LNER articulated ‘Quad-Art’ coaches stood out from the crowd – and the arrival of a new 3D printed resin kit from Isinglass Models was too tempting to resist. MIKE WILD knuckles down to build a four-coach set for ‘OO’ gauge with a handful of modifications along the way.