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The April 2021 issue of Hornby Magazine (HM166) is available now. You can read the full issue in page-turning PDF format or as individual features re-edited to suit the digital world. Indulge in the latest layout features and exclusive online videos, browse new releases in the News and Reviews, discover the secrets of railway modelling through our step by step guides and much more.

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Model railway heritage

A new permanent model railway centre is being planned for Ashford. CLIFF PARSONS brings the story of the Ashford International Model Railway Education Centre up to date.

Immingham Depot Feature Premium

Immingham Depot

The operations in and around the busy port of Immingham are the focus for this impressive ‘OO’ gauge layout at the Immingham Museum and Heritage Centre. STEPHEN RICHARDS reveals the story behind its creation. Photography, Mike Wild.

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Heljan’s dock shunter

The Ruston and Hornsby Class 07 shunter is full of character which can be enhanced further with sound. PAUL CHETTER shows how to bring this superb Heljan model truly to life.

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Immingham Docks

Although railway companies were primarily concerned with the transport of goods and passengers their influence spread to many other areas, one of which was the creation of new docks and harbours. EVAN GREEN-HUGHES takes a look at how the Great Central Railway created one of the most impressive of these, at Immingham in north east Lincolnshire.

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Parcels Plan

A quiet weekend and the right mindset were the perfect combination to get an Ian Kirk ‘O’ gauge Stanier parcels van kit off the ground. MIKE WILD explains all.

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RICHARD WATSON has joined the Hornby Magazine team to develop video and online content. Find out more about the man behind and in front of the camera.

Heljan O gauge Hymek sound installation guide Feature Premium

Heljan 'O' gauge 'Hymek' sound

In this exclusive online feature, MIKE WILD shows how a ZIMO digital sound decoder was installed into the latest version of Heljan's 'O' gauge 'Hymek' diesel-hydraulic.

VIDEO: Graham Farish Class 70 for 'N' gauge

Bachmann's new Colas Rail liveried Class 70 is put through its paces on the Hornby Magazine 'N' gauge test layout Barrenthorpe.

VIDEO: Heljan Class 35 Hymek for 'O'

Heljan has released a refreshed version of its 'O' gauge Class 35. We've added digital sound to the reissued Hymek, watch as we put the completed model through its paces.

VIDEO: Bachmann Class 121 for 'OO'

Bachmann's long-awaited Class 121 diesel railcar is pressed into service on Topley Dale as we put this new 'OO' gauge DMU through its paces.

VIDEO: Hornby BR liveried ‘Princess' for 'OO' gauge

Hornby's latest 'OO' gauge BR lined maroon Stanier 'Princess Royal' is put through its paces on the Hornby Magazine test track, Topley Dale.

VIDEO: Hornby Magazine Show | March 2020

Join the Hornby Magazine team of Mike, Mark and Richard for a tour of West Coast Cement, a visit to the Basingstoke Model Railway Exhibition and more in the fourth of our Layout Update series.

Hornby Magazine 155, May 2020 Feature Premium

Hornby Magazine - May 2020

Welcome to Hornby Magazine Issue 155 - May 2020. Subscribers can login in to the view the full issue as PDFs in this brand-new online service. Highlights include layouts in 'OO' and 'O' gauge, the latest model reviews from Bachmann and Heljan, five projects to inspire your modelling and much more. Login or sign up now to read HM155.

Miniature garden construction

In the latest issue of Hornby Magazine, HM155 - May 2020, we illustrate how you can build a garden scene in 'OO' scale using readily available products. Here we present a full step by step guide together with a timelapse video of the diorama's construction.

VIDEO: Hornby Magazine Show | February 2020

Join Richard Watson and Hornby Magazine Editor Mike Wild as they go over the progress and new additions to the 'OO' and 'O' gauge test track layouts in the Hornby Magazine Workshop for February.

VIDEO: 'OO' gauge running session | Scottish Traction

Join us for a quiet morning running session at Topley Dale station as we change from the usual Midland Region steam traction to 1980s Scottish diesels on a mixture of passenger and freight workings.

VIDEO: Evening Star with ZIMO digital sound in ‘OO’

In the latest edition of Hornby Magazine HM154, Mike Wild looks at the Bachmann BR '9F' 2-10-0 and shows us how a twin speaker setup can be added together with stay alive and firebox flicker. Watch our video of the finished model here.

VIDEO: Hornby Port of London Peckett ‘W4’ for ‘OO’ gauge

Hornby have released another charming addition to the ever growing Peckett range with this Port of London Authority Peckett.

VIDEO: Dapol GWR parcels railcar for ‘OO’

We put the latest release from Dapol, a GWR parcels railcar through its paces on the Hornby Magazine test layout Topley Dale in this video.

VIDEO: Dapol Class 29 Bo-Bo diesel for ‘OO’

We put the latest release from Dapol, a Class 29 Bo-Bo diesel through its paces on the Hornby Magazine test layout Topley Dale.

VIDEO: Hornby LMS ‘Princess Royal’ 4-6-2 for ‘OO’ gauge

Join editor Mike Wild in the Hornby Magazine workshop as he puts the impressive LMS 'Princess Royal' 4-6-2 from Hornby through its paces in this video.

VIDEO: Hornby’s centenary edition Rocket for ‘OO’ gauge

Hornby's brand-new model of Stephenson's Rocket touched down in the Hornby Magazine office at the end of February. Watch our video of this outstanding new addition to the Hornby portfolio here.

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60 years of Evenıng Star

Sixty years ago this month a name was attached to the last steam engine to be built for British Railways. That name was Evening Star, and the locomotive on which it was mounted was to become one of the most famous in UK railway history, as EVAN GREEN-HUGHES recalls.

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Stanier’s ‘Princess Royal’

Eclipsed in reputation by later and more famous designs, the ‘Princess Royal’ class ‘Pacifics’ of the LMS were nevertheless a radical step forward for that company. EVAN GREEN-HUGHES explains how the class started a golden era of West Coast steam.

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Welcome to HM154

Hornby Magazine Editor MIKE WILD introduces the latest issue of Hornby Magazine - HM154, May 2020.

Shenston Road Feature Premium


Career railwayman GREG BROOKES set out to recreate the Midlands around Birmingham in the final years of the 1960s when BR green and maroon were giving way to corporate blue. Shenston Road is the result of an 18-year journey in 4mm scale modelling which continues to this day. Photography, Mike Wild.

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With 2020 marking a significant anniversary in Hornby Hobbies’ history, Marketing and Product Development Director, Simon Kohler, talks with MARK CHIVERS about the company, past, present and future.

Hornby finalises 'A2/3' CAD drawings

CAD DRAWING WORK FOR Hornby’s new ‘OO’ model of the LNER ‘A2/3’ 4-6-2 has been completed with images of the drawings for 500 Edward Thompson being released at the end of February.

Latest Class 91 colour renders

Hornby has released 3D colour renders of its all-new Class 91 Bo-Bo AC electric as a follow-up to the InterCity liveried version shown in HM153.

Hornby releases updated accessory decoder

A new version of Hornby’s R8247 Digital Command Control Accessory Decoder is being released in March. This new version supports programmable pulse duration, has a built in Capacitor Discharge Unit (CDU), three address modes and can support up to 2,044 addresses.