Layouts: 'O' gauge

'O' gauge layout features

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Coverdale - pre-grouping steam in 'O' gauge

A fascinating never-built railway is the subject of Keighley Model Railway Club’s pre-grouping ‘O’ gauge layout. JOHN BUCK explains how history was altered to bring this route to life.Photography, Jonathan Newton

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Toton TMD modelling in O gauge

This famous Traction Maintenance Depot was started as a simple photographic diorama by PAUL WARDEN – but as he explains, this superb example of ‘O’ gauge modelling is becoming rather bigger than originally planned.

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Kingsbury - modelling the GWR in 'O' gauge

With a long history of ‘OO’ gauge exhibition layout Barnhill Model Railway Club decided to look to a large scale for its latest project. EDDIE MICHEL reveals the story of this fascinating ‘O’ gauge exhibition layout set in Bristol around the time of nationalisation.

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Dubmill Sidings – the 1960s in ‘O’ gauge

Steve Thompson’s ‘O’ gauge layout, Dubmill Sidings, was very much a family affair, with partners, children, and soon grandchildren playing a part in the construction and exhibition of this wonderful BR diesel scene. Discover its full story in this feature from the Hornby Magazine archive.

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Eastern Inspiration highlights gallery

The BR Eastern Region has been the subject of many layouts large and small. Hornby Magazine highlights a handful of the best in this gallery of inspirational scenes.

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Seven Mills Sidings and Bench Road 'O' gauge layout

Originally conceived as a multi-era scene, this busy and compact ‘O’ gauge layout has led an eventful life. ANDY PETERS explains its journey from start to finish. Photography, Mike Wild.

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Wick End - 1980s Scotland in 'O'

A life-long passion for Scottish region operation in the 1980s and an exhibition invite for a ‘small’ layout gave DAVE and CHRIS WARNER all the incentive they need to develop this compact ‘O’ gauge terminus.

Pete Waterman's Leamington Spa. Feature Premium

Pete Waterman’s Leamington Spa

It’s the model railway we all dream we could build if we had the space and time. PETE WATERMAN OBE invited Hornby Magazine behind the scenes to see the latest progress on his amazing ‘O’ gauge model of Leamington Spa, Hatton Bank and Brinklow. Join us for a full tour with exclusive KeyModelWorld only images and a full 30 minute long video tour inside. Photography, Mike Wild.

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Over Peover in the BR era

The East Coast Main Line has been a symbol of speed and power for decades with some of its most famous trains being its iconic streamlined ‘Pacifics’ and the legendary ‘Deltics’. MIKE WILD paid a return visit John Ryan’s outstanding 120ft long ‘O’ gauge layout Over Peover to capture it in the British Railways era.

Britain's Biggest Model Railway Feature Premium

Heaton Lodge Junction: Full Circle

Britain’s Biggest Model Railway first featured in Hornby Magazine in Spring 2020 when it was only partly built, but now its builder has completed the circuit. Mike Wild pays a return visit to catch up with Simon George’s progress on the outstanding Heaton Lodge Junction in ‘O’ gauge. Photography, Mike Wild.