CAF Mk 5 passenger carriages

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Revolution Trains MK 5A Coaches

Revolution Trains’ all-new ‘N’ gauge TransPennine Express Nova 3 carriages have arrived. BEN CHURCH casts a glance over these colourful coaches.

Accurascale TPE Mk 5 carriages for OO gauge Review Premium

Accurascale’s TPE Mk 5s debut

TransPennine Express has one of the most distinctive liveries on the railway and it is also one of only a handful of train operators to make use of diesel-hauled push-pull trains. MIKE WILD inspects Accurascale’s Nova 3 Mk 5 coaches for ‘OO’.

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The Mk 5 carriage story

Although locomotive-hauled coaches are largely a thing of the past, there has been one fleet of new-builds in recent years - the Mk 5s operated by Caledonian Sleeper and TransPennine Express. EVAN GREEN-HUGHES looks into the background of these interesting vehicles.

Accurascale Mk 5 Caledonian Sleepers Review Premium

Accurascale’s Caledonian Sleeper Mk 5s

The striking Caledonian Sleeper Mk 5 carriages whisk passengers from London to destinations in Scotland overnight and now you can add them to your collection in ‘OO’ gauge. MIKE WILD gets the full story on Accurascale’s first ready-to-run passenger carriages and demonstrates their operation on our test track.

Decorated ‘N’ TPE Mk 5s surface

Decorated samples of Revolution Trains’ all-new ‘N’ gauge Mk 5a carriages in TransPennine Express (TPE) livery have arrived for assessment.

Accurascale Mk 5 decorated samples

Accurascale has received decorated samples for its TransPennine liveried Mk 5 carriages in 'OO' gauge. Delivery is expected in 2022. View the models here and see them on the Hornby Magazine stand at the Great Electric Train Show this weekend.

Revolution Mk 5 EPs roll in

Revolution Trains has received the first Engineering Prototype (EP) samples of its newly-tooled ‘N' gauge Mk 5 and Mk 5a carriages for scrutiny.