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Swithland Sidings: Power and operation

The Hornby Magazine Great Central layout has been built with operation in mind. MIKE WILD explains how this double track main line layout and its features work and how it is being moved forward into the preservation era.

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Hornby Magazine July 2022

Welcome to the latest issue of Hornby Magazine - HM181, July 2022. Highlights of this issue include a full guide to repainting a Hornby 'West Country' as the Severn Valley Railway's Elizabeth II, Russell Pigott's superb Cley-on-Sea 'OO' gauge home layout, the latest model reviews, step by step modelling guides and more. Read the full magazine in PDF format here and check out our latest video content in the Video Features section.

Rapido's Bedford OB in tooling

Rapido Trains UK has opened the order book for its forthcoming 1:76 scale Bedford OB coach, which has now entered the tooling stage.

Hornby develops new magnetic couplings

Hornby has developed a new magnetic style of coupling for its ‘OO’ gauge rolling stock, as an alternative to the traditional NEM style small tension lock examples.

Hornby ‘9F’ gains colour

Hornby has received the first decorated samples of its all-new ‘OO’ gauge BR ‘9F’ 2-10-0 for evaluation.

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Modelling Bewdley station with 3D printing

Having selected a suitable subject, TRISTRAM NEAL outlines how he used modern printing techniques to create a bespoke station building, based on a well-known Severn Valley Railway prototype at Bewdley in this detailed step by step modelling guide.

Class 66 sound demonstration Feature Premium

Installing ESU sound in the Bachmann Class 66

Bachmann's Class 66 is a simple locomotive to upgrade to digital sound. In this KeyModelWorld exclusive feature MIKE WILD installs an ESU 21-pin decoder with Legomanbiffo's high performance sound together with a powerful speaker and stay alive into the 'OO' gauge model. Read the full guide here and watch our sound demonstration video.


A brand new two-day model railway exhibition sponsored by Hornby Magazine takes place at the Statfold Narrow Gauge Museum in Staffordshire this April. MARK CHIVERS previews this all-new model railway event.

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Hornby’s centenary year catalogue came with the enticing prospect of a brand-new model of the famous Class 370 Advanced Passenger Train and now it is here. MIKE WILD leans in to find out more with brand-new video from the Hornby Magazine Workshop.

FIRST LOOK: Accurascale's 'OO' Class 55 'Deltics'

EXCLUSIVE VIDEO! Join Mike Wild and Richard Watson in the Hornby Magazine workshop for a first look at the Accurascale Class 55 'Deltics' for 'OO' gauge in this special preview feature. Watch the full video here and read the latest on this exciting new locomotives.

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Latest model railway reviews

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KMS Railtech has commissioned a series of exclusive EWS era Cavalex steel wagons for ‘OO’ gauge. MIKE WILD takes a closer look at these modern era BBA and BLA wagons.

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Rapido debuts its Gunpowder van for 'OO' gauge

The first ready-to-run ‘OO’ gauge freight wagon from Rapido Trains UK has arrived – the RCH gunpowder van. MIKE WILD inspects this new release.

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Oxford Rail’s Great Eastern box vans

Oxford Rail has completed its newly-tooled ‘OO’ gauge Great Eastern Railway 10ton covered van. MARK CHIVERS checks out this latest release.

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Oxford Rail ‘Pilchard’ debuts

Oxford Rail’s eagerly-awaited ‘OO’ gauge ‘Pilchard’ engineers’ wagon has arrived. MARK CHIVERS examines this new addition to the range.

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The BR HAA merry-go-round hopper is an icon of the freight scene as much as the HST is for passenger trains. MIKE WILD inspects the first of Accurascale’s all-new ‘OO’ gauge models of these longlived coal wagons.

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