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New motorised kits from Proses in 2020

Bachmann’s Spring showcase revealed two new ‘HO’ scale laser-cut kits in the Proses range of modelling accessories which will appeal to ‘OO’ gauge modellers.

KMS Railtech launch HST and carriage projects for 'O' gauge

Scottish model railway retailer KMS Railtech has set its sights on modern image ‘O’ gauge readyto-run with the announcement of plans to develop the Class 43 HST power cars as well as Mk 2 and Mk 3 carriages for modern era modellers.

Rails shows ‘812’ first samples

The first engineering samples of Rails of Sheffield’s exclusive ‘OO’ gauge ready-to-run model of the Caledonian Railway ‘812’ 0-6-0 were revealed at Model Rail Scotland on February 21-23.

Trio of HST train packs for Gaugemaster Collection

Gaugemaster has commissioned several new ‘N’ gauge models for the Gaugemaster Collection.

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Working in 3mm:1ft scale, PAUL HOPKINS and JOHN WAKEMAN explain how they created this evocative pastiche of Portsmouth’s railways using readily available products wherever possible. Photography, Trevor Jones.

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Hornby Stanier ‘Princess Royal'

The first ‘OO’ gauge model of the Stanier ‘Princess Royal’ 4-6-2 was released in 1955 - 65 years on MIKE WILD reviews the brand-new version from Hornby which touched down this February.

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Dapol delivers GWR Parcels Railcar

New in from Dapol is the parcels version of the original series GWR streamlined railcar. MIKE WILD inspects this new arrival for ‘OO’ gauge.

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KS Laser Designs fog hut kit

Laser cut kit specialist KS Laser Designs has added a simple and quick to build kit for a concrete fog hut to its ‘O’ gauge range.

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