Newark Air Museum

Newark Air Museum seeks Vulcan Records

John Fuller

Nottinghamshire’s Newark Air Museum is aiming to expand the records associated with the Avro Vulcan it has hosted for more than 20 years – airframe XM594.

John Fuller

Rapier Reference: Newark Air Museum's new exhibit

Newark Air Museum has announced it is set to display what is believed to be the only complete example of the Rapier Field Standard C (FSC) ground-based air defence system.

Falklands 40th & Cold War Call-Up event at Newark Air Museum

Newark Air Museum has announced its Falklands 40th and Cold War Call-Up event is approaching on April 30th and May 1st, 2022.

Event News: Newark Air Museum's first Night Shoot of 2022

Newark Air Museum has announced it will host its first Day-Night Photo Shoot event in 2022, with the date set for March 26, 2022.


NEWARK AIR Museum has responded to COVID-19 restrictions and extreme weather conditions with work on several exhibits plus a JustGiving page to raise funds for further projects given the imminent loss of visitor revenue.


With the UK government announcing heritage sites can reopen from early July, the Newark Air Museum has moved several airframes in preparation for a new one-way route around the exhibits.


MUSEUM SHOPS are an important income source for many historical institutions, so their mid-June reopening (in line with UK government guidelines) mean there is welcome news from the Newark Air Museum.