News: 'O' gauge

'O' gauge latest news

New batch of LMS '3F' 0-6-0Ts progress

Dapol has received decorated samples of its next batch of ‘O’ gauge LMS ‘Jinty’ 0-6-0Ts for assessment.

‘O’ gauge LSWR ‘B4' takes shape

Dapol has received the first Engineering Prototype (EP) sample of its newly-tooled ‘O’ gauge London and South Western Railway (LSWR) ‘B4’ 0-4-0T for evaluation.

Dapol HAAs go under cover

Dapol has updated its ‘O’ gauge BR HAA Merry-Go-Round (MGR) hopper tooling to enable canopy-fitted examples to be produced for the first time.

Faux teak finish for ‘O’ gauge Thompsons

Ellis Clark Trains (ECT) has revealed progress on its forthcoming ‘O’ gauge London North Eastern Railway (LNER) Thompson carriages in faux teak finish, with decorated samples arriving for evaluation..

Dapol BR 20ton brake van variety

Dapol is to produce a further batch of its popular ‘O’ gauge BR 20ton brake vans, including newly-tooled variants.

All-New K Type Pullmans for 'O' Gauge

Ellis Clark Trains (ECT) has unveiled plans to produce a set of all-steel K Type Pullmans as its next finescale ‘O’ gauge project.

Heljan reveals decorated Class 56s

Heljan has revealed factory decorated samples of its newly-tooled ‘O’ gauge Class 56 diesel.

Dapol shows first HEA samples

Dapol has received engineering samples of its eagerly awaited HEA and HBA hoppers for 'O' gauge. The wagons are currently being reviewed by the development team.

The Great Electric Train Show is going ahead!

It is a green light for the 2021 Great Electric Train Show which will be taking place on the weekend of October 2/3 at the Marshall Arena in Milton Keynes. Read the full story here and watch our preview trailer...

‘O’ gauge bracket signal EPs

Dapol has received the first working Engineering Prototype (EP) samples of its forthcoming servo-operated ‘O’ gauge bracket and junction signals for evaluation.

Heljan Class 47 for ‘O’ in production

Decorated samples of Heljan’s all-new ‘O’ gauge Brush Type 4 (Class 47) diesel have been received by the manufacturer, prior to production getting underway.

DRS receives ‘O’ gauge 37

Revolution Trains (RT) and Heljan have presented Nuclear Transport Solutions (NTS)/Direct Rail Services (DRS) with display models of their ‘O’ gauge Class 37 37405 in DRS livery.

Heljan Summer 2021 update

Heljan has received the first Engineering Prototype (EP) sample of its forthcoming ‘O’ gauge BR Mk 1 Covered Carriage Truck (CCT) for assessment by the development team. This and a host of other updates on current model projects have been shared by the company.

Dapol ‘O’ gauge 66 - First look

Dapol has received the first mouldings from the tooling of its all-new 7mm scale Class 66 Co-Co diesel for evaluation, ahead of a full Engineering Prototype (EP) sample later this summer.

Updated: Dapol 'O' gauge HBA/HEA hoppers

Dapol has added the 32.5ton HBA hopper to its ‘O’ gauge HEA wagon project plans, first announced back in 2014 and confirmed identities and liveries for the initial batch of releases. 

Heljan shows new Type 2 samples

Heljan has received updated engineering samples of its all-new ‘O’ gauge models of the BRCW Class 26 and Class 27 Bo-Bo diesels.Heralded as the first of a new generation of Heljan ‘O’ gauge models, they are set to have new features including ‘plug-and-play’ DCC capability and more.

Limited '60' gains colour

Gaugemaster has received a decorated sample of its recently-commissioned Heljan 'O' gauge BR Class 60, 60081 Isambard Kingdom Brunel in mock Great Western Railway (GWR) lined Brunswick green (Cat No. GM7240201).

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Mammoth 47 for KMRC

Kernow Model Rail Centre's (KMRC) expanding range of limited editions is set to include 'O’ gauge for the first time later this year with the arrival of an exclusive model of Heljan's forthcoming all-new Class 47 diesel as D1670 Mammoth in two-tone green with small yellow warning panels.

Colour for Dapol VEAs

Dapol has received decorated samples of its newly-tooled ‘O' gauge BR Vanwide/VEA box vans for inspection by the company's development team.

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Dapol plans new batch of ‘O' gauge vans and wagons 

Dapol is planning another batch of its popular ‘O’ gauge box vans and open wagons.

Next batch of Heljan ‘Hoovers’ on horizon

Heljan has confirmed that its next batch of ‘O’ gauge BR Class 50 Co-Co diesels are due to go into production shortly.

Gaugemaster completes Pullman ED hat-trick

Gaugemaster has commissioned Heljan to produce an exclusive ‘O’ gauge model of the forthcoming Class 73 Electro-Diesel (ED) in Pullman livery for its expanding Gaugemaster Collection.

'O' gauge GWR Siphon G next for Minerva

Minerva Model Railways has revealed that its next all-new ‘O’ gauge model will be a Great Western Railway (GWR) Siphon G.

Green light for Heljan's 'O' gauge Class 27 liveries

Heljan has approved the livery diagrams for its forthcoming 'O’ gauge BR Class 27 diesels.

Routemex adds ‘O’ gauge colour light shunting signals

Routemex has added a selection of ground position colour light shunting signal kits to complement its range of ‘O’ gauge signals.

Dec'O' Presflos surface

Ellis Clark Trains (ECT) has received decorated samples of its forthcoming ‘O’ gauge 22ton Presflo cement wagons for assessment.

Heljan reveals ‘O’ gauge Class 56 artwork

Heljan’s new ‘O’ gauge Class 56 diesel is progressing well with the company sharing artwork for its forthcoming Type 5 at the end of March.

New LSWR four-wheel coaches for ‘O’

Mannin Models, known for its range of 7mm scale Isle of Man narrow gauge kits, has launched its first standard ‘O’ gauge models with a series of London and South Western Railway (LSWR) four-wheeled coaches.