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'OO' gauge latest news

Updated CAD for KR Models ‘Fell’

KR Models has updated the CAD files for its forthcoming ‘OO’...

Dapol announces ‘O’ gauge Conflat & Container wagons

DAPOL has confirmed details of its new ‘O’ gauge readyto- run model of the Great Western Railway (GWR) H7 Conflat wagon.

LSWR ‘330’ Class 0-6-0ST next for OO Works

OO Works is to produce a ‘OO’ gauge London & South Western Railway (LSWR) ‘330’ Class 0-6-0ST.


Heljan has agreed a deal to sponsor Simon George’s outstanding Heaton Lodge Junction ‘O’ gauge model railway.

Accurascale shows KUA first sample

Accurascale has received the first engineering prototype of its forthcoming KUA nuclear flask wagon.

Access Platforms from Display

Display and Graffrail have released 'OO' gauge access platforms kit for depots, yards and sidings.

Limited edition Hornby Class 66 supports the NHS

Hornby has announced a limited edition Class 66 finished as 66731 Capt. Tom Moore - A True British Inspirations to raise funds for the NHS.

Cavalex first EP of TEA tanker

Cavalex Models have received their first Engineer Prototype samples of TEA tanker wagons.

‘W1’ liveries confirmed

Hornby has completed the CAD drawing work for its models of the unique Gresley ‘W1’ 4-6-4 for ‘OO’ gauge as well as confirming the livery specifications for each version.

Hornby Class 91 project update

The latest edition of Hornby's Engine Shed online blog has revealed how far Hornby have come with the CAD design of the Class 91 including sharing the latest development drawings for 91002 and 91118.

Ellis Clark launches Clark Railworks

Ellis Clark from Ellis Clark Trains, the 'O' gauge buying and selling specialists in Skipton, has announced the launch of its new website Clark Railworks.

Heljan 'O' gauge Mk 2 first CAD

Heljan has released its first CAD images of the exciting new 'O' gauge Mk2 coaching stock. 

Dapol announce 'O' gauge Conflat and container wagons

Dapol have announced another addition to their 'O' portfolio covering the Conflat and container wagon. 

Dapol 'O' gauge 16ton mineral wagons are coming back!

Dapol has announced a new production run of its popular 'O' gauge BR 16ton mineral wagons.

Metcalfe show prototype Gatehouse Caste Kit

Metcalfe Models has released images of the prototype build for its new Gatehouse Castle kit. The kit will be available for 'OO' and 'N' gauge.

KR Models reveal GT3 artwork

KR Models has released images of the paint scheme for its 'OO' model of English Electric gas turbine prototype GT3.

Heljan powers Britain's biggest model railway

Heljan has teamed up with 'Britain's Biggest Model Railway' to promote model railways to a new audience and grow interest in 'O' gauge modelling.

KR Models show updated 'Fell' CAD

Hot on the heels of the previous update, KR Models have revealed the next CAD drawing with added body detail for their new 'OO' gauge project. the 'Fell'. 

Hornby shows Avanti Class 390

Hornby has received a decorated sample of its Avanti West Coast liveried Class 390 Pendolino unit for 'OO' gauge.

Rails of Sheffield expands wagon range

Rails of Sheffield is producing a second version of the South Eastern and Chatham Railway (SECR) 16ft covered goods wagon in partnership with Dapol.

Routemex ‘O’ gauge colour light signals

Routemex has introduced a new range of ‘O’ gauge colour light signal kits.

Heljan plans new GUVs for ‘O’

A new batch of ready-to-run Mk 1 General Utility Vans (GUVs) has been announced by Heljan for ‘O’ gauge as part of its relaunch of the Mk 1 carriage range.

Dapol 'O' gauge '14XX'

DAPOL'S eagerly awaited ’O’ gauge Great Western Railway (GWR) ‘14XX’ 0-4-2T arrived with retailers during March (HM150).

Heljan announces further 'O' gauge Class 37/4s

HELJAN is to produce a second run of its popular ‘O’ gauge Class 37/4 Co-Co diesel.

Accurascale adds Modern Class 37/4s to its range

CONTEMPORARY ERA Class 37/4s are being modelled for ‘OO’ following Accurascale’s announcement of its fifth and final Class 37 variant for its first production run.

Hitachi Class 800/0 test train pack

Hornby’s long-awaited new ‘OO’ gauge Hitachi Class 800/0 Test Train coach pack (Cat No. R4897) arrived with retailers during March.

Hornby issues APT-P formation guides

Hornby has issued a useful set of graphics to confirm the intended formations of its forthcoming ‘OO’ gauge models of BR’s Class 370 Advanced Passenger Train Prototype.

Hornby receives ‘Coronation Scot’ 3D samples

Development of Hornby’s 2020 collection of LMS ‘Coronation Scot’ carriages for ‘OO’ gauge saw the arrival of a set of 3D printed stereolithography samples. These are produced to inspect DTS CAD drawing work in a 3D format before progressing to the tooling stage.


HORNBY took delivery of the first engineering sample of its forthcoming ‘OO’ gauge BR Standard ‘2MT’ 2-6-0 in late February for evaluation.

KR Models show first 'Fell' CAD

KR Models has released the first CAD drawing of their new 'OO' gauge project, the 'Fell' diesel.