With quality kits of the F-15E Strike Eagle already available in 1/72 scale, Revell has boldly released its own new tooling… but does it hit the target?



If you want a wallet-friendly and reasonably well detailed kit of the F/A-18F Super Hornet, Revell's re-released product could be just the ticket. It comes with markings for the 'Jolly Rogers' and 'Red Rippers'.

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The Need... For Speed! Revell's Top Gun: Maverick F/A-18E Super Hornet

Chris Jones brings the silver screen to quarter scale with Maverick’s Super Hornet from the hotly anticipated 'Top Gun' sequel, via Revell’s 1/48 kit. Relive the high-octane movie with this fast-paced build feature!

Kanalkampf Warrior Feature Premium

Kanalkampf Warrior

Revell reworked its original 1/72 Ju 88 into a Battle of Britain-era A-1 format, and it's built in full here by Huw Morgan. He's rather pleased with the results!

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Einheitsdampflokomotive from Revell: 1/87 BR 01 4-6-2 Pacific

In the aftermath of World War One, Germany produced standardised steam locomotive designs – Einheitsdampflokomotiven – the first of which Revell has replicated in 1/87 scale: the BR 01 4-6-2 Pacific.


Eduard has released various useful new aftermarket details to help modellers embellish the recent new-tool 1/48 SR-71A Blackbird by Revell. The main focus is on the cockpit, with photo-etched metal parts and 3D decals.

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Reviewing Revell's Constructable Camper: 1/24 VW T2

Following its 1/24 easy-click VW Type 2 Microbus, Revell’s newly tooled parts form an enticing campervan package - but is this beginner-aimed kit as simple as it appears?

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Revell embarks on a World of Tanks link-up with new Armour Kits

Revell is arguably pioneering the art of model kit and videogame linkups, as here’s a new range of armour subjects under the World of Tanks label. We examine two of these offerings: 1/72 Cromwell tank and SU-100 tank-destroyer kits.

Cold War 'Cossack' Feature Premium

Cold War 'Cossack' - building the world's biggest aircraft

Russia's invasion of Ukraine not only caused terrible loss of human life, but also brought about the destruction of the world's largest aircraft... the Antonov An-225 Mriya. Here, to mark its demise, we revisit Massimo Santarossa's original test-shot build of Revell's 1/72 kit, from the May 2019 edition of Airfix Model World.

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Revell down-sizes its Tornado ASSTA 3.1 to 1/72

Small-scale builders who rued Revell’s decision to release a Tornado Avionics System Software Tornado in Ada (ASSTA) 3.1 variant in 1/48 will rejoice at the firm’s downsized 1/72 version.