Reviews: 'N' gauge

'N' gauge model reviews

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Bachmann delivers HKA for 'OO' and 'N'

NEW to the Branchline ‘OO’ and Graham Farish gauge ranges are all-new models of the HKA high capacity hopper wagons which were originally built for National Power as JMAs which were originally built in 1995.

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Farish Thompsons debut

New to the Graham Farish rolling stock collection this month is the first of its ‘N’ gauge Thompson corridor coaches.

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Revolution’s stunning HOA hoppers

REVOLUTION Trains’ new ‘N’ gauge HOA hopper wagons started arriving in February and we had the opportunity to inspect a trio of these highly detailed wagons.

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Colas Colours for Graham Farish Class 70

NEW from Bachmann’s ‘N’ gauge Graham Farish range is this up-to-the-minute version of the General Electric (GE) PowerHaul Class 70 Co-Co diesel in Colas Rail Freight livery.

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Realtrack cements its position

NOW AVAILABLE FROM Realtrack Models is its first own-brand ready-to-run ‘N’ gauge wagon in the form of the long-lived PCA bulk cement wagons, following hard on the heels of the KQA/KTA pocket wagons from sister company C=Rail Intermodal.

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Modal shift for Revolution

For fans of intermodal trains over the past 30 years, ‘N’ gauge now offers plethora of opportunities to model these lengthy workings with the majority of required wagon types either available or on the way.

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International miniature food festival

A series of four food catering trailers have been released for the Lima/Jouef and Arnold N brands owned by Hornby.

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The Flying Dustman

The second Gaugemaster Collection ‘N’ gauge Class 66 is 66783 The Flying Dustman in its unique Biffa red and orange colour scheme.