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Interest in ready-to-run 'O' gauge (7mm:1ft scale) models is at an all-time high with new releases coming to market from Heljan, Dapol, Lionheart Trains, Ellis Clark Trains, Accurascale and more. Join us for the latest model reviews and an increasing number from our back catalogue to give you the full story on 'O' gauge locomotive, rolling stock and acccessories. Look out for our videos too from both our 'O' gauge test track and the garden railway.

'O' gauge model reviews

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Heljan’s cutaway ‘O’ gauge ‘tractors’

The ever-popular Type 3s are now available in split headcode form with cutaway buffer beams for 'O' gauge. BEN CHURCH sees if its performance matches its looks.

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Peco Expands ‘O’ Track Range

Peco has added ‘O’ gauge code 143 flat bottom rail concrete sleeper flexible track to its range.

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Flangeway ‘O’ gauge ZZA snowplough

These distinctive vehicles are now available in ‘O’. MARK CHIVERS checks them over to see if they cut any ice for 7mm scale modellers.

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Mini Roller

From Mini Roller comes this useful painting aid for your stock of modelling essentials.

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Point Motor Wiring Board

Now available from Model Rail Electrics, this ready to use point motor board allows for both easy wiring for point control and additional functionality without soldering.

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HobbyTrax Oil Dropper

HobbyTrax has added to its catalogue of locomotive maintenance tools with this useful oil dropper, which dispenses a small amount of oil at the end of a very fine needle, with no squeezing required.

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Dapol TTA tanker for 7mm scale

New for ‘O’ gauge from Dapol is the longstanding 45ton TTA four-wheel tanker. MIKE WILD checks out this new arrival for the scale.

Heljan O gauge Class 55 Deltic. Review Premium

Heljan updates its O gauge Deltic

The legendary English Electric ‘Deltics’ are back for ‘O’ gauge with Heljan, featuring new tooling and an upgraded chassis. MIKE WILD takes a closer look at 55002 in BR two-tone green.

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Realism Redefined exclusive PCA cement tank

Realism Redefined has commissioned an exclusive ready-to-run ‘O’ gauge model of the PCA depressed centre tankers. MIKE WILD runs the rule over a cement grey version.

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FIRST REVIEW: Heljan’s ‘O’ gauge Class 73

For the second month in a row, Heljan has delivered a brand-new ‘O’ gauge ready-to-run locomotive, and this striking model of the Southern Region Class 73 electro-diesel could be its best yet. MIKE WILD explains why with video of a sample running on Britain's Biggest Model Railway.

Heljan O gauge Class 58 review. Review Premium

Heljan’s Class 58 for ‘O’ gauge

The 1983-introduced heavy freight Class 58 is the perfect follow-up to Heljan’s popular Class 56 for ‘O’ gauge. MIKE WILD takes a detailed look at Mainline blue 58021 while we catch up with Heljan's Ben Jones to see a sample in action on Britain's Biggest Model Railway.

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Suburban destination boards

Pacific Models has released several sets of BR Eastern Region (ex Great Northern Railway) destination boards and smokebox numberplates for suburban trains originating from London termini in ‘OO’ and ‘O’.

Dapol B4 0-4-0T for O gauge. Review Premium

Dapol LSWR ’B4’ 0-4-0T for 'O' gauge

Southern Railway 7mm scale modellers are in for a treat with the arrival of the Adams ‘B4’ 0-4-0T from Dapol, but does it tick the right boxes? MIKE WILD finds out as we demonstrate the model in action.

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Ellis Clark Trains Wickham Type 27 trolley for ‘O’ gauge

The Wickham trolley and trailer has become one of the smallest ready-to-run powered models to be produced for ‘O’ gauge. MIKE WILD inspects Ellis Clark Trains’ first home-grown powered model.

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Kernow’s exclusive ‘O’ gauge CDA China Clay Hopper

New from Kernow Model Rail Centre (KMRC) is this all-new ‘O’ gauge CDA china clay hopper, produced exclusively for the retailer by Dapol.

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Little Loco Company Class 15 for 'O' gauge

The Little Loco Company launched its 'O' gauge Class 15 in January 2017 and now it is set for a new lease of life with EFE Rail. MIKE WILD gives this impressive model of the BTH Type 1 the once over.

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Minerva’s second ‘Victory’

A relatively new name in ready-to-run ‘O’ gauge, Minerva Model Railways made its debut in December 2015 with the Peckett ‘E’ 0-4-0ST and its second locomotive was the utilitarian ‘Victory’ 0-6-0T. MIKE WILD takes a closer look at this 0-6-0T.

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Dapol upscales the ‘08’

The rise in popularity for ‘O’ gauge ready-to-run is set for steep increase with the arrival of Dapol’s Class 08 diesel shunter. MIKE WILD reviews this new arrival and assesses it abilities on the track.

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Modelling British Railways Modern Freight Locomotives

This latest title in the series of Modelling British Railways bookazines from Key Publishing focuses on modern-era freight locomotives and the various models available ‘off-the-shelf’ across ‘OO’, ‘N’ and ‘O’ gauge.

Hornby Triplex Bluetooth Sound introduction. Review Premium

FIRST LOOK: Hornby launches Bluetooth HM DCC and Triplex Sound

The world of digital is about to be turned on its head with the arrival of Hornby’s new HM DCC Bluetooth control system. MIKE WILD gets to grips with this new way to control your trains and assesses its value.

Kernow Model Rail Centre LSWR box van. Review Premium

Kernow delivers ‘O’ gauge LSWR van

We inspect Kernow Model Rail Centre's 'O' gauge ready-to-run model of the LSWR Diagram 1410 box van. Read the full review here.

Dapol anchor mounted tanker for O gauge. Review Premium

Dapol’s anchor-mounted tanker arrives for ‘O’ gauge

First announced in November 2020, Dapol’s all-new ‘O’ gauge 14ton anchor-mounted tank wagon is now available. We check out this addition to the manufacturers growing collection of steam era goods wagons.

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Modelu Class 45 crew figures

ModelU has added two sets of 4mm scale locomotive crew suitable for Heljan’s all-new ‘OO’ gauge Class 45 diesel to its range of 3D-printed figures and accessories.

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Weathering stencils from Artool

Using these ingenious laser-cut stencil greatly simplifies the creation of random weathering patterns such as rust and flaking paintwork.

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IXO London Transport RT for O gauge

For ‘O’ gauge modellers looking for suitable road vehicles, the IXO Models 1:43 scale range includes this classic London Transport AEC Regent III RT double-decker bus.

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Humbrol sanding pads

Recently added to the Humbrol range of tools and modelling materials are these new flexible sanding pads.

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Ellis Clark Trains ‘Teak’ Thompsons touch down!

Ellis Clark Trains has taken delivery of its exclusive faux teak ‘O’ gauge Thompson main line carriages from Darstaed. MARK CHIVERS takes a closer look at these new arrivals.

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Heljan’s all-new Class 26 and 27 for 'O' gauge

The BRCW Class 26 and 27 Bo-Bo diesel-electrics are synonymous with Scotland and now brand-new models are available for ‘O’ gauge from Heljan. MIKE WILD checks out these exciting arrivals.

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Heljan's 'O' gauge Class 25/3 Bo-Bo diesel

The BR Sulzer Type 2s are popular locomotives in every scale. MIKE WILD reviews Heljan's detailed models of the Class 25/3 for 'O' gauge.

Heljan O gauge Class 37/0 Review Premium

Heljan's centre headcode Class 37 for 'O' gauge

In this review we take a closer look at Heljan's ready-to-run ‘O’ gauge centre headcode Class 37 which first hit the shelves in 2017.