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'OO' gauge model reviews

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IRM delivers Met-Vic A Class

Accurascale’s sister company Irish Railway Models has released its first ready-to-run powered model – the Metropolitan Vickers A Class Co -Co diesel electric. MIKE WILD takes a detailed look at this new addition for the Irish scene which sets the benchmark for what to expect from Accurascale’s first British outline diesels.

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Northern Rail ‘150’

The Class 150/2 two-car DMU is back in stock with Bachmann retailers with the arrival of two new livery variations –a GWR green set finished as 150216 and Northern liveried unit 150220 as illustrated by our sample model.

Oxford Diecast Defender Review Premium

‘OO’ Defender

New to the Oxford Diecast 1:76 scale vehicle collection and suitable for ‘OO’ gauge layouts is the new Land Rover Defender in short wheelbase format. This reimagining of the classic Defender took to the roads in 2020 and is becoming a popular choice for on road and off road use.

Brassband Review Premium

Brassed off

Modelu continues to expand its fantastic collection of 3D printed figures with ever more interesting and characterful creations. Amongst the latest releases is this brilliant set of brass band figures which are available from ‘N’ to ‘G’ scale.

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Dockside Walling

Gaugemaster’s ever-expanding Fordhampton collection of ‘OO’ gauge plastic building and structure kits is bolstered with the inclusion of this dockside walling.

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Cosmetic Fishplates

Scale Model Scenery has added a pack of cosmetic fishplates to its range of 4mm scale laser-cut detailing accessories.

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Humbrol Weathering Powders

Humbrol’s popular range of adhesives, paints, washes and brushes has been further bolstered with a new selection of useful weathering pigments.

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Old Wooden Sleepers

If you are looking to complete a recently repaired lineside or permanent way depot scene, these ‘HO’ scale old wooden sleepers from Model Scene will prove useful.

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Modern Billboards

Recently added to the Scale Model Scenery range of 4mm scale lasercut kits and detailing accessories is this pack of modern-era billboards.

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Model Scene Grass Tufts

Model Scene’s extensive range of scenic products includes a selection of different static grass textures including these useful ‘HO’ scale small grass tufts.

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DCC Concepts rolling roads are a respected part of its collection of model railway accessories, but now the specialist has introduced a new premium collection featuring gold plated rollers together with a new option for ‘O’ gauge.

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Peter’s Useful Spares


Peter’s Spares has expanded its extensive range of model railway spare parts with a collection of new ‘OO’ gauge replacements for Bachmann, Hornby and Lima products.

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Avanti West Coast Pendolino


Hornby's ‘OO’ gauge Class 390 Pendolino makes a welcome return following an extended break from the range.

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Heljan reboots the AEC railcar


A brand-new model of the final batch of GWR AEC railcars has been produced for ‘OO’ gauge for the first time since the Lima version of the 1980s. MIKE WILD inspects Heljan’s new release.

Hornby BR Mk 1 Review Premium

Hornby BR Mk 1 BCK

Hornby's all-new BR Mk 1 BCK was announced for the 2021 catalogue range earlier this year (HM164) with five models planned initially in BR chocolate and cream, BR maroon, BR blue and grey, BR InterCity and Network Rail yellow.

Hornby 48DS Review Premium

Express Dairy 48DS

Hornby’s popular ‘OO’ gauge Ruston and Hornsby 48DS four-wheeled diesel shunter and Conflat wagon is back, this time in Express Dairy colours.

Hornby Terrier Review Premium

Hornby ‘Terrier’ returns

Hornby’s ‘OO’ gauge Stroudley ‘Terrier’ 0-6-0T (HM143) makes a welcome return to the range as ‘A1X’ 32646 in BR plain black with Bulleid ‘sunshine’ lettering.

Heljan Class 33 33025 Review Premium

More Class 33s for ‘OO’

The popularity of Heljan’s reworked modern era Class 33/0 from June 2020 prompted the manufacturer to make quick work of a second production run for ‘OO’ gauge. On the review desk is one of six versions which arrived with Heljan stockists in July and it models 33025.

Hornby Merchant Navy Review Premium

Second-series tender for Hornby ‘MN’

Hornby's expanded collection of Bulleid air-smoothed ‘Merchant Navy’ models has bolstered the off-the-shelf options with the arrival of 35017 Belgian Marine (Cat No. R3861) and 35029 Ellerman Lines (R3649).

HM170 Wainwright 'D' 4-4-0 Review Premium

Delightful ‘D’

The National Collection in Miniature is expanding with the arrival of one of the most sought-after items in the Railway Museum – Wainwright ‘D’ class 4-4-0 737. MIKE WILD falls for the charms of the latest Locomotion Models ‘OO’ gauge locomotive in this review which features video and extra images.

HM170 Accurascale KUAs Review Premium

Nuclear KUAs

The 16-wheel KUA nuclear flask wagon may be a fleet of two, but Accurascale saw its potential for a stand out ‘OO’ gauge ready-to-run wagon. MARK CHIVERS reviews this new arrival.

HM170 Bachmann Class 24 Review Premium

Bachmann’s all-new Sulzer Type 2

The Derby Sulzer Type 2 Bo-Bo diesels are proving to be popular subjects with another brand-new entrant to the market from Bachmann. MIKE WILD runs the rule over the latest model of the original condition Class 24.

HM170 TMC 24.5ton mineral wagons Review Premium

TMC 24.5ton mineral wagons

Freight train operators have a new choice of coal wagon with the arrival of TMC’s exclusive models of the BR 24.5ton mineral wagons. MARK CHIVERS reviews these new arrivals for ‘OO’.

HM170 Oxford Diecast Jaguar SUV Review Premium

New Oxford Diecast SUV

New from Oxford Diecast is this 1:76 scale Jaguar E-Pace Sport Utility Vehicle (SUV), and first off the 1:76 scale production line is VN67 CWK, offered in an eye-catching metallic blue paint finish.

HM170 SMS wrought iron railings Review Premium

Laser cut art-deco wrought iron railings

If you are looking to add a little art-deco chic to a street scene or building, then these 4mm scale laser-cut wrought iron railings from Scale Model Scenery might just do the trick.

HM170 SMS jetties Review Premium

Jetties float in...

New to the Scale Model Scenery range of 4mm scale laser-cut accessories and kits are these small wooden jetties.Perfect for a river, canal or small harbour scene, the pack contains four 60mm x 10mm lengths of wooden decking

HM170 H&A Models axle bearing cutter Review Premium

Axle box bearing cutter

H&A Models has added an exclusive new ‘OO’ gauge axle box bearing cutting tool to its extensive range of kits and modelling accessories.

HM170 Modelu3D Edwardian passenger Review Premium

Edwardian Passengers

Recently added to the Modelu range of 3D-printed model figures are these 1:76 scale (‘OO’) Edwardian seated passengers. Our review sample included five figures in appropriate Edwardian attire.

HM170 Mr Surfacer primer Review Premium

Mr Surfacer 1000 Primer

Albion Hobbies’ extensive selection of modelling products includes this Mr Surfacer 1000 primer and surface filler from the Mr Hobby range.

HM170 Oxford Rail J27 Review Premium

Oxford’s ‘J27’ LANDS

The North Eastern Railway’s rugged ‘J27 ’ 0-6-0 is the latest ready-to-run locomotive to arrive from Oxford Rail. With its wallet friendly price tag, MIKE WILD assesses what it has to offer.