Reviews: 'OO' gauge

'OO' gauge model reviews

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If you are looking for a durable container to store or transport locomotives and rolling stock to/from exhibitions, Trainsporters’ collection of stock boxes for ‘OO’ and ‘O’ may have the solution.

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DCC Concepts servicing cradles

DCC Concepts’ new range of servicing cradles are designed with the ‘OO’ gauge modeller in mind. The range comprises hard foam cradles 240mm, 340mm, 440mm and 540mm long.

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Return of the ‘Clan’

Hornby’s BR ‘Clan’ 4-6-2 has been out of production for almost 10 years, but now it is back. MIKE WILD reviews one of two new arrivals for this autumn.

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The British gas turbine locomotives have proved popular subjects in recent years. MIKE WILD inspects Rails of Sheffield’s latest exclusive ‘OO’ gauge model of Swiss built 18000 – Britain’s first gas turbine railway locomotive.

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Coil A steel wagons

Accurascale’s new 21ft 6in wagon chassis has been put to good use with the arrival of the first ready-to-run model of the Coil A steel wagons. MIKE WILD reviews this new release and explains what they are.

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Accurascale 21ton minerals

The latest coal wagons to arrive in Accurascale’s ‘Powering Britain’ collection are these richly detailed BR 21ton mineral wagons. MIKE WILD takes a closer look.

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Locomotion Models ‘Improved Precedent’

The National Collection in Miniature just got bigger with the arrival of the exclusive Bachmann-made model of LNWR ‘Improved Precedent’ 2-4-0 790 Hardwicke. MIKE WILD runs the rule over this historic steam locomotive.

HM174 Bachmann Class 47 for OO gauge Review Premium

Bachmann’s all-new Class 47 for 'OO'

Following Bachmann’s surprise announcement in early August (HM172) that it had been working on an all-new ‘OO’ gauge BR Class 47 diesel, the wait is over and the first of the newly-tooled models are here. MARK CHIVERS looks over this latest generation model of the class for ‘OO’.

HM174 Rapido Trains buses Review Premium

Rapido Train UK Fleetline and Guy Arab buses

Rapido Trains UK has released a brand-new model of the Birmingham based Fleetline as well as a new batch of its popular ‘New Look’ Guy Arab half-cabs for ‘OO’ gauge. MIKE WILD unleashes his bus knowledge on these new arrivals.

HM174 Hornby Class 66 66709 Review Premium

Hornby's MSC ‘66’

Hornby has released a new batch of colourful Class 66s for ‘OO’ gauge using its long-standing ex-Lima tooling including a selection of uniquely coloured GB Railfreight locomotives plus DB Cargo, Bardon Aggregates and Colas Rail Freight ‘Sheds’.

HM174 Hornby BR Mk 1 BCK Review Premium

More BR Mk 1 BCKs from Hornby

Hornby’s ever-expanding ‘OO’ gauge BR Mk 1 range receives a boost with the arrival of this latest pair of BR Mk 1 Corridor Brake Composites (BCKs) which follow on from the first pair reviewed in HM171.

HM174 Westhill Wagon Works scrap Class 45 'Peak' cabs Review Premium

Accessory review: Westhill 3D printed scrap cabs

West Hill Wagon Works’ growing range of 3D printed detailing parts and accessories is bolstered with a series of redundant diesel locomotive parts. Our review samples included two packs containing detailed scrap BR ‘Peak’ cabs and a pack of scrap BR Class 08/09/13 radiator housings

HM174: Westhill seat pods Review Premium

Acccessory review: Westhill 3D printed seat pods

New from West Hill Wagon Works are these distinctive 4mm scale 3D-printed British Rail circular station seat pods which are reminiscent of the type of stark bright red seating units installed at some stations in the 1970s and 1980s

HM174: Masterpiece crew figures Review Premium

Accessory review: Footplate Masterpieces

Master Piece has added a selection of new 4mm scale footplate crew for Dapol’s ‘OO’ gauge Great Western Railway (GWR) ‘Mogul’ and the recently-released Dapol/Locomotion Models/Rails of Sheffield ‘OO’ gauge South Eastern and Chatham Railway (SECR) ‘D’ 4-4-0.

HM174 Model Scene foliage Review Premium

Accessory review: Model Scene foliage

Model Scene’s range of scenic detailing includes an extensive selection of leaves and foliage in various scales including these 1:32 maple leaves and 1:87 bracken ferns.

HM174 Modelu railcar passengers Review Premium

Accessory review: Seated railcar passengers

Following the recent arrival of Heljan’s ‘OO’ gauge GWR AEC Railcar (HM171), Modelu has introduced two new packs of seated 4mm scale figures designed specifically for these models.

Oxford Diecast Land Rover Defender 110X Review Premium

Land Rover Defender 110X

Oxford Diecast’s range of 1:76 scale vehicles spans many decades and continues to reflect the latest car launches, including this new arrival – the Land Rover Defender 110X.

SMS LNER lineside store Review Premium

SMS LNER Lineside Store

Recently added to the Scale Model Scenery laser-cut range of kits is this 4mm scale London and North Eastern Railway (LNER) lineside store.

Modelu Wickham crew Review Premium

Modelu Wickham Crew

Modelu’s impressive collection of 3D-printed figures and detailing accessories is bolstered with this new pack containing a 1:76 scale permanent way crew for use with Bachmann’s ‘OO’ gauge Wickham trolley.

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Bachmann renews its ‘V2’

The Gresley ‘V2’ has been a longstanding part of the Bachmann range, but it was in need of fresh attention and that is exactly what has happened. MIKE WILD inspects the all-new LNER 2-6-2 for ‘OO’.

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Hornby's Dublo ‘Merchant Navy’

Hornby has bolstered its new Hornby Dublo range of locomotives with the arrival of the die-cast metal bodied Bulleid air-smoothed ‘Merchant Navy’ 4-6-2. MARK CHIVERS casts a glance at this delightful new limited edition.

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Dapol's eagerly-awaited ‘OO’ gauge Orenstein & Koppel (O&K) 102tonne JHA bogie hopper wagons have landed following a protracted journey by sea.

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DCC Concepts plug and play ground signal control

DCC Concepts has introduced a new and simple means of powering and using its attractive range of ground signals for ‘OO’ gauge by creating a plug and play control board which links to a Cobalt IP digital or analogue point motor.

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IRM delivers Met-Vic A Class

Accurascale’s sister company Irish Railway Models has released its first ready-to-run powered model – the Metropolitan Vickers A Class Co -Co diesel electric. MIKE WILD takes a detailed look at this new addition for the Irish scene which sets the benchmark for what to expect from Accurascale’s first British outline diesels.

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Northern Rail ‘150’

The Class 150/2 two-car DMU is back in stock with Bachmann retailers with the arrival of two new livery variations –a GWR green set finished as 150216 and Northern liveried unit 150220 as illustrated by our sample model.

‘OO’ Defender

New to the Oxford Diecast 1:76 scale vehicle collection and suitable for ‘OO’ gauge layouts is the new Land Rover Defender in short wheelbase format. This reimagining of the classic Defender took to the roads in 2020 and is becoming a popular choice for on road and off road use.

Brassband Review Premium

Brassed off

Modelu continues to expand its fantastic collection of 3D printed figures with ever more interesting and characterful creations. Amongst the latest releases is this brilliant set of brass band figures which are available from ‘N’ to ‘G’ scale.

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Dockside Walling

Gaugemaster’s ever-expanding Fordhampton collection of ‘OO’ gauge plastic building and structure kits is bolstered with the inclusion of this dockside walling.

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Cosmetic Fishplates

Scale Model Scenery has added a pack of cosmetic fishplates to its range of 4mm scale laser-cut detailing accessories.

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Humbrol Weathering Powders

Humbrol’s popular range of adhesives, paints, washes and brushes has been further bolstered with a new selection of useful weathering pigments.