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Dapol releases new SIGNALS, BIG AND SMALL

Working semaphores are tricky to make in any scale, but happily Dapol has completed development of its new bracket signals for ‘OO’ gauge as well as the first of its ‘O’ gauge ready-made signals.

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Huntley and Palmers Peckett train pack

Hornby's eagerly-awaited limited edition ‘OO’ Huntley and Palmers locomotive and wagons pack arrived in the shops in December 2019. We take a closer look at this new addition to the Hornby Peckett 'W4' line up.


ON THE SHELF ALL IN THE GRAIN 88 pages Wornart...


SUNDERLAND SANCTUARY 1/700 Royal Navy Seaplane Dockside...

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Hatton’s Gresley ‘A3’ debuts

Could this be Hatton’s most exciting model yet? MIKE WILD puts the new Heljan produced Hatton’s Originals Gresley ‘A3’ 4-6-2 for ‘O’ gauge through its paces.

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Scale Model Scenery sliding security gates

Reminiscent of the style of ornate gates used at railway stations, underground stations and some older style lifts, this new Scale Model Scenery pack contains enough parts to create one partially open and two closed gates.

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Busch mistletoe trees

Busch has added a pair of ‘HO’ scale mistletoe trees to its range of model railway detailing accessories.


EMPEROR HONGWU 1/24 Zhu Yuanzhang By: Master Box Item...

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’OO’ GAUGE Caledonian teal for Class 92

Hornby has delivered a new batch of Class 92 dual-voltage Co-Co electrics for ‘OO’ gauge modelling three of the latest colour schemes to adorn these 1990s built locomotives.

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BR purple for Hornby Gresley ‘A4’

British Railways' early experimental liveries make a great subject for a model and Hornby has reproduced one of its more eye-catching schemes on its ‘OO’ gauge Gresley ‘A4’ 4-6-2 modelling 60028 Walter K Whigham.