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Figure Review: 'Post-Apocalyptic' Sabrina figure from Master Box

Ukrainian firm Master Box’s ‘Post-Apocalyptic’ series of 1/24 figures comprises six individuals, each taking the form of a single-runner styrene kit – as is the case with the first, Sabrina.

Dragon 1/72 scale PLA ZSL-10 APC Review Premium

Armor Pro 1/72 scale Chinese PLA ZSL-10 troop carrier

The latest Chinese Type 08 series from Dragon is the ZSL-10 armoured personnel carrier for 1/72 scale, with changes to the rear hull and turret configuration.



If you are new to the subject of Vietnam War aircraft, MMP's recent book on the subject offers much in the way of colour scheme detail, but also general history on the missions, weapons loads and more. It's a great reference for the novice, but even 'old hands' will find it useful for their build projects.

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Champion's Challenger from Belkits: 1/24 Citroën C3 WRC

EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: John Fuller and Mike Wild examine the first of Belkits' newly tooled 1/24 Citroën C3 WRC car kits - featuring markings for nine-time world champion, Séb Loeb. Watch the video and see parts photos inside!

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Belkits' Second 1/24 Citroën C3 WRC: Rally Finland 2017

Belkits’ newly tooled 1/24 Citroën C3 WRC has landed – this is the second Rally Finland iteration that arrived with the initial Tour de Corse 2018 version.



Military fans who favour 1/48 scale have been envious of their 1/35-building brethren, when it comes to tanks with full interiors. But no longer though, as Asian firm USTAR has released a mind-bogglingly good quarter-scale Tiger I, on a Kursk theme, and it's festooned with detail inside and out.

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Takom's Six-Inch Striker: 1/35 Bismarck Turret

Takom surprised many when it released 1/35 scale kits of battleship turrets and modern weapons, with one of its more recent offerings being the Bb II/ Stb II turret from the German battleship Bismarck.

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Terrific Trike from MiniArt - 1/35 Tempo E400

MiniArt’s new Tempo E400 three-wheeler is another odd-looking commercial vehicle and was intended to form Germany’s standard delivery tricycle (Einheits-Dreirad-Lieferwagen). Discover more about this newly tooled kit here.

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Einheitsdampflokomotive from Revell: 1/87 BR 01 4-6-2 Pacific

In the aftermath of World War One, Germany produced standardised steam locomotive designs – Einheitsdampflokomotiven – the first of which Revell has replicated in 1/87 scale: the BR 01 4-6-2 Pacific.

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Clark's Last Championship represented by Tamiya and Ebbro's 1/20 Lotus 33

Marketed as an Ebbro product, this 1/20 Lotus 33 is a combined effort between the automotive specialist and fellow Japanese firm Tamiya. Discover the fruits of this collaboration via Airfix Model World's review of this new model kit.



If you missed AMK's first 1/48 F-14D boxing in 2019, the parts have been re-released with new decals for two late-service aircraft. This is a stunning kit, brimming with detail and build options.



Luftwaffe fans have a treat in store from Special Hobby, which has re-worked Academy's 1/72 Ju 87 Stuka to offer the D-5 variant, with export markings. A whole new styrene runner is provided.

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Demonstration for Display: ICM's 1/35 FCM 36 with French Tank Crew

ICM has combined its 1/35 FCM 36 French tank with the same-scale figures designed to accompany the vehicle in a package that’s cheaper than buying the two sets separately.

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Tamiya's Heavy-Hitting Rhino: 1/48 Nashorn Review

Modellers wanting a German Nashorn but who don’t have the space for a 1/35 version might prefer Tamiya’s 1/48 offering - the subject of Airfix Model World's review, here.

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Brengun adds another Teeny Tiny Tank: 1/144 A7V German WWI tank

Brengun continues to expand its range of ‘airliner-scale’ armour subjects, with the German A7V tank being one of the latest. Discover more about this tiny military kit in Airfix Model World's review.

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MiniArt releases Lanz Bulldog: D8506 tractor & Trailer with Crew

MiniArt has continued to build on its range of D8056 tractor kits – replicating the famous Lanz Bulldog vehicle – with this version containing the now-familiar trailer, German figures plus a range of grenades and mines. Discover more about the full kit here.

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Wheeled Troop Carrier from Dragon: /72 PLA ZBL-09 IFV

Arguably, convergent evolution is just as prevalent in vehicle design as nature, as evinced by China’s ZBL-09, which bears more than a passing resemblance to the Piranha series of vehicles (the source of many Western 8x8 designs) – understandable given they provide similar functions.

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ICM's Gun-Toting Tourer: 1/35 G4 Partisanwagen

The latest version of ICM’s 1/35 G4 tourer/staff car depicts a less common variant (of the 57 examples built) equipped with pedestal-mounted MG 34 machine guns in the rear/passenger section. Find out more here!

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Special Armour's Personal Command: 1/35 Panzerbefehlswagen 35(t)

Here’s a surprising but very welcome return for CMK’s 1/35 Panzerbefehlswagen (armoured/ tank command vehicle) 35(t) under the label of another Special Hobby subsidiary: Special Armour. Check out AMW's review here.

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Cannon-Armed Coffmans from Eduard: 1/48 Spitfire Mk.IIb

Eduard has been quick to follow up its limited-edition Spitfire Mk.II with a ProfiPACK offering that features the cannon-armed IIb sub-type.


Kinetic's superb F-5A Freedom Fighter from 2012 has been re-released, with markings for Dutch, Spanish and Norwegian sub-types. The company has also fixed a problem with the original tooling too.

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Special Hobby's Open-Truss Trainer: 1/72 EoN Eton TX.1/SG-38

Here's a welcome return for Special Hobby’s delightful EoN Eton training glider, with three styrene runners holding the 12 well-moulded parts. Read AMW's review here!

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Book Review: Third edition of Valiant Wings' Typhoon reference

Now in its third edition, this much expanded Airframe & Miniature volume focuses on Hawker’s Typhoon and Tornado designs, with most of the content devoted to the former.

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Book Review: Crécy delves into the Boulton Paul company

Perhaps best-known for its Defiant turret-armed fighter, the Boulton Paul company is the subject of this hefty Crécy-published volume.

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Book Review: Eaglemoss explores James Bond's Aston Martins

Here’s a book that all James Bond fans will savour, focusing on the secret agent’s most famous car: the Aston Martin DB5, a type first seen in the 1964 film Goldfinger.

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Book Review: MMP's second take on Polish Spitfire Mk.Vs

MMP/Stratus’ second compilation of Spitfire Mk.V airframes as flown by Polish pilots during World War Two is yet another gold mine of information for aficionados of the type and World War Two aircrew.

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Book Review: Land Craft volume on the HUMVEE

Arguably taking the mantle from the ubiquitous Willys Jeep, the HUMVEE is an instantly recognisable, rugged and dependable emblem of the western military, so is perfect material for Pen & Sword’s Land Craft volume.

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Book Review: The Genesis of the Modern Destroyer from Pen & Sword

If there was any class of warships that could be considered ‘elite’ or as ‘special forces’, it is Britain’s Tribal-class destroyers - explored in this Pen & Sword volume.

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Book Review: Osprey examines the Focke-Wulf Fw 190D-9

While the Focke-Wulf Fw 190 is known for being the type that proved the radial engine as ‘inferior to none’, later models featured an inline powerplant from the ‘D’ series onwards, with this sub-type examined in this Osprey Dogfight title.