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Quarry Hunslet Digital Sound

… Above: For those who thought it impossible to install digital sound in Bachmann’s delightful ‘OO9’ Quarry Hunslet, … Pin vice » 1.5mm drill bit » Mini power drill » ZIMO MS490 digital sound decoder » 9mm x 16mm micro speaker » Tantalum … and the leg you have cut off sits on top. … Quarry Hunslet Digital Sound …

kmw_kinesis_starter_pack_-_dcc_hub_edge_handset_white Article

Bachmann unveils Kinesis DCC control system

… Bachmann revealed details of its new Kinesis Digital Command Control (DCC) system at the recent Warley National Model … Railway Exhibition at the NEC in Birmingham. This new digital system aims to marry the latest technology with …


Digital Sound: A tale of two ‘Panniers’

… only similarities between these installations is that the Digital Command Control (DCC) interface was removed from each model and the … classes, but with similar requirements for installing digital sound. Paul Chetter explains how in this step by step …


FAQ: Learning digital command control

… We look to the enthralling world of Digital Command Control. MARK CHIVERS considers some of the terminology and … some of the most frequently asked questions. Above: Digital Command Control opens up huge potential for model …


Digital sound for the ‘08’

… Introducing custom digital sound to small locomotives can make for a rewarding … completely invisible installations.  Above: Adding custom digital sound and ‘stay alive’ to the Hornby and Bachmann … simply requires careful reversal of disassembly steps. … Digital sound for the ‘08’ …

Hornby HM7000 Bluetooth control Article

Hornby launches Bluetooth Digital Control

… Since launching its Zero 1 Digital Control System in the late 1970s, Hornby has innovated with … the company is set to launch its all-new HM7000 Bluetooth Digital Control System. AT THE HEART of the new control

ZIMO sound chip updates Article


… The company launched in 1980 to produce new model railway control equipment in the Digital Command Control field. Its range covers motor … scratch by ZIMO, to expand the capabilities and realism of digital sound for model railways. The range encompasses both …

Accurascale ‘OO’ gauge Class 37/0 Co-Co diesel Model Article

WIN! A digital sound-fitted Accurascale ‘OO’ gauge Class 37/0 Co-Co diesel, worth £259.99

… in BR Railfreight triple grey colours with factory-fitted Digital Command Control (DCC) sound. Highlights of the model include a heavy … – find out more at Accurascale now. Good luck! … WIN! A digital sound-fitted Accurascale ‘OO’ gauge Class 37/0 Co-Co …

HM189 Double Fairlie sound demonstration Article

Installing digital sound in the Bachmann Double Fairlie

… with a powered drill – use a pin vice for complete control of drilling speed and position. 11. Once the hole is … on the model. If it has a lid – even better. … Installing digital sound in the Bachmann Double Fairlie …

Heljan Class 58 sound installation guide Article

Heljan Class 58 digital sound installation guide

… The Heljan Class 58 is a simple locomotive to upgrade to digital sound. 58038 leads a rake of Cavalex Models HAA … Having run the model in on analogue control we wanted to give it the unique sound of the Class … override F11 Aux 1 F12 Aux 2 …   STEP BY STEP: Installing digital sound in Heljan Class 58 1. The starting point for …


ZIMO Digital sound for the Hornby HST

… PAUL CHETTER sets out to recreate the spectacle with digital sound in ‘OO’ gauge. THE 40th anniversary of the … car. Component choices   As these models use the 8-pin Digital Command Control (DCC) socket with adequate space for a standard sized …

kmw_dcc_concepts_cobalt_ultra_1 Article

DCC Concepts adds Cobalt Ultra

… Concepts' Cobalt Ultra promises compatibility with DC or Digital Command Control (DCC) power and can be controlled by a physical switch, digital control, infra-red sensor or a magnetic sensor. The …


HM7000 Bluetooth Legacy Dongle

… new HM7000 system provided an innovative new way to control your model railway by embracing the capabilities of … locomotive was equipped with a HM7000 Bluetooth enabled Digital Command Control (DCC) decoder it was unable to be selected through …


What is Hornby's HM7000?

… beauty of the new system is that it can work with existing control systems, which reduces the initial outlay cost … … should consider it. Hornby’s exciting new HM7000 Bluetooth Digital Control System launched as part of the manufacturer’s … , you are good to go. Above: Hornby’s HM7000 Bluetooth digital control system centres around the HM|DCC app which …


DCC/DC Locomotive Servicing Controller

… simple and straightforward as possible. The 100mm x 65mm control board enables the user to switch between DC and Digital Command Control (DCC) operation whilst servicing … and even the direction selected while on DC. A useful digital tool which is straightforward to use. (MC) •Site: …