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Railway Signalling

Signalling is vital for the safe operation of the railway – and if correctly modelled it can help emphasise the period, region and realism of a model railway, as EVAN GREEN-HUGHES describes.

Dapol reveals 'O' gauge ground signals

Dapol is expanding its range of ‘O’ gauge signals with the introduction of BR and GWR ground signals.

Megapoints’ Autosignal Controller

Megapoints Controllers has introduced a new modern colour light signal controller to its range of model railway electronics.

‘O’ gauge bracket signal EPs

Dapol has received the first working Engineering Prototype (EP) samples of its forthcoming servo-operated ‘O’ gauge bracket and junction signals for evaluation.

Routemex signals Review Premium

Routemex ‘pick and mix’

Routemex has introduced a new modular junction signal system to its range of ‘O’ gauge signal kits. Differing slightly from previous kits, the new system revolves around a junction signal post kit to which your choice of signal head and route indicator can be added.

Routemex adds ‘O’ gauge colour light shunting signals

Routemex has added a selection of ground position colour light shunting signal kits to complement its range of ‘O’ gauge signals.

Digital semaphores

Using readily available equipment Mike Wild shows how semaphore signals can be brought fully into the digital era in just six simple steps.