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Airfix Model World July 2021

Welcome to Airfix Model World July 2021 featuring full coverage of Airfix's re-released 1/72 Ju 87B-1 Stuka, AMK's stunning 1/48 F-14D Super Tomcat, Airfix's 1/35 US Military Tractor, exclusive model builds, scale modelling news, reviews and more. Read the full issue in PDF format here or dip into our reformatted online features for KeyModelWorld at your leisure.

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Airbrushing Part 1 - The Airbrush

AIRBRUSHING PART 1 In a highly useful instructional series, Jay Blakemore offers insightful tutorials on choosing and using airbrushes and compressors, based on his 40 years of experience. He begins with a look at the basics.

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Airbrushing Part 2 - Choosing and using

Having previously taken a first look at airbrushes and explaining some of their features, Jay Blakemore offers guidance on choosing the correct device for you.

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Airbrushing Part 3 - Under Pressure

AIRBRUSHING PART 3 - Under Pressure. By far the most important and costly piece of equipment a budding airbrush artist will buy is a compressor. Here, Jay Blakemore explains why, even armed with the best of airbrushes, good results will be difficult to obtain without an appropriate source of propulsion

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Airbrushing Part 4 - GETTING CONNECTED

Previously, Jay Blakemore looked at the many different options...

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Airbrushing Part 5 - Stripping for Action

AIRBRUSHING PART 5 - Stripping for Action: Just as every infantryman must learn to strip his weapon for cleaning, so must artists learn to dismantle their airbrush for the same purpose.

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Airbrushing Part 6 - Mastering Your Airbrush

AIRBRUSHING PART 6 - Mastering Your Airbrush: Having thoroughly cleaned our airbrush, it’s about time we started using it. In this penultimate tutorial Jay Blakemore explains the variables that must be considered when achieving a spray pattern: Paint mix (viscosity), air flow (pressure) and distance

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Airbrushing Part 7 - Help at Hand

AIRBRUSHING PART 7 - Help at Hand: In his final airbrushing article, Jay Blakemore examines available techniques and tools to aid your painting skills.

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Weather beaten

If decals can be said to enliven a model, then weathering is the way in which builders add ‘character’ by varying the finish to represent the effects of climate and/or usage.

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Marvellous Markings

Decals can supply the finishing touch to a project. Here we offer advice on how to get the best from kit markings.