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Modelling Operation Smash Hit

40 years ago, a spectacular test was conducted to prove the safety of moving nuclear flasks by rail. ALAN TAYLOR explains how he recreated the locomotive and coaches used in 4mm scale to mark the anniversary.

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‘King’ for Another Day

Everyday Swindon steam in the 1960s wasn’t as glossy and highly polished as the locomotives seen on heritage railways and enthusiast specials might suggest. TIM SHACKLETON fettles a ‘King’ into typical last-days condition.

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Grand Café

Detailing models can be a satisfying pastime and following a visit to Model World LIVE recently, DAN EVASON opts to create a realistic café interior in OO gauge.

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‘King’ for a day

TIM SHACKLETON pitches a classic locomotive from the early noughties against its present-day equivalent, using simple detailing techniques to bring the older model more into line with current expectations.

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Broad-Brush Approach

Giving models a realistic appearance doesn’t have to take long. TIM SHACKLETON shows how a ‘big picture’ approach using large brushes can create a lifelike look in minutes.

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Modelling Gresley 'V2' 60800 Green Arrow

Locomotive-specific detailing can still be added to improve the newest ready-to-run models even further. RICHARD HALL shows how you can upgrade Bachmann’s already excellent model of ‘V2’ Green Arrow in its preserved condition.

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Bespoke Barn Build

What do you do when there are no suitable buildings available as kits or ‘ready to plant’? DAN EVASON shows that making your own structure can be simple and provide a unique aspect to a layout.

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Quarry Hunslet Digital Sound

Fitting DCC sound in Bachmann’s tiny ‘OO9’ gauge model is difficult – but as John Gay explains, is possible, bringing it to life beautifully.

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Class 104 conversion – Part 2

Having already rebuilt the underframes as part of his Class 104 conversion, TIM SHACKLETON turns his attention to the bodywork. 3D-printed components come to his aid, as he explains.

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Modelling a West Coast Railtour

Railtours are a superb way of bringing variety to a layout. In the first of two step-by-step guides, RICHARD HALL shows how to recreate the railtour carriages  – which can be very different.

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Woodland on a Budget

Model trees are readily available, but DAN EVASON reckons you can make them yourself for pennies – as he demonstrates in this latest ‘OO’ gauge scene.

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Locoman Sounds for the Hornby BR ‘2MT’ 2-6-0

The recently released Hornby BR ‘2MT’ 2-6-0 is an attractive locomotive, but challenging for sound installation. MIKE WILD explains how he fitted a powerful speaker into the tender with an ESU chip from Locoman Sounds.

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Customising limited edition Class 40 40145

The Key Publishing limited edition model of 40145 in large logo blue prompted DAVID DOLMAN to take an already good model and make it even better.

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Class 104 Conversion

In a classic piece of hands-on modelling, TIM SHACKLETON takes a brutal-looking selection of saws, files and knives to an elderly Hornby model. In the first part, he tackles the chassis.

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Creating a Waterfall

For a very different feature on a layout, DAN EVASON shows how to create a stunning waterfall scene in this detailed step by step modelling guide.

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The short and winding road

A veritable spider’s web of country lanes links villages and farms in the countryside. DAN EVASON shows how to model one in 4mm scale.

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TIM SHACKLETON takes a scaled-down approach to giving ‘N’ gauge models a life-like finish.

Locoman Sounds GWR Manor sound demonstration video. Feature Premium

Speaker upgrade for the Accurascale ‘Manor’

Accurascale’s GWR ‘Manor’ 4-6-0 is a superb model, but it left room for improvement in the speaker setup. MIKE WILD shows how he fitted Locoman Sounds’ latest profile for these two-cylinder locomotives together with a speaker upgrade.

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MAKING A SCENE: Submerged Spitfire scene

DAN EVASON was inspired by a story to create this stunning scene in 4mm scale - which, with adaptation, could be set in any era from the dawn of flight to the present day.

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WORKBENCH: Tyne Dock steam finale

The Tyne Dock-Consett iron ore circuit has always fascinated modellers. TIM SHACKLETON blends consistency and variety within a nine-wagon rake of KR Models iron-ore hoppers.

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In the final part of his series, MALCOLM BRIGGS shows how to add the finishing touches to model structures to make them look as realistic as possible.

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Making a scene: Snow covering tips

Recent weather and the arrival of two new steam locomotives with snowploughs in the accessory pack prompted MIKE WILD to give Shortley Bridge’s viaduct scene a quick winter makeover.

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Making a Scene: Locomotive Rescue!

What do you do with a model beyond repair? DAN EVASON creates a scene of salvation in ‘OO’ scale using in the latest Making a Scene modelling guide.

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Cleaning Up Dirtying Down

Are you unhappy with factory weathering or unsure what to do about unwanted paint and pigments? If you want to change the appearance of your models, TIM SHACKLETON has the solution.

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MAKING A SCENE: Modelling a Pill box

As Britain braced for invasion, pill boxes were built to defend the country. DAN EVASON builds a scene in ‘OO’ gauge which also pays homage to a famous and much loved comedy series.

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Modelling a three-car Class 205 Thumper DEMU

Southern Region Class 205 DEMUs make popular and distinctive models. Ten years after the Bachmann/Kernow model was launched, TIM SHACKLETON adds an extra coach to create an authentic three-car set.

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Converting an American station for a British layout

Looking outside the usual sources for a building can reap big rewards. TIM SHACKLETON explains how Grosvenor Square’s imposing terminus building came into being using an American outline kit as the basis.

Building Grosvenor Square's platforms. Feature Premium

Grosvenor Square: Building platforms

There is a myriad of methods and materials which can be used to make model platforms. Mike Wild explains how with a combination of timber, plastic, card, resin and ballast the extensive platforms for Grosvenor Square were built.

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Building a low relief backdrop

Creating a backdrop to a railway scene doesn’t have to rely on printed or painted backscenes. Mike Wild explains how the low relief scene at the back of Grosvenor Square developed.

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Station detailing at Grosvenor Square

There are many ways to bring life to a station scene. Mike Wild offers 10 top tips to make your layout’s signature location stand out from the crowd.