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Narrow gauge ‘Large England’ for ‘OO9’

The charming ‘Large England’ 0-4-0STT is now available for ‘OO9’ modellers to replicate an ever more complete collection of Ffestiniog Railway locomotives. BEN CHURCH inspects this new Kato/Peco collaboration.

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Revolution hops to it with the HOA

Bulk aggregates freight wagons are essential additions to a modern day layout. MIKE WILD takes a closer look at the new Revolution Trains ‘OO’ gauge HOA.

Hornby Stanier Duchess for TT:120 scale Review Freemium

Hornby’s ‘TT:120’ scale ‘Duchess’ lands

Stanier’s ‘Princess Coronation’ 4-6-2s were giants of the steam age and the pinnacle of express passenger motive power for the London Midland & Scottish Railway (LMS). But does Hornby’s new ‘TT:120’ model match the raw power and elegance of the prototype? BEN CHURCH inspects this all-new arrival.

Hornby Caprotti Black Five for OO gauge. Review Premium

Caprotti ‘Black Five’ debut

For the first time modellers can add a ready-to-run Caprotti ‘Black Five’ to their collection with the arrival of the all-new Hornby model. BEN CHURCH finds out how good it is.

Hornby TT:120 scale Class 50 Review Premium

FIRST REVIEW: Hornby’s ‘TT:120’ Class 50

Hornby has ‘Hoovered’ up the ever-popular English Electric Class 50 for ‘TT:120’. MIKE WILD inspects this main line diesel locomotive for the growing scale.

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West Hill Wagon Works Lamps

Adding those finishing touches can really make a difference to a model and these new 4mm scale 3D-printed London and North Eastern Railway (LNER) and British Railways (BR) lamps from West Hill Wagon Works (WHWW) will do just that.

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Scale Model Scenery Greenhouse

Scale Model Scenery’s (SMS) range of 4mm scale laser-cut kits and detailing accessories is bolstered with this delightful new greenhouse.

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Graham Farish ‘Dance Hall’ Brake Van

New from Bachmann’s Graham Farish range is this South Eastern and Chatham Railway (SECR) ‘Dance Hall’ brake van for ‘N’ gauge.

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Rapido RCH 1907 Private Owner Wagons

These all-new ‘OO’ gauge wagons model prototypes of which many thousands were built. BEN CHURCH puts them to the test.

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Laser-cut semi-detached house fronts

Building upon previous laser-cut kits from Peco, this new 4mm scale semi-detached house kit provides an easy and simple way to add some highly detailed houses to your layout or diorama.

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Exclusive Rapido Five-Plank Open Wagon

B & H Models of Lincoln has taken delivery of a specially commissioned ‘OO’ gauge RCH private owner wagon by Rapido Trains UK, modelling a five-plank wagon carrying the livery of W. Grocock wagon agents, based in Gainsborough.

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Peco Unifrog Y turnout

New to Peco’s code 100 range of ‘OO’ gauge Streamline track is this new Unifrog small radius Y turnout.

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GWR Skaledale Lineside Buildings

Two new 4mm scale Great Western Railway (GWR) lineside buildings have recently been added to the Hornby Skaledale range.

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‘TT:120’ Stanier 50ft Full Brake

Hornby’s ‘TT:120’ range continues to go from strength to strength with the first of the LMS coaching stock arriving with the LMS 50ft Stanier Full Brake (BG).

Bachmann all-new Class 25 for OO gauge Review Premium

FIRST REVIEW: Bachmann’s all-new Class 25

The BR Sulzer Class 25 is a must-have locomotive for 1960s-1980s modellers and a new choice is arriving for ‘OO’ gauge with Bachmann. MIKE WILD inspects the all-new ‘Rat’ to assess its qualities.

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Strathclyde 101 Exclusive

Bachmann’s Collectors Club provides an ideal opportunity to offer something different to its members. For ‘N’ gauge modellers, this includes a three-car Class 101 DMU in Strathclyde PTE colours, as MARK CHIVERS discovers.

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Bachmann’s NG7 range debuts

A new suite of 7mm:1ft narrow gauge models is here. MARK CHIVERS assesses these important initial releases.

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EFE ‘Bloater’ Fish Van Sails In

Announced as part of the Bachmann Summer 2024 announcements (see pages 10-14), EFE Rail’s all-new ‘OO’ gauge Great Western Railway (GWR) ‘Bloater’ fish vans have arrived, filling a gap in GWR ready-to-run freight wagons.

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BR Blue and Grey Mk 3 Trailers

New from Hornby are further examples of its all-new ‘TT:120’ scale BR Mk 3 carriages (HM203), which are now available in BR’s classic blue and grey colour scheme from the Key Model World Shop.

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Heljan’s cutaway ‘O’ gauge ‘tractors’

The ever-popular Type 3s are now available in split headcode form with cutaway buffer beams for 'O' gauge. BEN CHURCH sees if its performance matches its looks.

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Hornby’s Steam Generator ‘P2’

Sound and smoke are now factory fitted with the arrival of Hornby’s steam generator Gresley ‘P2’ 2-8-2 2007 Prince of Wales. MIKE WILD takes this enticing new release for a spin and operation its capability in words, pictures and video.

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Hornby ZBA returns for OO gauge

Hornby’s ‘OO’ gauge ZBA ‘Rudd’ departmental wagon has made a welcome return to the range.

Rusty Rails railway engine blocks for OO gauge

Adding to the repertoire of 4mm scale 3D-printed accessories available from Rusty Rails is this underfloor engine suitable for Class 150, 153, 156 and 158 Diesel Multiple Units.

Hornby all-new OO gauge Stanier Black Five 4-6-0 Review Premium

Hornby’s all-new Stanier ‘Black Five’

The Stanier ‘Black Five’ was one of the biggest locomotive classes of the steam era and Hornby has turned fresh attention to this must-have mixed traffic 4-6-0. MIKE WILD pays close attention to this new arrival.

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Bachmann Collectors Club 08818

A GBRf ‘gronk’ is amongst the latest Bachmann exclusives. MARK CHIVERS checks whether its pulling power matches its looks.

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Banana Van Bonanza

Southern Railway banana vans are the latest additions to Accurascale’s rapidly expanding ‘OO’ gauge range. BEN CHURCH casts a glance at these ap-peel-ing new arrivals.

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Dapol ‘N’ gauge Class 59

The first of a pair of ‘59s’ is reviewed by MARK CHIVERS – but how does it compare to its new rival?

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Flying Scotsman: the amazing story of the world’s most famous locomotive

Eight years on from its last publication in print, Andrew Roden has re-released and remastered his bestselling volume Flying Scotsman in e-book form on Kindle and Apple iBooks, incorporating new information and insights and the locomotive’s career following its triumphant return to service in 2016.

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‘N15’ completes ‘Big Four’ Centenary collection

The final component of Hornby’s ‘Big Four’ collection, celebrating 100 years since the 1923 Grouping, arrived in early April with the release of its ‘OO’ gauge Southern Railway (SR) ‘N15’ 4-6-0 741 Joyous Gard (Cat No. R30273). 

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3D-Printed Cable Trunking

Expanding on its impressive roster of line-side detailing items comes a comprehensive suite of 4mm scale cable trunking from West Hill Wagon Works.