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HM169 Bachmann 4-BEP EMU Review Premium

Electric buffet

Bachmann's new ‘OO’ gauge 4-BEP Electric Multiple Unit is here, completing another important Southern Electric milestone. MARK CHIVERS casts his eye over this long-awaited new release.

HM169 Hornby GBL van Review Premium

Hornby renews the GBL

Hornby has replaced its ageing Tri-ang heritage model of the Southern Railway Gangwayed Bogie Luggage van with a brand-new tooling. GRAHAM MUSPRATT inspects this 2021 product range item.

Hornby Merchant Navy Review Premium

Wartime black for Hornby ‘MN’

Arriving hot on the heels of BR lined blue ‘Merchant Navy’ 35024 East Asiatic Company (HM168) is 21C7 Aberdeen Commonwealth in the altogether more austere SR wartime black. It was announced as part of the Hornby 2019 range announcement.

Hornby Peckett B2 0-6-0ST Review Premium

New Peckett 'B2s' arrive

The charming Peckett ‘B2’ 0-6-0ST is back from Hornby with a pair of new livery choices arriving in the shops during May. One of those is Port of Bristol Authority lined green 1264 Henry (Cat No. R3871).

Heljan O gauge Mk 1s Review Premium

Bogie upgrades for Heljan Mk 1s

Heljan has issued a new batch of 7mm scale Mk 1 carriages with two new designs of bogie. MIKE WILD takes a closer look at the First Corridor and Gangway Brake models.

HM169 Kato Class 800 Review Premium

Kato's Class 800 debut

Japanese manufacturer Kato isn’t a well known brand in British model railway circles with just one rolling stock product to its name for UK layouts. However, it has a new high-profile release for ‘N’ gauge: the Hitachi Class 800. MIKE WILD takes stock of this exciting new addition.

Revolution Trains Cemflo wagons Review Premium

Revolution Trains Cemflo wagons

Revolution Trains’ latest arrival for ‘N’ gauge models the Cemflo cement wagon. MIKE WILD checks over this attractive new release.

HM169 KMRC LSWR road van Review Premium

Kernow's LSWR Road Vans

The latest exclusive product to be created by Kernow Model Rail Centre is the LSWR Road Van for ‘OO’ gauge. MARK CHIVERS inspects this new release ahead of delivery in July.

Hornby Maglight lighting system Review Premium

Hornby Maglight lighting system

Following the release of its illuminated four and six-wheel carriages (HM164), Hornby has now released its bespoke magnetic LED lighting system as a standalone unit.

Natural Scenics track underlay Review Premium

Natural Scenics track underlay

Natural Scenics has added a new range of foam track underlay pieces to its range of ‘OO’ gauge materials and accessories. Manufactured from grey cellular foam, each part is pre-cut to match the geometry of the equivalent Hornby ‘OO’ gauge track piece.

Flat-pack Wickham Review Premium

Flat-pack Wickham

New from N Brass Locomotives is this ‘N’ gauge Wickham Type 27 permanent way trolley kit. Supplied as an etched metal fret, the pack contains all the main components to complete a detailed non-working 2mm scale example of these diminutive vehicles.

ModelU signalbox interior detailing Review Premium

ModelU signalbox interior detailing

ModelU has added a selection of signalbox interior parts to its range of 3D printed accessories. For review, we received a selection of 4mm scale items for fitting out the interior of a traditional signalbox.

Bespoke station signage Review Premium

Bespoke station signage

Pacific Models is offering a new custom service to customers wishing to create their own bespoke station signage in any scale. Prototype or fictitious names can be incorporated into the design, together with a choice of regional BR colours, for the background.

HM169 North West Rail Atlas Review Premium

North West Rail Atlas

A recent addition from Crecy is this impressively detailed Liverpool & Manchester Railway Atlas.Despite the title, this atlas actually covers more than just those two cities, with the extremities included chosen on a route basis.

HM169 LB&SCR carriages book Review Premium

LB&SCR Carriages

New from the Historical Model Railway Society (HMRS) is the fourth volume on London Brighton & South Coast Railway (LB&SCR) carriages, which focuses on bogie passenger vehicles between 1906 and 1924.

HM169 SR 0-6-0 goods locomotives book Review Premium

SR 0-6-0 freight engines

Freight locomotives may not have appeared as glamorous as their express passenger counterparts, yet some featured distinctive characteristics all of their own, such as the Southern Railway’s ‘Q1’ 0-6-0s.

HM169 Swindon Rail Scene book review Review Premium

Swindon Rail Scene

SWINDON has long held a fascination as a rail centre, especially in the years before the GWR’s famous Works closed. As this latest picture volume’s title suggests, the book aims to cover a significant period in Swindon’s railway heritage - 1971 to 1989.

Review Premium

Metro Matters

Remarkably, 2020 marked the 40th anniversary of the opening of the first stretch of the Tyne and Wear Metro in Newcastle. Colin Alexander is the author of this new book from Amberley about the light railway system.

WR Freight Trains book Review Premium

1980s WR Freight

This new collection of photographs compiled by Kevin Redwood recalls the variety of freight trains on BR’s Western Region throughout the 1980s. During this period, much of the rolling stock was replaced by air-braked vehicles and a good variety of these have been captured, as well as some of the older vehicles which were on borrowed time.

HM168 Coronation Scot carriages Review Premium

Hornby models the ‘Coronation Scot'

Authentic models of the stunning blue and silver ‘Coronation Scot’ carriages have long been wanted for ‘OO’ gauge. MIKE WILD inspects Hornby’s all-new set of models for this famous train.

HM168 Trains 4U Warflat wagons Review Premium

Wonderful Warflats

Trains4U has received its exclusive model of the PFB/KFA ‘Warflat ’ for ‘OO’ gauge. MARK CHIVERS reviews this new arrival.

Review Premium

Blue 'Merchant' arrives

For the first time since 2017, a new version of Hornby’s sought-after Bulleid airsmoothed ‘Merchant Navy’ has arrived. MIKE WILD takes a closer look at 35024.

Review Premium

Lionheart’s Mk 1s

2021 marks 70 years since introduction of the British Railways Mk 1 carriage design and Lionheart Trains has just delivered the first of its all-new ‘O’ gauge ready-to-run models. MIKE WILD finds out if these could be the definitive version for 7mm scale.

HM168 SMS terrace shop Review Premium


New from Scale Model Scenery (SMS) is this 4mm scale laser-cut multifront terrace shop kit. This latest addition to the SMS range of model accessories and kits builds into a standalone terrace shop with rear porch.

Gaugemaster ballaster Review Premium

Gaugemaster ballaster

Gaugemaster has launched laser-cut track ballasting tool, suitable for ‘N’ and ‘OO’ gauge use, to its range of model railway accessories. Supplied flat-packed on stout laser-cut MDF frets, the parts build up into sturdy units thanks to their slot and tab design.

SMS platform shelter Review Premium

SMS’ platform shelter

New from Scale Model Scenery is this 4mm scale laser-cut wooden platform shelter kit. Based on a North Eastern Region prototype at Robin Hood’s Bay in North Yorkshire, the kit is formed of laser-cut wooden components on three frets of varying thicknesses.

HM168 SMS Skate Park Review Premium

SMS Skate Park

New to the Scale Model Scenery (SMS) range of model railway kits and accessories is this 4mm scale skate or BMX park.

Point machines Review Premium

LOC cabinets and point machines for 'O'

If you are looking for a few finishing touches to a lineside scene, these new ‘O’ gauge relay cabinets and point machines from Old Duffer's Chuffers certainly fit the bill.

DMG lighting strip Review Premium

DMG lighting strip

DMG Electech has introduced a new interior lighting strip. It is designed for use with ‘OO’ gauge multiple units and coaching stock and this latest offering differs from many of the similar products on the market in that it is made up of individual LED Printed Circuit Boards.

DRM speedometer Review Premium

DRM speedometer

If you have ever wondered how fast your model locomotives are travelling, then wonder no more as this digital speed sensor should provide the answer.