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Armco-style safety barriers

Scale Model Scenery has added a pack of 4mm scale Armco-style safety barriers to its collection of laser-cut detailing accessories.

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Class 67s

NEW from Key Books is this picture volume showcasing the Spanish-built 3,200hp Class 6 Bo-Bo diesel locomotives.

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SANKEY SCENICS has now added a selection of customisable pub signs to the range, enabling you to add your own bespoke 4mm scale public house to a layout.

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The Railway through the Central Highlands

THE Central Highlands are the focus for this new picture book from Amberley Publishing, primarily focusing on the stretch of railway between Perth and Inverness.

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3D printed oil barrel racks

Amongst West Hill Wagon Works’ recent additions to its range of 3D printed accessories is this collection of 4mm scale oil barrels and racks.


The Crewe-built Class 91 Bo-Bo AC electrics have been a daily part of the East Coast Main Line scene since 1988, and they are still in front line service today. Hornby has gone back to the drawing board to create a brand-new model for ‘OO’. MIKE WILD finds out more.

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Modelling British Railways: Volume 5

NOW available is this latest volume of the popular Modelling British Railways series of Modellers Guides from Key Publishing, dedicated to the varied departmental fleet of carriages and track machines.

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Megafret magnets

West Hill Wagon Works’ magnetic Hunt Couplings range is bolstered with a new pack of Elite dual polarity couplings designed for Dapol’s ‘OO’ gauge IKA Megafret container flat wagons.

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Modelu miners

New to the Modelu range of 3D-printed finescale figures is this collection of coal miners.

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Peco’s Small England for 'OO9' gauge

Peco’s hugely anticipated Small England ‘OO9’ gauge locomotive arrives -but does this little engine live up to big expectations? RICHARD WATSON takes a closer look at this exciting new narrow gauge model.

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Edwardian Steam

CONSIDERED by many to be the golden age of steam, the Edwardian era witnessed much change on the railways, especially in terms of the motive power as new more powerful locomotives were developed.

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Rapido’s SECR Open Wagons for 'OO'

Rapido Trains UK has rapidly followed up its debut wagon releases with newly-tooled ‘OO’ gauge South Eastern & Chatham Railway five and seven-plank open wagons. MARK CHIVERS takes a closer look.

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SHUNTERS - The Hornby Class 08 diesel

The Hornby Class 08 diesel shunter is a must-have for any layout set after 1952. MIKE WILD inspects two new arrivals offering eye-catching modern liveries on this popular part of the Hornby ‘OO’ gauge range.

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Accurascale’s 'OO' gauge ‘Deltic' debut

The legendary Class 55 ‘Deltic’ is Accurascale’s first ready-to-run powered model for ‘OO’ gauge – and what a model it is. MIKE WILD brings you the full story on what could be the definitive ‘Deltic’.

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NCE Powercab caddy

New from Hobbytrax is this 3D printed controller caddy designed for the NCE Powercab system.

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BR Mk 1 and Mk 2 coaching stock

HUGH Longworth’s previously outof-print reference work on British Rail Mk 1 and Mk 2 coaching stock makes a welcome return to the Crecy portfolio, with this fully revised edition.

Hornby Sentinel 0-6-0DH for OO gauge Review Premium

Hornby’s new Sentinel 0-6-0DH sails in

Despite only being announced in January, Hornby’s newly-tooled ‘OO’ gauge Sentinel 0-6-0DH has arrived with retailers. MARK CHIVERS casts a glance over this latest addition to the range.

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Heljan’s heavy weight ‘Grid’ Class 56 for 'O' gauge

The 3,300hp Class 56s brought new power to Britain’s freight traffic and a distinctive engine note with their turbo charged Ruston Paxman engine. MIKE WILD inspects Heljan’s eagerly awaited first ready-to-run model of the Type 5 for ‘O’ gauge.

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Hornby revises its Gresley ‘A3’

The Gresley ‘A1’/‘A3’ 4-6-2s are a longstanding part of the Hornby range, but this year they have been upgraded with newly tooled components and firebox flicker. MIKE WILD checks out the first two arrivals.

Dapol Class 121 for O gauge Review Premium

Dapol’s 'Bubble' expands with 'O' gauge Class 121

The single-car Class 121 DMU is one of the most colourful and long-lived first generation multiple units to run on the railway network. MIKE WILD inspects Dapol’s brand-new offering for ‘O’ gauge.

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KMS Railtech has commissioned a series of exclusive EWS era Cavalex steel wagons for ‘OO’ gauge. MIKE WILD takes a closer look at these modern era BBA and BLA wagons.

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Rapido debuts its Gunpowder van for 'OO' gauge

The first ready-to-run ‘OO’ gauge freight wagon from Rapido Trains UK has arrived – the RCH gunpowder van. MIKE WILD inspects this new release.

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Oxford Rail’s Great Eastern box vans

Oxford Rail has completed its newly-tooled ‘OO’ gauge Great Eastern Railway 10ton covered van. MARK CHIVERS checks out this latest release.

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Oxford Rail ‘Pilchard’ debuts

Oxford Rail’s eagerly-awaited ‘OO’ gauge ‘Pilchard’ engineers’ wagon has arrived. MARK CHIVERS examines this new addition to the range.

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The BR HAA merry-go-round hopper is an icon of the freight scene as much as the HST is for passenger trains. MIKE WILD inspects the first of Accurascale’s all-new ‘OO’ gauge models of these longlived coal wagons.

Hornby rebuilt W1 4-6-4 Review Premium

Hornby’s rebuilt ‘W1’ 4-6-4s

We’ve seen the original condition model of Gresley’s unique 4-6-4 and now Hornby has delivered its enticing version of the rebuilt locomotive. MIKE WILD inspects the ‘W1’ with ‘A4’ style streamlined casing with video of the first models in action on our test track.

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Revolution's 'OO' gauge IWA timber wagons

Having recently reviewed Revolution Trains’ newly-tooled ‘OO’ gauge IWA Sfins2 holdall ferry vans (HM177), the later IWA Rfnoos timber carrier conversions are also now available.

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Revolution IWAs

‘N’ gauge modellers are in for a treat with Revolution Trains’ new IWA wagons. MARK CHIVERS inspects these latest arrivals.

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West Hill Wagon Works magnetic APT couplings

West Hill Wagon Works has worked its magic with a new range of magnetic couplings to suit the recently released Hornby ‘OO’ gauge model of the Class 370 Advanced Passenger Train.

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West Hill Wagon Works 3D printed railings

West Hill Wagon Works has added a set of 4mm scale 3D-printed contemporary key clamp safety railings to its expanding range of model details and accessories.