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Hornby's Hitachi Sentinel for 'OO' gauge

Hornby’s Sentinel 0-4-0DH shunter is back in a unique livery modelling the Hitachi branded locomotive from Ashford. MIKE WILD explores this new arrival.

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Hornby Farewell tour HST

Hornby is bidding farewell to its outgoing HST tooling in style with this power car pack to model the LNER ‘Lets Go Round Again’ tour which took place over four days in December 2019.

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Heljan Class 86 sequel - the Class 86/4

The English Electric Class 86 AC electrics went through numerous changes during their long careers. Heljan’s latest new-tool version models the Class 86/4 sub-class which MIKE WILD reviews.

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Hornby’s centenary year catalogue came with the enticing prospect of a brand-new model of the famous Class 370 Advanced Passenger Train and now it is here. MIKE WILD leans in to find out more with brand-new video from the Hornby Magazine Workshop.

Bachmann VEA box van Review Premium

Bachmann’s ‘OO’ VEA box van

FIRST REVIEW: The BR VEA box van is the latest all-new tooling to arrive for ‘OO’ gauge from Bachmann. Mike Wild takes a closer look at one example.

Hobby Trax Loco Go Review Premium

Loco Go makes Locos Go!

There is nothing more frustrating than intermittent locomotive pick-up issues and this recent addition to the Hobby Trax range – Loco Go – may help.

Presier vending machine figures Review Premium

Preiser vending machine scene figures

New to the Preiser ‘HO’ scale range of exclusive figure sets is this pack containing two vending machines.

Gaugemaster 3D-printed skips for 'N' and 'OO' Review Premium

Gaugemaster 3D-printed skips for 'N' and 'OO'

Gaugemaster’s ‘OO’ gauge Structures and Kestrel ‘N’ gauge ranges now feature a selection of 3D-printed items, including these colourful rubbish skips.

Brimal components magnetic sensor Review Premium

Brimal components magnetic sensor

Brimal Components’ range of model railway electronics is bolstered with this useful magnetic sensor device which is intended for use below the track.

Pivoting Elite couplings Review Premium

Hunts pivoting magnetic Elite couplings

West Hill Wagon Works’ extensive range of ‘OO’ gauge magnetic Hunt Couplings contains a staggering variety of types, including two useful packs of pivoting magnetic couplings.

JS Models laser cut roof slates Review Premium

JS Models laser-cut roof slates

JS Models has added a selection of pre-cut roof slates to its growing range of 7mm and 4mm scale laser-cut kits and detailing.

Heljan's Rail Adventure IGA Cargowaggon flat wagons Review Premium

Heljan's Rail Adventure IGA Cargowaggon flat wagons

A new batch of Cargowaggon IGAs has arrived for ‘OO’. MIKE WILD inspects the fascinating Rail Adventure twin pack.

Railways of South West Scotland Review Premium

BOOK REVIEW: Railways of South West Scotland

NEW from Key Books, this latest picture volume focuses on the rail network in and around South West Scotland For added variety, the authors have opted to reflect the areas in two specific time periods – 1960 to 1980 and 2001-2021.

Woodhead Lament Review Premium

BOOK REVIEW: Woodhead Lament

For fans of the much missed Woodhead route between Manchester and Sheffield, this all-new picture album is sure to prove popular - especially for those who knew the line.

Edward Thompson: Wartime CME Review Premium

BOOK REVIEW: Edward Thompson: Wartime CME

New from Strathwood Publishing is this detailed work on Edward Thompson, the London and North Eastern Railway’s (LNER) controversial - to some - Chief Mechanical Engineer (CME), during the Second World War.

Rail Freight in Hampshire Review Premium

BOOK REVIEW: Rail Freight in Hampshire

Hampshire's rail network has generated a considerable amount of freight traffic through the years – and continues to do so. This latest book from Amberley recalls some of the highlights from the 1980s to the present day.

HST: The train that saved Britain’s railways Review Premium

BOOK REVIEW: HST - The train that saved Britain’s railways

New from Crecy Publishing is this colourful photographic tribute to British Rail’s InterCity 125 High Speed Train (HST). Following its introduction to service in 1976, the HST transformed InterCity services, acting in an almost ambassadorial way and this book relives that story.

London's Historic Railway Terminal Stations Review Premium

BOOK REVIEW: London’s Historic Railway Terminal Stations

If the magnificence of London’s terminus stations fascinates you, then this illustrated history from Pen and Sword is bound to be of interest.

Hornby East Coast surrogate DVT R40162 Review Premium

Hornby's East Coast Surrogate DVT for ‘OO’

The arrival of the Class 91s in 1988 heralded the start of a new era of electric traction on the East Coast Main Line (ECML) and Hornby is marking that with the arrival of its model of surrogate Driving Van Trailer 43013 as a solo item.

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BOOK REVIEW: How a Steam Locomotive Works

If you have ever wondered how a steam locomotive works, then this book should provide the necessary insight.

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BOOK REVIEW: The Class 37s by Key Publishing

This recent picture volume from Key Books focuses on British Rail’s popular English Electric Type 3s in later years.

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BR Blue: The North in Focus

British Rail's operations in northern Britain through the late 1970s and early 1980s are the focus of this recent book from Amberley Publishing, with plenty of BR blue diesel and electric traction on view.

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BOOK REVIEW: Rail Freight: Scotland

While there has been much change to the rail freight scene in Scotland, there is still plenty to be positive about and this latest picture album from Key Books helps reflect this.

Heljan O gauge Class 31 Review Premium

REVIEWED: Heljan's refurbished Class 31 for 'O'

The Brush built Class 31s are popular and long-lived locomotives which have carried a huge number of colour schemes. MIKE WILD inspects the all-new model of the A1A-A1A design in refurbished form for 7mm scale from Heljan.

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Dapol releases Vanwides and VEAs for 'O' gauge

Dapol's long-awaited ‘O’ gauge BR 12ton Vanwide ventilated box van is finally here, adding a new wagon to the manufacturer’s portfolio.

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Revolution IWAs arrive

The IWA holdall bogie vans are the latest ‘OO’ gauge ready-to-run freight wagons to dock with Revolution Trains. MIKE WILD reviews these new arrivals.

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Rails’ Caley ‘812’ is here!

Pure Scottish based ready-to-run locomotives are rare, but Rails of Sheffield has bucked the trend with this magnificent ‘OO’ gauge commission from Bachmann. MIKE WILD discovers what this longstanding 0-6-0 has to offer together with video of the model in action.

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Hornby LNER ‘Azuma’ Class 800/2 arrives

New liveries have been hotly anticipated on the Hornby Class 800 unit. RICHARD WATSON inspects the first LNER liveried set to arrive for 'OO' gauge.

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Cavalex Models BLA for 'OO'

The BLA steel coil carriers first appeared as an exclusive limited edition with Rails of Sheffield, but now they are available widely from Cavalex retailers. MIKE WILD takes a look at this exceptionally detailed follow up to the BBA.

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BOOK REVIEW: Class 442s: The Wessex Electrics

New from Key Books is this title dedicated to British Rail’s Class 442 Electric Multiple Units (EMUs).