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Huntley and Palmers Peckett train pack

Hornby's eagerly-awaited limited edition ‘OO’ Huntley and Palmers locomotive and wagons pack arrived in the shops in December 2019. We take a closer look at this new addition to the Hornby Peckett 'W4' line up.

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Hatton’s Gresley ‘A3’ debuts

Could this be Hatton’s most exciting model yet? MIKE WILD puts the new Heljan produced Hatton’s Originals Gresley ‘A3’ 4-6-2 for ‘O’ gauge through its paces.

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Scale Model Scenery sliding security gates

Reminiscent of the style of ornate gates used at railway stations, underground stations and some older style lifts, this new Scale Model Scenery pack contains enough parts to create one partially open and two closed gates.

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Busch mistletoe trees

Busch has added a pair of ‘HO’ scale mistletoe trees to its range of model railway detailing accessories.

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’OO’ GAUGE Caledonian teal for Class 92

Hornby has delivered a new batch of Class 92 dual-voltage Co-Co electrics for ‘OO’ gauge modelling three of the latest colour schemes to adorn these 1990s built locomotives.

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BR purple for Hornby Gresley ‘A4’

British Railways' early experimental liveries make a great subject for a model and Hornby has reproduced one of its more eye-catching schemes on its ‘OO’ gauge Gresley ‘A4’ 4-6-2 modelling 60028 Walter K Whigham.

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SMS 4ft post and rail fencing

Recently added to Scale Model Scenery’s range of laser-cut kits is this pack of 4ft high post and rail fencing.

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Bachmann delivers 45ton steam crane

For the first time since 1982, ‘OO’ gauge has a brand new large steam crane with the arrival of Bachmann’s high specification model of the 45ton Ransomes and Rapier crane. MIKE WILD inspects this new arrival and learns what it can do.

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Cyber clean your models

New to the Busch range of scenic products is this cleaning product. Cyber Clean is designed to be a simple to use cleaning product suitable for removing dust and dirt from models, buildings, scenery and more.

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International miniature food festival

A series of four food catering trailers have been released for the Lima/Jouef and Arnold N brands owned by Hornby.

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Lifcolor BR-period acrylic paints

Modellers will argue till the cows come home about the exact shade of paint used by railway companies. If you don’t have the time or patience to mix your own, these new sets by Lifecolor will more than satisfy most people.

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Scale Model Scenery culverts

Scale Model Scenery’s range of laser-cut card kits includes these useful 4mm scale culverts.

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BR black for Oxford ‘N7’

New in from Oxford Rail is the third version of the Hill ‘N7’ 0-6-2T for ‘OO’ gauge.

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Peter’s Spares

‘Go to’ model railway spares specialist, Peter’s Spares of Middlesbrough has supplemented the many thousands of items stocked, by sourcing replacement parts for older Hornby and Lima models.

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‘OO’ Provincial Super Sprinter

Realtrack Models' popular ‘OO’ gauge Class 156 Super Sprinter Diesel Multiple Unit (DMU) has been backdated and is now available in British Rail (BR) Provincial Sector livery.

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The Flying Dustman

The second Gaugemaster Collection ‘N’ gauge Class 66 is 66783 The Flying Dustman in its unique Biffa red and orange colour scheme.

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Hornby Class 87 gets Virgin colours

The third Class 87 to be released using Hornby’s all-new 2018 introduced tooling is 87019 Sir Winston Churchill.

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Dapol's 'O' gauge GWR '14XX'

The latest ready-to-run ‘O’ gauge steam locomotive from Dapol is the classic Great Western Railway branch line passenger engine – the Collett ‘14XX’ 0-4-2T. MIKE WILD puts this high specification 7mm scale model through its paces.

Class 43 power cars Review Premium

Inter7City HST power cars

Hornby has delivered the first of its presentday Class 43 HST power car sets for ‘OO’ gauge modelling the ScotRail Inter7City liveried locomotives.

Class 37/4 from Heljan Review Premium

Heljan’s ‘O’ gauge Class 37/4


The fleet of 31 ETH fitted Class 37/4s have had a strong following since their introduction in the mid-1980s. MIKE WILD reviews Heljan’s new 7mm scale model of this popular class which is bringing a fresh splash of colour to its range.

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Kernow D600 'Warships’

The wait is over and the range of ‘OO’ gauge diesel-hydraulics is now complete with the arrival of Kernow Model Rail Centre’s model of the original North British D600 series ‘Warships’. MIKE WILD inspects this brand-new arrival.

Heljan Mogul Review Premium

Heljan’s Great Western ‘Mogul’

The second ‘O’ gauge steam locomotive from the Heljan stable is due to arrive in January. MIKE WILD inspects this enticing new model of the Great Western Railway ‘43XX’ 2-6-0.