Warship Diesel Hydraulics

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Hatherleigh Junction - Western Region Gauge 1

BOB HUNTER opted for Gauge 1 for his fictional North Devon station and the results are a spectacular showcase of what can be achieved in large scales.

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Giving Kernow's D600 'Warship' Bulldog its bark

Locomotives with 21-pin decoders sometimes require a different approach to connecting a speaker. MIKE WILD explains all with Kernow Model Rail Centre’s ‘OO’ gauge model of the D600 ‘Warship’ diesel-hydraulic.

More ‘Warships’ for Kernow

Kernow Model Rail Centre is releasing new versions of its award-winning ‘OO’ gauge D600 ‘Warship’ A1A-A1A diesels.

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Kernow D600 'Warships’

The wait is over and the range of ‘OO’ gauge diesel-hydraulics is now complete with the arrival of Kernow Model Rail Centre’s model of the original North British D600 series ‘Warships’. MIKE WILD inspects this brand-new arrival.