Slave I Main Nozzles

By: Greenstrawberry

Item no: 01115 Price: US$12.10

Modellers wanting a quick upgrade for their FineMolds or Bandai Slave I kits will find Greenstrawberry’s three-piece resin ensemble ideal. There are two circular exhausts, plus a large oval nozzle, and the casting is superb, with the detail being far superior to the admittedly excellent styrene parts – the larger unit is notable for the refined features on its rear panel, and the recessed ‘lip’ is captured accurately. Just minor surgery is needed to the spacecraft’s underside, but this is identified clearly in the instructions.


Spitfire Mk.I Undercarriage

By: Aerocraft Models

Item no: N/A Price: £9

While Tamiya’s newly tooled 1/48 Spitfire Mk.I is an absolute gem (see AMW May 2019 for a full build feature), the one potential structural weak point was the main undercarriage, so Aerocraft’s brass replacements should ease any structural concerns. The casting is superb, with pouring stubs to remove, after that it’s a straightforward replacement for the styrene part, and this is far more robust than white metal equivalents. As a bonus, there’s also a complete tailwheel unit, again cast as a single-part item.


Spruce with Trunk

By: Model Scene

Item no: SK200 Price: £23.60

Here’s a great accessory for any small-scale scene, in the form of five pre-assembled/coloured spruce trees, complete with denuded lower branches and a thickly leaved conical crown. The heights are between 180-200mm (73⁄32 - 77⁄8in), making them ideal for dioramas between 1/100 and 1/72. Modellers wanting to make their own trunks can use SM200, or use them to portray the edges of a copse/forest; SK202 could also be used in this manner, as it includes a short trunk.


Spitfire F.Mk.22/24

By: Eduard

Item no: 49924 Price: £15.38

If Airfix’s recent releases have any shortfalls, it’s the use of decals for instrument panels, but Eduard rectifies this with a delightful double photo-etched metal fret package. The pre-painted frame caters mainly for the pilot’s console (including gloss-varnished dials), while the plain brass fret provides a scribing template for the Mk.22’s incorrectly positioned radio hatch. There’s also a new pilot’s seat, undercarriage bay extras and new radiator grilles.


F-16A/B C/D Block 25/32/42 P&W Exhaust Open/Closed

By: KA Models

Item no: MA48057 Price: US$39

While most exhaust nozzles claiming to be open/closed provide parts essentially for just one item, KA-Models’ value product includes enough for two full units. Each comprises three exquisite 3D-printed resin components; the afterburner ring, pipe and converge/ diverge nozzle assembly, all of which feature interior and exterior detail as appropriate. There is even a pre-cut self-adhesive paint mask set to protect the ‘turkey’ plates while colouring the remainder of each nozzle. These are designed for Tamiya’s F-16C Block 25/32 and C/N Block 32/42 kits.


M4A3E8Easy Eight

By: Hauler

Item no: HLX48389 Price: €16.60

The concept of upgrading Tamiya’s excellent 1/48 M4A3E8 might seem a challenge, but Hauler has achieved it with a busy photo-etched brass fret. Mud flaps, grab handles and tool straps/clasps are replaced, while the styrene.50 cal machine gun gets a major makeover, including new perforated cooling jacket, swivel mount, ammunition case and triggers. There’s also a new pedestal for the turret-mounted.30 cal weapon, plus a new rear stowage shelf, (complete with attachment brackets) and light/ vision block guards.


US 300gal Fuel Tanks

By: Brengun

Item no: BRL48105 Price: €19.66

Most US Navy attack jets between the 1960s and 1990s carried common 300 US gal (1,135.6 lit) drop tanks. Despite this, kit offerings are surprisingly inaccurate, so Brengun’s 27-piece ensemble (enough for three tanks) should prove popular. Two configurations are provided (finned/rounded) – and separate tails are supplied. When combined with the possible fin combinations (from one to four), it opens a wealth of options.


Fw 190A-5/U12 Gun Pods

By: Eduard

Item no: 672196 Price: £7.86

Designed to fit its own Fw 190A-5s, Eduard’s resin and photo-etched brass 20mm MG 131/20 gun packs enables a -U12 bomber-attack subvariant to be built – an option that hasn’t previously been available. Each pod comprises a single-piece outer resin cover, with two resin guns/barrels and photo-etched brass hinge mounts. Best of all, there is a set of decals representing the aircraft flown by Lt Erich Hondt, 2./JG 11, Husum, Germany during October 1943, which features a white rear fuselage and fin, with Eduard’s 70116 Fw 190A-5 ProfiPACK suggested as the base kit.


Chance Vought F4U Corsair Electronics and 3D Parts Kit

By: Magic Scale Modeling

Item No: N/A Price: €83


With its combination of cuttingedge miniature electronics and intuitive ‘plug-and-play’ design/ assembly, this light/sound package (designed for any 1/32 Corsair) represents the next generation when compared with similar offerings. From the integrated stereo speaker, to the pre-configured electronics board (with pre-programmed startup/ shut-down engine/lighting sequences), the aim is to make adding such a comprehensive upgrade as simple as possible.

Everything is provided; extension cables (allowing power to be input via the tailwheel or main undercarriage), double-sided selfadhesive strips and UV-activated glue (to secure parts within the airframe). The innovations don’t stop there, as there is a tiny 7mm diameter drum-style electric motor (with adapter to fit the kit propeller) and Nano LEDs (just one of the six sets is shown) for the navigation, landing and instrument panel lights. It’s all brought together via a comprehensive instruction guide, and the numbered sockets make assembly intuitive, regardless of experience levels with such electronic accessories. This is also available separately without the sound package for €59.



By: Hauler Item no: HLH35111

Price: €15.74

Comprising just eight finely cast resin components and five photoetched (PE) brass parts, Hauler’s safe is ideal for any ‘Kelly’s Heroes’-style scene, or perhaps a damaged store diorama. The casting is first rate, and while the pour block will take time to remove from the main body, the detail, notably on the hinges and castor wheels, is crisp. All interior shelves and boxes are supplied on the PE fret, while decals replicate the painted goldcoloured filigree on the safe door.


British Tanks Disruptive Camouflage 1936-45 Set 2

By: LifeColor

Item No: CS44

Price: £17.99


LifeColor’s second compilation for British tanks caters for those vehicles operated in France and the UK, and provides six 22ml bottles of acrylic paint. The colours are: UA270 SCC 15 Olive Drab, UA271 SCC 14 Blue-Black, UA272 Light Mud Provisional, UA273 SCC 2 Brown, UA274 SCC 1A Very Dark Brown and UA275 24 Deep Bronze Green. This mix of tones should enable modellers to replicate any camouflage scheme worn by British tanks in the European Theatre of Operations during World War Two.


Flexy 5K CA

By: Vantage Modelling Solutions

Item No: N/A Price: €8.90 each


Accessory specialist VMS Supplies has a range of cyanoacrylate (CA) adhesives, with 25ml bottles of thin, standard and slow-drying cement intended for use with photo-etched metal components, plus one optimised for attaching resin components. Modellers may find this last item of greater use though, as its bond isn’t as rigid as most CA products. Each bottle has an integral nozzle dispenser, which allows for fine applications, although specialised applicators are available elsewhere.


Defiant Pilots Seat with Belts


Item no: Q48336 Price: €4.80

Modellers wanting a simple upgrade to their Airfix 1/48 Defiant cockpits may wish to consider CMK’s seat with belts. Part of the firm’s ‘Quick and Easy’ line, it provides a single seat with integrally cast straps, and a separate yoke to link it to the tensioning cylinder. The casting and detail are splendid, and the intercom cable and seat buckles are clearly discernible, while the seat is far finer than the styrene original. This product is also available without harnesses (Q48337).


Spitfire Mk.IX Wheels 5-spoke w/ smooth Tire

By: Eduard

Item No: 632127 Price: £7.81


Intended for Tamiya’s highquality 1/32 Spitfire Mk.IX kits, Eduard’s resin upgrade supplies a single-piece tailwheel and three-part mainwheels; the latter have separate inner/outer hubs, easing painting greatly. The cast detail is excellent, with manufacturer and tyre details on the sidewalls, while the mainwheel outer hubs feature accurate bolt heads and spokes. All are drop-in replacements for the kit parts, although the locating hole for the main landing gear legs may require minor modification to fit.


Commercial Boxes II

By: Plus Model

Item no: 517 Price: €3.90

Product packaging is an everyday item, at times seemingly invisible, but particularly noticeable when TVs, computers, electrical tools and kitchen products are concerned. Plus Model has catered for this with a single A6 sheet, which offers five different box types; three feature artwork for TVs, and there’s an electric planer and coffee maker to complete the mix. Each must be cut from the surrounding paper, then folded into the correct shape.


Desk & Filing Cabinet

By: ResiCAST

Item No: 35.2408 Price: €15.50


Here’s a great product for any civilian office or military headquarters scene, comprising a roller-topped desk and a Kardex filing unit. The latter is delightful single-piece casting, while the former comprises a main frame (with integrally cast writing surface and two letter shelves), pullout drawer, two cupboard doors, roller cover, handles and four ‘feet’. All parts are produced to the firm’s typically high standards, with clever positioning of pour stubs to minimise warping of the thin doors


B-P Defiant Weapon Turret


Item No: 4365 Price: €10.30


Arguably there isn’t much to improve on Airfix’s delightful quarter-scale Defiant, but CMK’s all-resin upgrade addresses perceived deficiencies in the aft turret detail. Comprising just 14 finely cast pieces, it replicates the internal gun mounts and rotating mechanism, providing the turret ring, quad-gun assembly and four lovely.303 Browning machine guns. Several kit parts, notably the turret glazing and gunner’s footrests, require minor modification to accommodate the new items, but otherwise this can be regarded as a drop-in replacement.


Arid & Dusty Soils


Item No: A.MIG-7440 Price: €11.85


Comprising three 35ml bottles, AMMO-MIG’s Arid & Dusty Soils is part of its Mud & Earth Sets series and allows modellers to recreate mud and splashes on any model/diorama, in this case, those with a desert/dry climate, so pale tones predominate. There are two medium-density ‘Splashes’ products, A.MIG- 1750 Dry Earth and A.MIG-1751 Dry Steppe and, as the names suggest, they are best used to create spattering effects. A.MIG- 1700 Dry Light Soil has a much heavier consistency, so could be either dry brushed, stippled or applied in thick layers.


Fw 190A-6 to A-9, F and D Mainwheels – Ribbed

By: BarracudaCast

Item No: BR32358 Price: US$9.95


Barracuda’s resin mainwheels are designed to fit any of the Hasegawa or Revell 1/32 Fw 190 kits and are direct replacements for the styrene items. This particular release provides two wheels with ribbed tyres and the cast detail is exquisite, with accurate renditions of the brake housings and even the tyre inflation valve on the outer hub, which also features convincing bolt heads.


He 111H-6 Exterior

By: Eduard

Item No: 48957 Price: £17.26


ICM’s 1/48 He 111 kits are the best in the scale, but even the latest moulding techniques have shortfalls, and Eduard’s two-fret package concentrates on improving detail in the bomber’s undercarriage bays and legs, engine filters and bombs. Given the comprehensive nature of this product, there is surprisingly little cutting required to the styrene parts, and extras include new bay liners and fittings, hydraulic cables, and new reinforcing strips for the bomb fins. It could also be used with most of ICM’s other He 111 releases.


P-38M Lightning.50 cal Brownings and 20mm Cannon Tips

By: Master Model

Item No: AM-48-115 Price: £4.70


Designed for Academy’s P-38M, this beautiful turned brass set provides barrels for four latestyle.50 cal machine guns (lacking cooling jackets) and a single 20mm cannon. All are fitted with flash suppressors (as befitting the type’s night-fighter role) and are straightforward replacements for the styrene items, although the locating holes may need to be widened or deepened slightly to achieve the correct staggered configuration.


Jungle Plants B

By: Matho Models

Item No: 35078 Price: €8.95


Matho’s photo-etched brass leaves and plants make a great addition to any jungle scene, replicating two commonly seen styles of foliage. There are eight examples of the large-sized multiple ‘finger-style’ vegetation and ten of the smaller five-lobed greenery, probably ivy. The former appear almost fern-like, while the thin brass makes it ieasy to ‘tweak’ these fronds into the desired shapes.


Lewis Gun RNAS Pattern

By: GasPatch Models

Item No: 48075 Price: €7


The Lewis Gun was used by all of Britain’s armed forces during World War One, each with their own configuration, and this twin-weapon set depicts the Royal Naval Air Service version. Each gun is formed from three parts (weapon body, drum magazine and spent cases bag) and there are spare ammunition containers. The casting is of the highest quality, from the textured bags to the hollow buttstock, and separation between the barrel and reloading piston, and these are far superior to any styrene or white metal equivalent.