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Got Heinkel He 162 builds planned? You can ensure all your models are accurate with Crécy Publishing's reissued and impressive reference book on the type.

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Book Review: Third edition of Valiant Wings' Typhoon reference

Now in its third edition, this much expanded Airframe & Miniature volume focuses on Hawker’s Typhoon and Tornado designs, with most of the content devoted to the former.

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Book Review: Crécy delves into the Boulton Paul company

Perhaps best-known for its Defiant turret-armed fighter, the Boulton Paul company is the subject of this hefty Crécy-published volume.

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Book Review: Eaglemoss explores James Bond's Aston Martins

Here’s a book that all James Bond fans will savour, focusing on the secret agent’s most famous car: the Aston Martin DB5, a type first seen in the 1964 film Goldfinger.

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Book Review: Land Craft volume on the HUMVEE

Arguably taking the mantle from the ubiquitous Willys Jeep, the HUMVEE is an instantly recognisable, rugged and dependable emblem of the western military, so is perfect material for Pen & Sword’s Land Craft volume.

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Book Review: The Genesis of the Modern Destroyer from Pen & Sword

If there was any class of warships that could be considered ‘elite’ or as ‘special forces’, it is Britain’s Tribal-class destroyers - explored in this Pen & Sword volume.

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Book Review: Osprey examines the Focke-Wulf Fw 190D-9

While the Focke-Wulf Fw 190 is known for being the type that proved the radial engine as ‘inferior to none’, later models featured an inline powerplant from the ‘D’ series onwards, with this sub-type examined in this Osprey Dogfight title.

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Book Review: Crowood's Guide to making Military Scenes

If an aspect of modelling could be likened to art, then arguably diorama making is the closest, whether it’s an interpretation of a photo, or a completely imagined scene.

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Book Review: A history of the Schneider Trophy Air Races

Many modellers and aviation enthusiasts are big fans of Schneider Trophy aircraft – AMW’s editorial staff are no exception, so this Pen & Sword history of the competition was very hotly anticipated in our office.

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Book Review: Images of War Early Jet Fighters photoguide

Following a book covering British and American jet aircraft in the decade after World War Two, this photographic study of several European countries’ efforts (plus a few outside of this continent) is a worthy successor.