The art of weathering

Model railway weathering is an enthralling subject. In this section you can read and watch weathering guides covering steam, diesel and electric locomotives as well as rolling stock and more. Keep checking back for the latest features and videos as we create new guides.

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TIM SHACKLETON takes a scaled-down approach to giving ‘N’ gauge models a life-like finish.

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WORKBENCH: Tyne Dock steam finale

The Tyne Dock-Consett iron ore circuit has always fascinated modellers. TIM SHACKLETON blends consistency and variety within a nine-wagon rake of KR Models iron-ore hoppers.

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Cleaning Up Dirtying Down

Are you unhappy with factory weathering or unsure what to do about unwanted paint and pigments? If you want to change the appearance of your models, TIM SHACKLETON has the solution.

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DMU weathering – multiple options

Continuing his series on improving models of Diesel Multiple Units, TIM SHACKLETON outlines some innovative methods for weathering first-generation vehicles.

NEW SERIES: 1960s Weathering, Part One | Goods Wagons

Welcome to a brand-new series from Key Model World covering weathering techniques for 1960s era goods wagons, passenger rolling stock and locomotives. In Part One - FREE on Key Model World - we show you how to weather mineral, bolster and tank wagons in this detailed step by step video as we start our journey into the world of weathering.

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How to weather an Accurascale DRS Class 37/4

The arrival of the all-new Accurascale Class 37/4s for ‘OO’ gauge prompted MIKE WILD to give DRS-operated 37425 an equally detailed weathered finish. He explains all in this step by step guide.

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Enhancing a Hornby Class 56 with weathering

The Hornby Class 56 made its debut in early 2009 and weathering gives this heavy freight workhorse the realistic appearance it really needs. MIKE WILD shows how in this Key Model World exclusive step by step guide.

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Weathering a GWR '64XX' 0-6-0PT

TIM SHACKLETON gives the Bachmann 'OO' gauge ‘64XX’ 0-6-0PT a convincing oily rag finish that recaptures childhood memories.

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TransPennine Express Mk 5 weathering guide

With the deftest of touches, TIM SHACKLETON breathes fresh life into some of the most outstanding models yet released in ’OO’ gauge.

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EQUIPMENT GUIDE: Air compressors

Compressors are a must for successful airbrushing, but what should you be looking for? TIM SHACKLETON road-tests a selection of competing designs at prices ranging from under £60 to close on £500.