The art of weathering

Model railway weathering is an enthralling subject. In this section you can read and watch weathering guides covering steam, diesel and electric locomotives as well as rolling stock and more. Keep checking back for the latest features and videos as we create new guides.

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Weathering EFE Rail's SEA and SPA Wagons

Looking to add EFE Rail’s recently released ‘OO’ gauge SEA and SPA wagons to his fleet, DAVID DOLMAN took to the workbench to improve their outof-the-box appearance with a realistic, weathered in-service makeover.

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STEP BY STEP: Paint fading techniques

You can almost taste the tobacco smoke and touch the threadbare upholstery as TIM SHACKLETON evokes the unique character of carriage stock from a bygone age using simple weathering techniques to fade the paint on a series of Hornby Maunsell carriages.

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Enhancing Hornby’s Colletts

The quality of ready-to-run carriages is outstanding today, but can they be made even better and more realistic? MIKE WILD says yes, with simple painting and additions.

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Hornby Magazine’s resident Time Lord Tim Shackleton fast-forwards a GBRf Class 66 and simultaneously backdates a British Rail Class 50 with intriguing results.

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Whatever the weather

Snowploughs, Railhead Treatment Trains and much else besides – with one eye on the weather forecast, TIM SHACKLETON looks at some of the specialised vehicles that keep Network Rail running.

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Weathering a ‘Western’

TIM SHACKLETON turns a Heljan model of Western Enterprise into a detailed portrait of a real locomotive at a specific point in time to capture the elegance of these beautiful machines.

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Steel yourself

With the recent arrival of the JSA from Accurascale and BBA from Cavalex Models, TIM SHACKLETON adds to his huge fleet of steel-carrying wagons, noting how weathering effects evolve over time.

VIDEO: Weathered Class 20 for 'O' gauge

In the latest issue of Hornby Magazine - HM168, June 2021 - includes a step by step guide to weathering the BR Class 20 Bo-Bo diesels using a Heljan 'O' gauge model. In this video Mike Wild talks about the project and demonstrates the finished model in natural light on the Hornby Magazine garden railway.

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The English Electric Class 20 has been a continuous part of the main line scene since 1957. MIKE WILD shows how to give the class a realistic finish using methods to suit ‘OO’ and ‘O’ gauge using the Heljan 7mm scale model.

VIDEO: Weathering 'Warflat' wagons for 'OO'

For our latest video weathering guide Mike Wild looks to his wagon fleet and demonstrates how to create a weathered wood effect deck for a Bachmann 'Warflat' wagon as well as chassis colouring for a realistic finish. Join us in the workshop on video now.